Facebook Beta updated with another round of performance improvements

Facebook Beta

We love updates around here. Whether small or big, it doesn’t matter. If you’re coming to a site like ours, you too probably like getting updates. One app that has been getting fairly frequent updates is the beta for Facebook. The developers are always hard at work on it. Today was no exception, the app was just updated. What’s new?

We last saw Facebook Beta updated only a week ago. That update brought “performance improvements and bug fixes”. What’s new today in version So far it looks to be another update aimed not at addressing features, but improving performance and fixing some bugs.

If you notice anything besides that in the latest update, be sure to sound off below.

Interested in the Facebook Beta? It’s available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Sanjeev!

QR: Facebook Beta



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aaa6112 says:

Hope they don't add the new "Trending" crap to mobile apps.

iboypx says:

Why?? ...really miss that feature in WP Facebook app

visnit14 says:

How can you think like that????

Alij382 says:

We're getting there, guys..

aitt says:

How long does it take to get there though.

Spicymikey says:

Agree.  Like watching grass grow.  Painfully slow.  Too slow

ambroShuS says:

Thank you!!! I made a similar comment on release of the beta update before this one and someone informed that I obvioulsy don't know how beta's work lol

KFBradley says:

Hopefully this addresses getting 8 toasts for one notification.

CreepinJesus says:

At least you're actually getting toasts!

tbonenga says:

I prefer mine with jelly

duk3togo says:

Come on serious? Toast? Jelly? Sigh... When jam is much better lol...

WinMaverick says:

Hope its not 'green' jelly :P

Little pig little pig let me in...

Eas195 says:

...and even the 'green' chocolate.

Dre325 says:

Or getting a toast 2 hours after you've gotten your email notification... I really hope this update is better. Facebook on our phones is just terrible still.

Darren Walsh says:

Everybody loves updates!!

Ankmeyester says:

Woot woot!
WP goodness exponentially increasing

Alij382 says:

It still shows me an outdated list of online people..

Alij382 says:

I don't understand how hard it is to make Facebook messaging real time like all the gazillion messaging apps out there.

IceCrush says:

I agree, they make it look like Whatsapp is doing Magic by working properly...

hopmedic says:

Whatsapp is using the background audio API in an unorthodox way to keep it running.

antmanbp says:

They stopped using the background audio API a while back.

h_portal says:

Twitter also works flawlessly (Foursquare too)

marcoshow says:

But if you have the chat native to a messeger the app?

Wael Hasno says:

Agreed. They need to make everything more dynamic just like the browser version.

chataddicted says:

Waiting for page manager support and offline msg suppot..

lazymonkey says:

"WP Friends" combines Facebook client and Page managing functionality, check it out: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=71b0e541-5b7e-4a97-acc6-9f609e5e6f99

Nawzil says:

Get FB Pages Manager, chosen by Microsoft as the best alternative to official Facebook Pages Manager app: www.Nawzil.com/PagesManagerWP

Totally not advertising

Nawzil says:

LOL, not advertising but answering his question.

smoledman says:

I don't get it. This is a MS developed app. When the official FB app arrives, does that mean this code gets thrown away?

Josh Harman says:

This is the official FB app (actually this is the beta, but the non beta official app is available, its just one or two steps behind the beta), Microsoft and Facebook are developing it together.

sip1995 says:

Microsoft is the publisher
Facebook is the developer

Nawzil says:

Wrong! Microsoft is the developer and publisher. Facebook only provides the APIs to Microsoft.

Chrizzzy says:

Hello. As I have always understand it, a beta version is a development platform that they use for just that, development. When the finished version of a program is done, it stoppes being a beta. Which is why I find it so strange that a) you claim that the real non-beta version of The Facebook app is Several steps behind the beta, which is a contradiction in itself and b) the beta version is now called 5.0.0 or what ever. To me, a beta is just a quick development before the finished program or app is released. Most betas only live for a couple of months before they are released as finished apps or programs or webpages. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and welcome your reply /
Chriz Dean

sManowar says:

He's saying that there is an official Facebook app (by Microsoft) that doesn't have the beta designation. It does not have all the features of the beta version, despite the version number.

chmun77 says:

No, this is not the official from Facebook. Is a workaround app using Facebook API from Microsoft. Unlike on iOS and Android, Facebook has no support for this app. If you ask me, most apps on Windows Phones are just 3rd party alternatives - including ones from MS. That sucks.

