Facebook Beta gets a teeny bump for Windows Phone 7.x and 8

It’s been just over a week since Facebook beta on Windows Phone had an update. That update brought the version number up to, making it quite a minor change from the previous refresh. Today, we’re looking at for Windows Phone 8 and for Windows Phone 7.x, you’re heading to

We’re not going to waste a lot of typing to tell you what’s new, since the changelog is the same one from the 5.2 refresh and the 5.2.x.1 update makes this sound like a very minor adjustment.

Still, Facebook is the top downloaded app on Windows Phone, so many of you want the latest. To do so, grab this link or scan the QR code below. The update just went live.

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QR: Facebook



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sasukeluffy says:

Seems so much faster!!

blackhawk556 says:

10MB worth of updates so it includes plenty of stuff under the hood.

When Daniel says this I want to believe. :P

Actually, it does feel faster. Switching screens is smoother and things load more responsively on my end. I'm not waiting on notifications list anymore.

Blade800 says:

God damnit, add atleast the "Seen" function. Seriously its about time.

vtective says:

It might be too fast now. Like buggy fast. I'm predicting they fox that bug in the next update Also... just kidding.

Aashish13 says:

Need serious update. The UI of WP fb os good but I want photos on my timeline to be loaded in quickly.Ehy arent they updating perfectly?

mramosy says:

lol placebo effect

Jim_MAY says:

Hear this is coming out of beta in few years☺

nizzon says:

It already is. Software in development never "comes out of beta".

Toxid_Fox says:

Feels kinda faster *cough* sarcasm *cough*

Rudy pls make fb app. I'm so tired of using this garbage :'(

Jf.Vigor says:

How is it garbage? I want a detailed answer. Been seeing ppl say this but damn i cant figure out what's wrong with it. Now Xbox music was garbage on windows 8 PCs when it came out. That buggy peice of cod is what id consider garbage. Facebook app now for windows phone? Not so much

topleya says:

I also don't understand people that claim this app is bad, how is it bad?

Its slow
Chat doesnt work in real time
I cant see activity log
Cant answer to comments
Cant comment with photo
No stickers
And much more... Worst app ever!

Jf.Vigor says:

Youre a harsh critic sir. But I guess we need yous to keep the developers on their toes

PureView says:

Chat not working in real time isn't harsh criticism. Somebody should be fired for not figuring how to make chat work.

chmun77 says:

If it is bad, it is bad. Don't suck up on Microsoft please. They need people to push them in order to work faster. Is already ver 5.2 yet it is still working like crap. Have you even try the official Facebook app for Windows 8? That is so much better than this piece of crap.

birdman_38 says:

Doesn't Facebook Inc develop and publish the app for Windows 8? Could be why.

chmun77 says:

Precisely. Windows 8 version was from Facebook officially, while this piece of crap is by MS itself. And I have no idea being a shareholder of Facebook, why we have such piece of crap on Windows Phone.

eddieDOTexe says:

Facebook chat sucks in general though.

Loco5150 says:

This... Of I would at MS, the persons who enabled situation where there are two broken FBs would be fired...

WhippedKream says:

Check windows 8 app and how facebook officially made it and compare it to this and you shall why people, including myself, are very inclined to calling it garbage. I like the toast chat working on time (usually), but the live chat is by far a HUGE disappointment. Plus it's cool seeing when the other person has read ur msg, which btw is done on the facebook app on windows 8. Windows 8 one has I think almost everything I want. Only option is the close friends list, and want it to show the posts like the official website and I am set! Close friends on WP8 however, won't show the activity like I want it to, just their posts. How garbage.

