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Facebook app and People Hub connection not playing nice

Facebook not playing nice

We have received a number of tips that the Windows Phone Facebook app and People Hub integration are not working. There are reports of the Facebook app not loading, passwords not being accepted and status updates not refreshing.  So far hard resets, deleting the account and re-installing, and tinkering with Windows Live permissions have been tried with no success. Manually syncing the Facebook account in the Windows Phone settings also fails to correct the issue.

While we would like to give you a reason for the problems but we are experiencing the same issues and have not heard of a cause. Some have suggested it may be an API issue with Facebook.  On my end, I've been watching the load screen for the Facebook app pass the four dots across the screen for the past five minutes.  And the last Facebook updates in the Peoples Hub was from last night.

If you feel like venting, feel free to join the Windows Phone Central Forums discussion here or sound off in the comments. Just remember as you express your frustrations that this is a family friendly site. Should a solution or reason for this problem come about, we'll be sure to pass it on.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!



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HenRoid says:

Lol booooo FB!!

Etyrnus says:

Hooray beer! Sorry, had to do it lol

jedijaxpavan says:

Yep. I can't load messages or update update my wall on Facebook. Good thing I don't check it every 5 minutes like other people. I'll try it in the morning ;-)

Same for me. Working now though...

mke_geek says:

Tim Cook has a gun to Zuck's head, telling him to cut off Windows Phone


I hate apple and this stupid no windows phone, like Pandora.

jerrynomenon says:

Why not android?

The spyware and Chinese keyloggers won't allow it to freeze in Android ;-)

2brun4u says:

Cause he knows WP is the best and poses Apple the most risk

farleychad says:

Regardless of this petty FB issue, the WP is the best is out right now. My wife has the iPhone 4s and my radar 4g does way more than hers and the system is so smooth and user friendly. I was unaware of the power of this device when I purchased it. I've been blown away by its capabilities and will probably stay a WP user for a long time. The rest of you are just jealous haters.

Lx23 says:

I can picture it lol. Tim looking like he's on drugs with a gun on Zuck's face. He's like Zuck don't you even think about touching that botton. Zuck is like calm down man, calm down I ain't touching that botton. Suddenly Zuck's phone starts ringing and guess who's calling lol Ballmer! Lol Tim loses it hahahahahaha

venetasoft says:

Hahahaahahahaha you could be a movie producer :D

bono5112 says:

Thought it was just me

jedijaxpavan says:

I just tried for laughs and everything updated right away. Guess it's fixed for the time being.

gorebashd says:

Not working here in any shape or form

WP7_Genius says:


mictic4 says:

Facebook built into my phone isn't even working..won't let me upload anything...havent checked the app yet..

DaHui623 says:

Mot working here. Fortunately someone got their act together and the mobile site no longer gives a security certificate warning on an endless loop.

WP7_Genius says:

Bahhhhh......mjnes down completely.....

gorebashd says:

This is irritating.

woodbane says:

I thought something was wrong when I noticed the last Facebook update in my combined feed was from Monday. First place I checked was WPCentral coz I knew you guys would have the lowdown if it was a widespread issue. Ah well, patience ladies and gentlemen, I've no doubt it'll be sorted as soon as they can possibly get it done. :)

vaultboy21 says:

ok, unrelated.. but has anyone noticed that the LinkedIn integration has improved since soon after the official app launched?!
i used the contact form in the app to make a few suggestions and mentioned how my LI contact's images looked blurry, and what do you know, they actually improved it soon after awesome support!!

kenzibit says:

Exactly....and I really love the LinkedIn, one of the best

mictic4 says:

My fb app is working is the one built into the phone that isn't working for keeps saying attention required, put my password in a few times and still not connecting...idk..

CylonJason says:

Yup, same issue and same fix. Restarting the phone seemed to do the trick for me.

UrbanaSax says:

I had the problem as well, but a restart fixed my FB and People Hub issues.

Thank you! Thought it was my device!

Badranath17 says:

Was not working this morning. But is now working in Aus.

Badranath17 says:

Not working again!

mjrtoo says:

Huh, I was wondering what was going on...

gorebashd says:

Both aren't working for me on my Lumia. Gonna check my focus. I already tried a reboot and nada

elea9 says:

 yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i was the unique one with this problem someone have any solution i tried with everything i deleted my FB account from windows phone , i deleted and reinstall the FB app but nothing works i need help hate FB......!!!!!!!!!!!

AriesDog says:

Haven't had a problem with either. Hope I didn't jinx myself.