AhmedEltawil says:

It isn't a "workaround" Facebook app by Microsoft, it is the official Facebook app for Windows Phone developed and published by Microsoft in collaboration with Facebook. You have to remember that Microsoft own about 2% of Facebook and they work together a lot to integrate their services in Windows Phone and Bing and other Microsoft services.

FBirraque says:

I would like to know why we don't see any Instagram pictures when in our News Feed? Doesn't matter if using WP's native integration with Facebook or the Beta App.

Khoa Lai says:

And foursquare check-in also.

rayd1994 says:

I wish they can fix notification and built in Facebook chat. I mean that was one of the reason why I bought this phone and that was for the built in Facebook chat. I still got tons of confidence in Windows Phone and love it but I wish they fix this fast.

Josh Harman says:

Mine has actually been working lately. Could just be luck I guess.

Sparxy19 says:

Same here, its still inconsistent, But it just started working again the other day for no apparent reason.

rayd1994 says:

Mine works for like a while and then stops working and then works again

my built in Facebook chat is broken. "Can't connect to chat" is what I still get. Since the last two months :/

AzmoD3uS says:

Sometimes when it says "Can't Connect to chat" it's actually referring to the messenger service, not facebook chat. Only way to know for sure is swipe left and check who's online. If you see facebook friends as available, then your facebook chat integration is fine (relatively, of course).
Lately facebook chat integration's been working. Almost perfect. it still misses a few messages here and there but better than before. i hope they get it fixed for good though.

Are you talking about the Facebook chat that's built in your messages app? Cz that's the one that's broken for me :|

Manu Tyagi says:

Mine is working just fine after the update of GDR2 and Amber, was looking for it and now it works very fine, service is always UP..

hopmedic says:

Mine have been working hit or miss lately even though I have them turned off!

sManowar says:

Yeah, my Facebook chat has been working very well lately.

ttsoldier says:

Mine has been working very well as well. I even got a toast from the app saying " Tom sent you a message". The Facebook app toast is very rare though but it shows Microsoft it working on it. The built in chat is on point now though .

Ratman826 says:

Gosh! Why still can't share due to the privacy settings???!??!?!!?!/!/!/!!!/!

Winnabe says:

No 'works faster' comments yet???

francesco87 says:

it seems faster.

Winnabe says:

Thanks! That's reassuring!

b4rtw says:

Now I am missing a like button :)

I don't really think there are updates being performed. We're being fed the digital version of a placebo and our minds are telling us the app seems to be running better.

Maybe they just fixed a typo on t&c lol :D

muitosabao says:

Ahah, spot on! Because after all, how many updates does it take to have notifications working? It took Rudy Huyn 1 month of his free time to make a 100% working instagram app. It takes 2 years to MS to have a half working FB app. One can only laugh :)

Josh Harman says:

I think Facebook is slightly more complex than instagram... in every way imaginable.

muitosabao says:

You think it's that complex that it takes 2 years and a company the size of Microsoft to not have a 100% working app? It feels like there's two interns working part time on this. It's just pathetic.

Haha because there probably is

Josh Harman says:

It's pathetic how people twist reality.
They haven't been working on the same app for two years.
It's amazing that people can think Microsoft is incompetent, while at the same time expect them to walk on water because they "so big".

muitosabao says:

As a user i don't care, and i am well aware that this is not the same app. That even makes matters worse. They reset the development of the Facebook app (acknowledging the previous' only salvation was the bin) and even still they couldn't address on the "new" one the most basic things that any user expects to find, and can actually find on the competition. I'm kind of a WP ambassador on my group of friends, and i actually got many friends to switch, but it's extremely embarrassing when they come back complaining about this or that, and naturally this FB app comes number one in the list. It's sad to see less commitment from MS on their own platform than, what you can see in many people like me. And if i cannot comment and "whine" on Windows Phone Central, maybe i'll whine to people next time they tell me "wow your phone is cool" and let them know instead what's wrong with the platform.

Khoa Lai says:

couldn't agree more.

MaXi32 says:

I laugh harder than you.

amitnirmohi says:

The fb app should update the calendar, and sort the birthday reminder's properly.

Josh Harman says:

I think that's native. Since it works, I'd rather they leave it alone.