Moiz Mian says:

Try the iOS app, and dare I say it the ANDROID app. I have a nexus 4 at home, and side by side, the Android facebook app is way faster than this slow app we have on windows phone. I'm guessing maybe you came from a feature phone or maybe symbian or something, and in that case, sure the app is reasonable, but compare it with the big operating system and it's painfully limited. Half of the posts I click on require me to click "see more" and then it just takes me to the website. I also can't interact with polls or anything. It's really garbage compared to other operating systems. The Windows 8 app on the other hand is awesome. Hopefully Facebook will port that to WP8 sooner rather than later.

indieimprint says:

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's garbage but I do agree that there a lot of features missing such as those you mentioned and more! Instagram photos, hello?

One straight aswer to your text:

Chat works real time. If not, its probably because a bad 2g/3g connection OR data background restriction setting ON at Data Sense app.

If you turns on 'restrict backgound data' it slows ANY facebook and whatsapp notifications just for an example. That's the main reason native facebook chat on WP8 not works

dalydose says:

Worst app ever? You don't use a lot of apps, do you.

I get chats is just about real time. If I'm sitting at the computer, I hear them come within a couple seconds of the laptop. I'll have peek at the other complaints.

Lumia 8x says:

You obviously never tried blackberry 7. That thing receives fb messages at the same time as my computer receives.

why you need to consider that feature while that feature already BUILD in with Messaging feature ;v

TMavC5 says:

Chat in real time is working great using building Windows messenger. Enable your status to include Facebook chat.

ctafield says:

Microsoft just have access to the same Facebook API as everyone else. So did you ever stop to think that those things aren't even available to them?

deadwrong03 says:

It fails to load sometimes, when you share a post it refreshes u to the top of the news feed and u lose your place, it doesn't show posts from Instagram, when tagging friends it doesn't let u tag some friends not sure why, especially when I can type that friends name in the,search and they appear

BrunoCruz says:

Miss a lot of features that already exists in Android, iOS, and mobile version.

- chat have a lot of issues...

- you can't see instagram posts! (from your friends or your own!)

- some posts missing on newsfeed

- can't manage your page(s) 

- notifications are better but sometimes fails.

- C'mon, Time format it's a basic thing... don't have 24h format or even shows if it was AM or PM!

- Some Pages have the option to reply comments... You can't reply comments on FB for WP.

- Can't see long status... Shows "see more" and open the browser FB!

And so much more...

ortizang says:

It takes a year to download pictures, the notification is slow, when you share something it updates and take you to the beginning so you have to scroll down again, no stickers, etc.

gustavoimago says:

yes, garbage....is the shame of windows phone :/

TJWINS says:

The worst part is I bet Rudy already has 6facebook written but using it for his own personal use and not publishing as to not piss off Microsoft. Just a guess. I have a hard time believing that Rudy is using this piece of crap app.

frafrabell says:

The news feed is also missing alot of posts such as "examplename has changed their profile picture"

samy_a says:

That's my main problem with this app too.

xankazo says:

Man, it looks like you've been using the app version from a year ago, because the app I'm using is very decent. No complaints about this Facebook app compared to other platforms. Microsoft has done a great job.

TJWINS says:

I'm using the one from 30 minutes ago and it is crappy. I could write a list of missing features but it would take too long. The worst one as of two updates ago and including this update is if you go to someone's timeline it doesn't show todays posts. Elementary coding errors.

BrunoCruz says:

You really don't know what you are saying... Try FB for Android or iOS and you will see!!!!

Miss a lot of features that already exists in Android, iOS, and mobile version.

- chat have a lot of issues...

- you can't see instagram posts! (from your friends or your own!)

- some posts missing on newsfeed

- can't manage your page(s) 

- notifications are better but sometimes fails.

- C'mon, Time format it's a basic thing... don't have 24h format or even shows if it was AM or PM!

- Some Pages have the option to reply comments... You can't reply comments on FB for WP.

- Can't see long status... Shows "see more" and open the browser FB!

And so much more...

avigyan says:

You can't even customize setting for a post as to who can see it.

IanArg says:

It works ok, though i get really frustrated that Runtastic posts i upload don't show but do on the web and all other platforms including BlackBerry. It means i can't reply to comments.