I second this, apple so desperate to show off something newly integrated they stole fb integration, now wp's integration is on ios. Geez apple can you no think of anything new aside from stealing, and they quoted 2011 as the year of copycats, well who's one of them now?!

Apalis says:

Not to mention thar these shameless dickheads stole and the sued the people they stole them from, they are really dicks.

Lukas#WP says:

Can't log into fb app at all :(:(

karelj says:

For a while, the mobile website wasn't working for me either. It only just loaded.

gorebashd says:

Not phone brand. My Focus has the problem too.

On a side note damn my lumia 900 makes my Focus seem to move so slow!!

farleychad says:

Lumia is garbage.....try the radar 4g on t mobile....blazing fast and an all around awesome device. Not to mention the flash player app that apple will never have, I can watch pretty much anything that's on the net at a moments notice.

Aesirus says:

Its more than just the People Hub and WP7 Facebook app. The Facebook app on the Xbox 360 says service is "temporarily unavailable" as well.

ghoti00000 says:

I've also been experiencing some issues with hotmail connectivity the last few days. Earlier today, a reset fixed hotmail, but that's when the facebook issue started. Go figure.

DiegoMoBa says:

I'm stuck in traffic and not being able to check my fb is awful, the strange thing is that I'm receiving the tile and toast notifications with tue Facebook app but the app won't update anything :(

firehouse31 says:

If you check this following website you will see Facebook keeps going down.

jerrynomenon says:

Windows Phone's motto is "Put people first." if it's keep happening, it's rather "Put people last"

timwp12 says:

yeah just like our failure president odumbo saying hope & change coming hahhahaa what a joke who ever voted for this person

jkercado says:

Stupidest comment ever. This type of commeny is out of line here. Go back to

TonyDedrick says:

Wrong place.......

Im_On_One says:

Racist bastard

Trust1421 says:

Hanging during startup for several hours now. Deleted and re-installed the app and it still hangs.

anumat.s says:

I'm sorry but it's working just fine.

expresswagon says:

Yea what the heck this is annoying

OMG55 says:

I'm in Texas and the what's new section of my people hub received new updated FB info this morning

I had no idea how dependent I was on the people hub with Facebook!

MediaCastleX says:

I know right?? =P

Omari81 says:

I have an HD7 running Mango and its not working on my phone.

Receiving toast notifications, but unable to load anything in the Facebook app or the People Hub. Have to use the mobile site for now.

It is not working on my phone correctly. And I also had issues accessing current feeds for some friends from my PC. I don't think this is just a WP7 issue.

firehouse31 says:

Facebook itself, keeps going up and down. It is not just a windows issue.

Omari81 says:

I've also had hotmail issues with syncing, but it seems to be fixed now

dubbin_irie says:

I had issues with hotmail at first too. You need to go in and uncheck the sync email, etc. Then shut down and reboot. Then go in and reenter your password and check the sync email, etc. And do one more reboot. Should work after that.

kwajr says:

Just stupid

220SeaChaser says:

Having problems here as well...

dinchy87 says:

Same here in Bosnia and Hercegovina! App and contacts hub facebook update dont work. Maybe they perform just switching like before. We dont had the ability to send offline messages to fb via messages in wp7. Then they made something that we can use it, then again turn it off.

CRDeveloper says:

It ain't working jet =[

FearL0rd says:

I'm having the same problem here. I already hard reset the phone 3 times :(

kwajr says:

What a dumbass

cliff08er says:

Its been three hours for me won't work at all.

timwp12 says:

Everything works fine on my wp 7.5 FYI don't have lumia 900 so0 don't know if that phone having a problem

jandieg.b says:

Looks like somehting in general for all WP apps using the Facebook API. I've been all day troubleshooting on my app till I read this post and gives me kind of a relief. I even created a stackoverflow question
Any devs the same?

stevethenerd says:

Just looked in settings, Facebook says not-up-to date...

tomaras says:

My FB app is only showing newsfeed posts from June 1 and earlier.

Sarang68 says:

Working fine now. Uninstalled,reinstalled,booted phone. Showing updates now

2brun4u says:

Wow, thought I was the only one having these problems

Trust1421 says:

It's working again!!! Not sure what happened, but I'm back in business!

gorebashd says:

I uninstalled and reinstall and now I can't load password screen wtf!

cliff08er says:

Same here won't load up.

gorebashd says:

This is annoying! I did it again. Same result

cliff08er says:

Its going on four hours now and nothing.Facebook is dead in water on my phone.