Well, I think it works faster now :)

It's the same. At least on 7.x. I have 2 lumia 800 devices and i installed the update on one of them. The, i navigate through the app to see the performance and no. There is no difference except 2 things. The check for update option from settings work now and two radio buttons' design is changed.

dxtr says:

In my FB-groups I'm not able to see my uploaded files/docs. Is this by design? /920

pawelf1 says:

Finnaly they made it in polish. Previous versions, was only in english in Poland

Finally! For me, lack of languages (such as Polish) was one of the most annoying things about that app, beside all the other bugs. I just like to have basic apps (like Facebok, or YouTube) in my native language.

pukkie says:

Timeline still not up to date. No notifications yet.

Thanks Microsoft, every day marking me love more my WP.

bonjoo says:

Actually, They translated the app ro my language. So its multilingual now.

loukkis says:

Yes, multilingual it is. Some bad translations thou.

kuhio3 says:

Quickly off topic: where do I submit an app for Sam or Daniel to review?? I don't know how I would let them know about an app that mistakenly I came across that might be useful for everyone

amitnahar says:

What app you are talking about..?

Y'know.. That app...

Rick Smits says:

"Tip" them through the WPCentral app.

What impact does that app now have on Lumia 920 battery life?

C.Tillman says:

Has anyone else noticed the problems with the double wide live tile? It's supposed to show the cover photo from your profile but never updates to do so

PB_H says:

It used to BEFORE some so called update,
3 steps forward 8 back = - 5

DenniSundaY says:

It now supports Dutch language :P

pukkie says:

Yes, but still missing a lot on the timeline

Credo93 says:

eindelijk lol

ulasates says:


devize says:

I like how in settings they have the list of things you can get notifications for and how it doesn't have a box for facebook messages/chats. It's like they're acknowledging that they can't get it to work. It couldn't be that hard, surely....

kirklyt says:

Still waiting for the Stickers support for Messaging/Fb Chat. View and send stickers + download addn'l stickers from the Stickers Store. Audio messages will be good, too.

bahamut443 says:

Here's a list of improvements I've noticed with

  • Fixed the bug where in the "Photos" app only the 24 most recent photo albums are displayed. Now shows them all.
  • Posts with tags now display properly. For example, they now read: Exploring NYC with John Doe at Statue of Liberty,
  • Added more languages.

Here are the bugs still present:

  • The white line that appears when selecting the top three Facebook icons. This first appeared in
  • When uploading photos and selecting an existing album, the app crashes if selecting a folder before the list is finished loading completely.
  • The "to the top" arrow is takes is very hard to tap. The sensitivity is awful.


Duduosf says:

I wish I could 'like' your comment

Octonabz says:

Yeah, how about a like button for the WP Central app? Anyone? ;)

Doomguy says:

Still waiting for interest lists support. FB is useless without them.

Agree! And still waiting for my friends activities to become visible, such as: likes and comments, tags, they post that are not related to mine. Instagram posts are also nowhere to be found on the newsfeed...

FeedTheShark says:

What are interest lists?
No wonder I have never thought much of FB, never even heard of interest lists.

Nakazul says:

Am I correct that there is no way to turn of the built in chatt in the app and to keep it off? I like WP better then the app.

Alij382 says:

You can, swipe to the left go to settings> notifications> switch all off.

I switched all off because how crappy the push notifs are on the app.

sanghyo99 says:

This is not turning off the built-in chat function. I am also looking desperately to turn it off. Why is it working in the android and ios versions, but not for wp8?

Duduosf says:

I wish they could show Foursquare posts in the app. Everytime someone posts in my foursquare activity, I have to go to the browser, or my iPad Facebook app

akishakoi says:

Whats new: You can now tap the primary pic and it leads you straight to the Profile pictures album. Try it! This feature is not available on the official app still.

Budniu says:

<blockquote>So far it looks to be another update aimed not at addressing features, but improving performance and fixing some bugs.</blockquote>
In the application is added, among others Polish language !

Farkas Laci says:

Added hungarian language.

Khoa Lai says:

Question: when will it be officially official?

When WP10 comes out. Or later. But the chat still won't work, lol

Josh Harman says:

The "official" one is already out, but it still needs improvements. That's why the beta is still open & running.

marcoshow says:

Portuguese Brazil to support this new update

nanoware says:

I can't believe after all these years how bad the fb app is. What is the problem really??? Is it crappy fb APIs? Is it a MS problem?

