Extreme Lines released once again for Windows Phone, free for two days

Extreme Lines

Extreme Lines, sounds familiar? It should as we last reviewed this Windows Phone title back in 2011. It's a game for those who enjoy line puzzles with addictive gameplay. The overall goal is to form lines of balls with the same colour. Extreme Lines has been re-published to the Windows Phone store (under a different publisher account) and is available for free until March 30th.

There are multiple game types on offer - classic and extreme. Numerous special items are also available along with different levels of difficulty. It's the same as the title that was already available, but is published under a different account with some bug fixes and minor improvements.

You can download Extreme Lines from the Windows Phone store ($0.99 - free until March 30th, extreme mode not available in free trial).

QR: Extreme Lines



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mrnavkhan says:

Nice to see thanks

sarim_xyz says:

Seems like Flowerz, a free xbox live title.

adrian1338 says:

looks more like tile path :)

traduma says:

Tks for updating! Downloading...

Might as well grab it while its free.

weis says:

Good old-fashion game ^_^

Chef316 says:

Thank you wpcentral for the heads up!

Kenny G Jr says:

Free game. Nice. :-)