Facebook app for Windows Phone picks up minor update to fix date crashing bug

Facebook App

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone received an update today. The latest release address crash bugs that have affected some consumers due to the months switching to March. If you haven't yet updated your Facebook app and have been experiencing issues, we urge you to check the store. Pass the break for store links.

According to Plaffo, who reported on consumers experiencing the issue, the bug appears to be linked to the date in certain regions, reporting "String was not DataTime Recognized As" to the user. Switching the region of the Windows Phone to United States appeared to fix the issue, but it's better to have an update address the problem without having to alter settings.

You can download both Facebook from the Windows Phone Store.

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zalokram says:

It's again faster!

freshfelicio says:

I actually think the load time was cut in half, or at least reduced significantly (925).


Only of twitter will get a update and it feels slower like a lizard with no legs.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Forreal! It has been updated in awhile

pierrerv says:

Mine stuck at opening. Haven't received the update yet. Regardless of the link

deadwrong03 says:

Update downloaded faster

Okay, I have to ask this, I am not the only one who gets the "We have trouble getting data." error in the notifications page, right? I tried EVERYTHING (including a frakking factory reset) and couldn't get rid of this, yet I see noone here complaining about this...

plasmid_uk says:

Used to happen, not so much any more with the latest beta version.

I'm using the latest beta but it happens EVERY time, I have not been able to view my notifications in about a month, maybe more.

Kyle Stilkey says:

It seems from what I have found from this is the cause is when you get a notifacation from a Facebook game. I never played any of them and had no issues with my notifacations working. As soon as I started to play SongPop with my wife, I get this message all the time.

You, my friend, may be right. I do play a FB game. Though I've been playing it for a long time now, and it used to work fine. It is of course possible Microsoft screwed something up in one of the updates.

Wes Halton says:

I never play FB games and still get the error!!

WinterMute7 says:

That's my experience with the beta as well; not to mention the frequent crashes!

Loco5150 says:

I seem to get this error more when Im on a slower internet (gprs)...

Dannay says:

I get that, normally when i click a notification but if I then close the app then click on the app tile it opens fine :-\.

thirdday2002 says:

YES. It's happening in both versions of the app.

rain620 says:

Why would you do a factory reset for that? For me, it happens when my signal status is H and not H+ so I gather it's happening because of connection issues.

As a last resort, haha. That was not the only reason, of course.

For me it is definitely not a connection issue because it happens everytime, even on wi-fi.

ULOP3Z says:

sign into the browser version, it might need your attention on something

robbz94 says:

Happens to me all the time for no reason. Its kinda annoying

Happens to me too. I think it it has something to do with wifi networks.


If i'm home on Wifi, no issues. Then say leave house and go to the ski resort and jump on their Wifi thats when I get the error. This could all be in my head or I could be on to something.

rianext says:

Happens to me too...for more than a month now...its pissing off...keeps putting me off from using the app...

Wes Halton says:

It happens on WiFi for me

Sin Ogaris says:

Same, happens all the time, only started a few weeks ago though, so something got screwed up somewhere along the line.

deathdemon89 says:

This has been happening to me way too often.

Switchfoot3r says:

If you're a Facebook Page administrator, make sure you're on your profile and not on some of your pages. This Facebook app doesn't support pages very well, so they can screw things up very easily.

You are not alone.  This version is not working for me and the update that occurred on or about Feb 25th didn't work either.

This morning I uninstalled FB Beta; did a hard reset and then installed version; however, I still get the error message "We're having trouble getting data."  I know it is a beta but this is crazy.

I thought it was just the Beta so I installed the FB app over the weekend and yet I still got the same error message regarding notifications.  Have uninstalled FB leaving the Beta on for now...

[Lumia 928]

Ultimateone says:

ban the word faster

borasar says:

daft punk disagrees with you

It feels "the opposite of slower"!

NathanDuarte says:

The app still crashes everytime I try to upload a picture.


sarim_xyz says:

you forgot 1020, 928, 822, 521... :-)

Only 1020 I forgot. Not cosidered carrier varients.. ;-)

sumton says:

i uploaded one image now without any issue using the official app not the beta version

lubbalots says:

Always wondered why people complain about this app. Now I feel ya.

leokime94 says:

It seems slower! :D

williewillus says:

It was either this or a previous update, but the beta starts ridiculously fast now, <1 sec now compared to 2-3 before for me.

Bluedemon77 says:

OMG!! My Facebook is now on steroids...

The time seams faster.

yellowS says:

you know it's just about a bug-fix for non-Us people right?

hprvez says:

For everyone not using "united states(English)" in the date format...like the rest of the world, you know. The worst part is the app crashing violently, that's the real bug...it shouldn't even have passed the certification in the store!

yellowS says:

I know, I'm from Italy and not using the Us-date format as well (sorry for being not accurate enough :) )
I was just pissed about the usual wall of "feels faster" comments ^^


They need to add friend suggestions asap.