Omari81 says:

I had the password screen issue also, but not anymore. The fb sign in is still not working for me (TMOBILE HD7 MANGO)

PhilR8 says:

Last week, I was having trouble checking in using my Me tile.  Worked one minute, not the next.

Mattyh95 says:

My twitter doesn't play nice either been like it for ages can't load it and tried doing the deleting ECT but still not working any tips for the twitter?

cliff08er says:

Come on Microsoft start chewing some butts over there at Facebook:)

TonyDedrick says:

Not working here. My settings said not up to date and when I went to sync it, Twitter and Windows Live then also.changed to not up to date. I synced again and the flag went away for all except FB.

TonyDedrick says:

Also having issues with the app. Wouldn't show any info beyond the 10th and when I uninstalled/reinstalled, it won't even load

slkrck says:

Twitter-ok, Live-ok, other's FB updates in Ppl hub works, but I can't log into FB app or update status. Focus-S, 7.5

snakechia says:

Uninstall Facebook apps and reinstall, work fine. But the People Hub wasn't!

Could it be the OAuth thing?

deansmilk says:

Ok, so the people hub will not update/is still "down". Settinngs>applications>people>Facebook (not up to date). I try to sync but It will not. I also logged on to FB through my pc and it is not up to date either. So... who knows?

DMadrid689 says:

Not working in Central America :/

The funny thing is that the offline messaging went down as well, I'm not able to send messages to offline people anymore for sometime now....

Nitaino says:

Good I cancelled my fb account

neilgehrke says:

FB works great on my iPad and iPhone. Damn you Windows Phone.

mjrtoo says:

I think we'll all live without Facebook for a day...sheesh...

jdandison says:

Facebook and people hub down for me as well, but oddly, live tiles still updating with group updates from Facebook.

ur2sweet says:

Everything is normal at my end.. I had few loading issues with my Facebook app and some status updates of few of my friends in the people hub..
But now it looks fine..

sdreamer says:

People hub seems to be working for me, as is Windows 8 for the most part. I did have a couple errors last night trying to post comments from Windows 8, but today seems to be working. WP7 I just noticed the FB app isn't updating, nor loading anything, but as I mentioned the People hub is working for me and is updating (just tried the pictures hub and that's working too).

sholokov says:

Just wanted to say, my phone updates Facebook info just fine in People hub. No issues whatsoever.

jaro8 says:

Either here in mexico the people hub its not working in my lumia since afternoon i tought it was my 3g connection but it isn't, i hope it get fixet by tomorrow, Anyway i always take with me my ipod

So it looks like it's the main FB app and FB integration.. I just used FB For Metro and it works fine. But when I tried to reset my FB account info, it wouldn't even recognize my email/password.... Ironic that this happens almost 24hrs after Apple confirms "best Facebook integration ever" coming to iOS6.

sinister1 says:

This is not the first time this happens; it happens randomly off and on, sometimes I'm in the middle of an email and it craps out or Windows Live craps out or Facebook; what's the damn deal MS?

DiegoMoBa says:

The FB app is working now for me, the people hub is still not working

N@vX says:

Hey WTH?...

No issues here..lucky?

neilgehrke says:

Another WP fail. This is why people choose iPhone or Android.

cliff08er says:

Stop trolling.

neilgehrke says:

Typing this from my Lumia 900. Nice try though.

kwajr says:

Go to you'll see fb is having issues

kenosando says:

Same issue here on Lumia 900. I thought it had to do with my security settings, and I checked wpcentral first, but I guess I started having issues before the post was up.

Jiggy24 says:

Interesting :)

Vvillegas134 says:

Maybe something is being updated for windows phone 8? :o *dun dun duuuunnn*

wpward291 says:

My girl HTC sensation Facebook app working fine Facebook on my 360 not working either. It works on my windows 8 preview

Mr4eyes86 says:

On a side note...Final Fantasy is live on the marketplace! Go download it everyone!!!!

Good news!
On topic, however, I am also having issues.  I was trying to upload a picture to FB earlier and couldn't.  Now that I checked, I haven't gotten any updates on What's New in People Hub since yesterday as well... and it still seems to be persisting.

elea9 says:

yes i formed my own answer: this is an alliance of wp and apple to make a failure for make  the poeple  say "damn i will sell my wp and buy a in iDevice" 

percistratus says:

I think the fb app for WP is rubbish in the 1st place. It take long to load. When gives you toast notifications and you tap, it takes you to the start page instead of the relevant section like messages or notifications. And those notifications come once in a month.