Jf.Vigor says:

Can't just keep getting faster and faster. Soon it'll transcend time and space

Talk4Lig says:

Brace yourselves, the comments about faster facebook are coming

sahib lopez says:

much update

feels faster ...

wow :D

Such doge
Many face
Such book
wow :D

Much sahib
Such app
Wow :D

mr toes says:

It feels . . . slower

Seems legit. (nope)

TJWINS says:

One would think that the top downloaded app would get the most attention. Even BlackBerry 10's Facebook app crushes this and its written by Research in Motion not Facebook. Microsoft should put their top 10 programmers on this app and get it over with already.

TJWINS says:

Or just hire Rudy for 10 days to write this. I heard he wrote 6tindr in only 10 days. These idiots can't get this right after years of coding.

Aashish13 says:

Rudys 6 telegram, 6book, 6sapp

raycpl says:

6WP8.1... now that would be a killer !!


And the twitter app, it hasn't been updated in ages.

Aashish13 says:

Ya but it needs minor update but fb and watsapp needs major update

k0de says:

Something happen. I don't know but FB is looking good. Thanks.

armyvet66629 says:

I miss the metro style of version 2.7. Why couldn't the developers just improve upon that version.

rain620 says:

This! I like that better, this looks like a flattened version of the browser UI. The metro one will stand out compared to iOS and Android in terms of looks.

wtrmlnjuc says:

Too bad I'm gonna be waiting in agony for Paper now.

It is coming in 3014. Yes not typo. & developed by MS not FB!

afgzee says:

can people act serious and stio the dumb faster comments?

DOes this update fix the issues with notifications that the last beta broke? i had to return to the stable version.

Not sure what you're referring to, but notifications do seem much better on my end.

afgzee says:

answering my own question, yes notifications are fixed again.

This is most likely what this update fixed.

colinkiama says:

For everyone saying what's so bad, use the ios version or even the mobile web version on ie and you will see what's wrong.

avigyan says:

The iOS version is way better than this.

colinkiama says:

And yes the cannot get data bug was fixed.

Nankom says:

We really should beg to Rudy to make a 6book. ✌

Nankom says:

It seems faster. u.u


Agreed. This app is truly garbage at its finest. You cant even see long statuses it shows SEE MORE in black and takes you to the browser FB. Proposturous. Microsoft is a billion dollar company and cant make a simple app better? 

Only good thing about the update.....

Its faster. Not even being funny or sarcastic that is truly all the update did! GARBAGE! But unfornatly garbage I have to live with. All the other Facebook apps SUCK!!

Here's a brilliant idea... Stop using Facebook if it upsets you so much.

Moiz Mian says:

I have an even more brilliant idea...How about Microsoft making their own Facebook app work?

It works fine, tyvm.

TJWINS says:

For someone who usually writes good comments this is a stupid comment. Facebook doesn't upset us so we will keep using it. THIS GARBAGE APP is what is upsetting us.

Hope this fixes that bugs that was introduced in the last update. Hated that almost all the time I couldn't see my chat conversations because the "red bug/error"!

devize says:

Yep, had that bug too. I had to switch to the non beta version

I feel like performance is finally pretty solid now, so it'd be great to get some new features.

That said, I bet after this release we will see a non-beta release next week.

TJWINS says:

I hope this update will not be the non beta version next week. It doesn't even show todays posts on peoples timelines. I have to open up the browser to see what people wrote today SMH!

Joeul_Ramos says:

So is the beta version better than the non-beta version?

devize says:

The beta version has the latest features over the non beta, which is pretty stable. The beta version may introduce bugs like in the last update when messages kept coming up with errors.

Viswaviz says:

I cnt see ma friends post at al. NT lik android r iPhone app. Please do something

hknutsen says:

Stop complaining. In the Norwegian app store, Facebook is in verson If we want the newest version, we have to change to English, grab the app, then change back again to Norwegian. Why Microsoft? Why?

suprayogi says:

Why facebook doesn't want to make the official version

TJWINS says:

They made the official version for Windows 8 but not Windows Phone 8. I wonder why they just don't port it over.

guys at WPCentral are all over the place recently. I noticed a loafing screen when opening the app and when uploading pictures in chat, there is a bar the pops up at top to show you your upload status because it used to take forever to upload photos in chat.