Devmer11 says:

just delete this app and move the windows 8 one in the store instead at least that one has WAYY more features and is actually reliable

hphbp says:

Affected some customers it says...like the entire world outside the US??

Marco Gomes1 says:

Pretty much :) in Portugal the whole 3 people I know with a windows phone can't access the notifications. As soon as I click it the app crashes.

marky_yo says:

Just give me the update to beta and ill be content till 8.1

Seems like Facebook beta( version is behind regular app ( 

Daakkon says:

/fail This app needs to be scrapped and re-done. (again)

ArjanNL says:

My thoughts exactly

Darkgift says:

Still no beta update for me. Just the official.

kurtd says:

Am I the only one whose alarm didn't work today?

Sarang68 says:

We are having trouble getting data. That error still pops up on notification

ohmegabyte says:

This has been a problem for a month now.. smh

Sarang68 says:

Yes. Nobody in control seems to be paying any attention to it.

chad08er says:

No data pops up at least a few times a day,and have to close out the app and reopen.

Pratik Mehta says:

Why haven't i got the update?

Darkgift says:

I think the author is referring to the 2/25 update, and just noticed it yesterday, cuz alot of people haven't gotten an update for 3/3, and it wasn't added to the "Today's App Update" thread in the forums for 3/3, either.

dissonate says:

Same bug is still there and so simple. Choose to post a photo, type some text to describe it, use the enter key in the description, receive error, 'your update could not be posted at this time'. I have reported it and it has been there since day 1.

kurtd says:

Not seeing an update for the beta.

Darkgift says:

I think the author is referring to the 2/25 update and just noticed it yesterday, cuz alot of people haven't gotten an update for 3/3, and it wasn't added to the "Today's App Update" thread in the forums for 3/3, either.

Darkgift says:

Yeah...its been 5+ hrs and still no beta update. Are we sure there was a beta update, or maybe everyone drank the funny tea...lol

rianext says:

I feel faster...

pg2900 says:

this app is total useless app....
no friends birthday reminder,
unnecessary birthday add for friends of friends,
no timeline review,
and even this app is not giving complete news feed....
for example it never show updates about changing profile pic of your friends....
this app has many missing feature,
and on web....mobile site of Facebook is totally worst....desktop site loads faster than mobile site.... so i m using people hub for Facebook....but people hub has also not all feature..... so finally Facebook experience is still horrible on wp....

TJWINS says:

Yeah you would think the people at Microsoft would put high priority on the most downloaded app in the store but these boneheads just don't get it. Facebook on Windows Phone is a complete disaster!

I only now realize the issue. Opening a notification causes my beta version to crash. Can't see the update for the beta yet though :(

Darkgift says:

I think the author is referring to the 2/25 update and just noticed it yesterday, cuz alot of people haven't gotten an update for 3/3, and it wasn't added to the "Today's App Update" thread in the forums for 3/3, either. It happens.

Wevenhuis says:

When will microsoft come with an update to fix facebook integration plans and issues in the people's hub?

topleya says:

8.1 leaks have shown this to be happening in some form

Wevenhuis says:

Thanks! Good news!

revfast says:

I dont see todays Facebook beta update !!!

Darkgift says:

I think the author just noticed the update from 2/25, cuz I haven't gotten it either.

If this app is gonna seem faster every week, updates will never come :'(

Wow atlast microsoft Ceo commenting in mobile nations...lol

sumton says:

We have trouble getting data error gone after this update at least for me

avigyan says:

After updating, the official Facebook app does not show the cover photo on the live tile any more. The tile is blank with the Facebook logo only.

pg2900 says:

no u r wrong....cover pic still shows on live tile

Wp_Shashwat says:

Which is better among the two?

marky_yo says:

Imo beta hands down!

When I send one pic..it sends a diffrent one..dizz fb sucks...

Janhouu says:

Still neither one supports inviting friends to an event, that's just ridiculous.

frmadrig says:

Works perfect now!!!

deathdemon89 says:

God I hate the FB experience on WP

marky_yo says:

Ugh please just release 8.1 now!

Darkgift says:

I think the update for the beta is a myth, or the author just noticed the one from Feb 25, cuz I still don't have it. If that's the case, the crashing isn't fixed, its worse.

jleebiker says:

Agreed, the crashing and "couldn't get data" is much more now than it ever has before.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yeap. No fb beta update whatsoever.


I can't understand beta version must be newer ??

Arka1412 says:

What's the use of this regular updates of a crappy app??It doesnt serves the purpose and neither will..Just give us the original app by Facebook..

josemon says:

So fast.. I was facing this problem..reported 5 days before..Thanks

DavidWKW says:

If the app allows document viewing like desktop... It would be great!!! :)