Very tRue!!
EveN iN 3g the staRt pagE takes 3 mins to load!!!
And ThaT is tOtal bullshit!!

Im_On_One says:

Talk about made up

ChrisLynch says:

It seems to be working again.  Was just able to get status updates 8 minutes ago.

Having trouble in Ohio with both app and hub access on the Titan. If I power down the phone or switch my connection between data and wifi, it will restore it for one or two syncs/updates, and then it breaks again, so definitely seems like it is something on the back end causing trouble. I'm sure they'll sort it out by morning though. Going to bed like a sane human being instead of worrying about it.

cliff08er says:

Back up, but can't post or like comments.

rdubmu says:

It is working via People Hub now... 

dubbin_irie says:

Zuckerberg took the money and ran... Lmao jk. They are sounding like fb is falling on its ass though since going public trade.

2brun4u says:

Finally working for me- Canada

Still not working for me, via the FB app or the People Hub.

bikertomk says:

My wife has an iPhone and was complaining about her FB app being painfully slow tonight.

awesumjon says:

Its working on my end too

anseio says:

It's annoying. It happened when I was trying to leave a nastygram on a business's page. Couldn't confirm that it actually uploaded until I visited the FB site from my phone. Both app and hub are still functionally useless right now. boo

EpicRegret says:

Still not working on my end :(

tommohammed says:

Reinstalling the app fixed it for me :)

Why don't they change the entire app for facebook....
This Facebook app totally sucks!!!
At least they should let in a chat option.......

Im_On_One says:

The chat is built into messaging hub

al5783 says:

Yeah, all day. Sync, resync, uninstall, install, repeat. Thought I was going nuts. Thanks for the heads up.

kenzibit says:

Yep, noticed that too and blamed my innocent phone. Hope it's fixed soon and I always ask, what version of the facebook app is in the picture above the main story?

Greatlorens says:

Today still not working at Greece also

procen says:

People Hub and Facebook apps is not working for me

tbradwofford says:

FB app works on my phone when I disable WiFi connection. Try disabling WiFi connection and running the app using cellular data.

melvinmajor says:

Belgium: doesn't work... The integration and the app doesn't work anymore... I've checked my phone and the problem is on from 5 in the morning (Belgium hour) xD I've send a report issue and a feedback to Microsoft and Facebook for Windows Phone ( )

Siggystyle says:

Nothing using FB is working on my WP7 Device in US - TMo HD7

elea9 says:

Help!!! it works "fine" now but when I try to see a pic it says there is an issue try again later.......etc....... Help I don't know why and the FB app never loads !!!! Please help !!!

elea9 says:

Wait..... it only works just for a few seconds then the problem returns f*** you microsoft!!! =(

dangish says:

Step 1: Post issue
Step 2: Everyone posts that they too have the same issue
Step 3: No one has a solution, but keeps telling you they have the issue
Step 4: ??????
Step 5: It works fine later due to a Facebook outtage.

m.kost says:

What outage!? Outage from what? Life? Friends? Family?

rain05cdo says:

Can't login also

m.kost says:

"Sorry, there was a problem" is displaying all the time when I'm trying to launch FB app. The same when I'm trying to add fb account to people Hub! Help Me!!!
I'm addicted! Give me my fbcocaine back you bastards! ;)

ianmx says:

Workaround: If you need fb access point your browser at Not perfect I know but allows you to keep facebooking until the probs are fixed. And much better than the site imo

m.kost says:

Cheers mate! is safe? What is it? Never heard of..

Sicarius123 says:

It's just the touchscreen version of m.facebook. It pretty well works like the iOS facebook app, but in a webpage.

ianmx says:

It's an official version of the Facebook site but optimised for touch devices like phones. So yes it's safe as it is part of Facebook

nevzy101 says:

Mines the same as omari81 come on guys get this sorted

12Danny123 says:

The iPhone app is the same thin it says my account is unavailable. This is the same as my Nokia lumia 900. Not just wp

This has to be fixed ASAP. I need to know what my sister had for lunch.

kirazed says:

Same problem with my windows mobile.cant seem to get any updates

Yeah...for me the built in app and neither the FB app is working...wondering whats the cause...well, I guess we just have to wait...

kirazed says:

STL not working -India

dortyboy says:

It worked a bit last night. Stopped this morning and working again right now. The app isn't working but the built in one updated but won't let me open anything pics or of that nature. I'm in NYC

jackal_x2005 says:

It's working now in People Hub and FB app -Malaysia

Yakkob says:

Still not working here. It's no big deal just use :
Works just as good if not better than the apps.

dortyboy says:

By the way I had an iPhone 4s sold it because my lumia900 just blew me away. How simple and fun it is. Everything is connected. I don't have to run around to do things and fast. I sold my 4s. I'm done with apple. Next I will be buying an ultra book

Conasca says:

Wasn't working for me earlier either. Not sure if it is now.
BTW, this is unrelated, but I've decided to boycott the Pandora website and 3rd party apps. Been instead showing love to iHeartRadio and for their great official apps and for supporting the WP platform.

iampoz says:

Working again in Australia, app and hub.

People Hub (FB) & FB app are now back to normal!!!:) I couldn't log in to the FB app or receive and feed from the People Hub all morning and early afternoon.
From Singapore

kirazed says:

The fb hub just started working..evry1 should check it out

Yup, started working.. :)

deadspeak says:

Seems to be working via people hub now.

melvinmajor says:

It start working :P

AneticsUK says:

I dont think its just the API, my partners facebook was playing up on the actual website last night

Chris Coyle says:

Was working and it stopped again. Working on my wife's iPhone though.

Omari81 says:

Facebook is now up and running on my HD7 - TMobile

jaro8 says:

It's working again in Mexico

sinister1 says:

Now working in Houston TX. It started working around 1 a.m. So does anyone know what caused this? I searched online and found no answers on the cause of this issue.

Pappa Ed says:

Everything seems back to normal except I can't check in on app or integrated.

woodbane says:

Seems all OK now.

woodbane says:

Actually, there still seems to be an issue with looking at photos - they either won't retrieve or show up very blurred. Still, news fees seems fixed.

noshiro21 says:

So, are they working on a fix

noshiro21 says:

It working now!!!!

HoodedHat says:

It doesn't matter
I hate the app cause its horrible.

MediaCastleX says:

Well that's only because the app hates you... O_o

pxwt says:

FB was not working on my Titan yesterday, but it is working now! :D

rbf1337 says:

My Facebook app was not working properly but I have yet to notice any problems in people hub.

nickolitis says:

As of 10:05 all of my Facebook problems went away on my HTC titan.

oldpueblo says:

Okay now lets have one million posts by everyone stating that it's working now, geez people go physically talk to someone if Facebook is down. Do it old school.

noshiro21 says:

I'm still wondering what happen!!

dirtbound says:

Every Photo in Every Facebook contact's Album's in the People Hub is presenting me with the error:
"Can't get picture. It may be a connection issue (you can try again later).
Someone else's picture? It may be an issue with their privacy settings."
Also in the Facebook app when I click on certain photos in people's albums I am only presented with the "preview resolution" and it never goes to full resolution. This doesn't happen on every picture though, only certain ones.
Status updates appear to be working fine, but this photo issue in the People Hub isn't going to fly.
Anyone else seeing this issue?
EDIT: Aaaand immediately after posting this comment... the problem has dissapeared. :-/

cliff08er says:

To be honest I would uninstall the Facebook App if I could download pics into my albums from the baked in version on WP.

MediaCastleX says: can't do that? =[

cliff08er says:

The only thing you can do is upload to the mobile album.

ZenBot says:

Just noticed that under the my Optimus7's "Settings, Applications, Social..."
that Facebook "required attention"  I tapped on that and it said my password was incorrect an needed updated which was funny since both the OS and Facebook app seemed to be working fine.  Re-entered the password and was taken to a FB web-page informing me that Microsoft was requesting permission to mark notifications as "read".
I'm guessing MS has done a back-end adjustment on viewing notifications on People and this little disconnect is playing havoc.  I suggest y'all take a look.

MediaCastleX says:

OMG. I r a i l e d on Twitter to Nokia because of this...and they were SOO nice and helpful. They really couldn't quite solve the issue but they sure did try their darnedest! Bless those plucky...are they in Finland or in Norway? =[

mjesani says:

I found solution for profile pics not loading. Open the contact and then open the link option, wait there for some time and pic wil get loaded. unfortunately you have to do it for all contact manually....

mr-mac says:

Cant get toast for facebook to show up, nothing for facebook in list of apps for notifications (in fact either is skype).

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and reconnecting to phone but still nothing. Notice skype isn't in list of apps for notification centre either...

Pain in arse