People here are commenting about how bad the application is, are you guys always living in ingratitude and hatred? Their jobs are to fix the application and they are doing their best to update it. Go rant about Kik or Tumblr, these never updated their apps and nobody ever complained.

And, nobody uses Facebook anymore, it's for parents and losers, get over it already. Snapchat is the new trend.

WhippedKream says:

LOL tell that to 500 of my friends all over the world that clearly dont use Facebook /s

plasmid_uk says:

Genuinely seems quicker.

AndyD33 says:

Also downloading updates for Access Point and Storyteller along with this. (Lumia 920)

Why i dont get the updates? I have the  ??? but its already 

Notification not working after this update....

ortizang says:

Always faster according to the people, sooner or later it will become flash!

I3unny says:

Can someone tell me what's the difference in the normal app and the beta app?

birdman_38 says:


jackiechanme says:

We want Facebook paper
Looked so cool

Krish Brish says:

Still the old bug remains. After sharing new post the page scrolls to top.

MikeTheYid says:

For me the notifications are broken. It doesn't let me see them. The app is awful at times.

I thought its only with me...

Waiting for the full featured release

Loco5150 says:

Did they fix the constant "error getting data" in chat bug that came with last update?

lordbebech says:

Nope, for me they're still exist. But only when i want to see notfications...but damn, this essential for Facebook!

deathdemon89 says:

Im really getting tired of this broken (cr)app. Cant believe we haven't managed to convince Rudy to develop 6book yet

TJWINS says:

I emailed Rudy last week but he never replied. Maybe we should all email him lol. A real Facebook app is much more important than having 6sec, 6snap, and 6tindr all combined to "most people". I can almost guarantee you 6facebook will be the most downloaded app in this marketplace if it ever came out. I'm thinking he won't do it because he can't charge money for it and doesn't want to waste his time or piss of Microsoft by releasing it. Just my guess though. Even though we technically have an official app as far as I'm concerned Facebook is still a void on Windows Phone period.

Loco5150 says:

Im sure Rudy knows the FB situation on WP...

lordbebech says:

Anybody having problem with notifications? They've broken for about 2-3 weeks....they are counted but you cannot see what exactly they show :|

scrabble111 says:

I have the same problem!

Xaphoon148 says:

Was better BEFORE the update.
Nearly hopeless to scroll, and also to click where I want to click. Opens up the comment on top wherever I click.
Something seriously wrong with the update...

ardit_el says:

In the new update if someone send you a sticker it is display on the chat,but no way for you to send a sticker.

RaRa85 says:

Great app and only in beta for 5 years.lol

quite right. giveup already facebook....

DarwinPurol says:

Everytime this app gets an update, i was hoping to have a timeline review to work

Doubled my battery life after uninstalling it...

use touch.facebook.com

mariusfilip says:

i really do begin to wonder...i think this whole Facebook app/Beta/updates is some kind of conspiracy against Facebook Inc. , maybe Zuckerberg has broken up with his girlfreind who works at Microsoft ,and she uses her charms on the assigned FB dev team to annoy him , OR some kind of Twitter or any other competitive social network has a 'mole' that doesn't let us, the users, use this app properly ,just thought of these while opening/closing,installing,reinstalling my facebook BETA app.

I'm a FB heavy user,i LOVE my lumia 720 but for facebook from today 9-th of february ,year 2014 i will carry around my SAMSUNG GALAXY S1 to take care of this. No offense,really appreciate the efort,but as MANY have said...it takes too long to deal with it.

Aathif Affix says:

We need serious update fb want to be reimagined

jonno232 says:

What's happened to video upload??