Josh Harman says:

This is a new FB app. They've only been working on it for a few months.

MikeSo says:

I'm sticking to their mobile site instead.

Cormango says:

How does one approve something on your timeline?

marcoshow says:

não pode, apenas via site móvel

Polkka says:

Notifications? Cmon MS!

keifwoki says:

Neither toast or tile notifications are working on my end as well.. How many others have this problem I wonder? Not many are complaining about this....

Khoa Lai says:

I have the same problems.

PB_H says:

^ +1
We are tired of complaining because it does nothing.

EPPM says:

It's available for 256 devices, but doing anything closes the app (at least for me)

gamo62 says:


Arafat Sa says:

it will take several years more for them to complete this app. slowpoke. Anyway, I wasn't expect anything new on this update. Came here to read rage comments from people. Not disspointed.

Josh Harman says:

"Several more years" would imply that it has already taken several years, when in fact it's only been a few months.

Arafat Sa says:

Definitely that was my point. Microsoft launched FB 2 years ago for WP7 and currently we got only half working fb app on both WP7 and WP 8. Maybe you are new to Windows Phone. WELCOME.

afgzee says:

got a lumia 925 installed the beta app and the cover photo doesn't show up on the live tile, but does on my 820. experiened with and works fine with the current stable facebook though.

Biwy2 says:

Why doesn't Rudy Huyn just make a Facebook app?

rayd1994 says:

Haha I'm with you on that

Rick Smits says:

Because he don't make apps that have official offerings.. The FB app is fine.. People always complain.

HarisA1 says:

7.x version ALOT more smooth now

astroXP says:

When and why did they decide to replace the app bar buttons with those at the top à la Android? Sometimes they're gone for me (when scrolling) :S

dortyboy says:

All I want is my phone update from at&t.

yanj says:

seems to me i can't upload photos, especially inside a closed group. i also want the ability to post documents stored in my phone in a group

Voxophone says:

Waiting for Facebook Messenger.

Josh Harman says:

I doubt you'll ever get it, since it's built into people hub.
Best you can hope for is that they make that more reliable.

Koen Geerts says:

I need picture upload + ability to view them in messaging

Quin 2013 says:

Sam's on a roll typing up articles left and right!
Good job bro!!!

SoCalBIGmike says:

I wish the crappy Twitter app (NOT the built in one) would actually work for me. Its like not even having an app.

Josh Harman says:

You talking about the official Twitter app?
Man, it works like a charm for me, as a matter of fact, it's nearly the only app that notifications work 100% of the time.

Jason Wun says:

Eh.... Do you guys know how could I reply the comment from other people in my status?

crise says:

As long as half of the posts in the newsfeed and timelines are missing, this app is complete garbage! Fix that first god damn it! There is not a single other priority. The most basic thing Facebook should do - and is about. And the app can't show you. I mean what's the point of opening the app, if you know that you only see 70% of what's there. I rather visit the mobile facebook website then.

Josh Harman says:

They all appear on mine. GOTDAMNIT!!!!!

Plystre says:

Where do you change the language? Cant find any settings for it.. :O

danmorrissey says:

Photo uploading is much easier now. It appears that the camera roll list starts at the bottom/most recent now. Was having to use the non-beta version for photos and the beta for everything else.

cddigi says:

When sending a photo it starts in the camera roll at the bottom

Josh Harman says:

That's new, right?

ejlee072006 says:

The toast notification on windows phones JUST sucks.. The only thing that works well are text,email,vm,ESPN hub,words by post, even wpcentral won't even update the tile until you tap on it

Josh Harman says:

ESPN never works for me, but some others do. It's weird.

Promaker says:

Also, support for Finnish added.

Plystre says:

How do you change language?

Ville6666 says:

Hieno homma, tätä on kauan odotettu! ;) 

PB_H says:

Updating fb does 0, I still get messages on the "live" ( not live) tile that I recieved a message and that message was 11 days ago and I deleted the thread. It's all hype MS is hoping that the placebo effect will kick in and we'll think that it's better because they said it was updated. It's still a broken system and you can't keep trying to fix a broken system it needs a new application -period !

Josh Harman says:

Are you on your period?
Because your post is full of irrational thought.

Cruelty says:

They've added polish which's nice:)

bahamut443 says:

I've compiled a list of bugs and demanded features for Microsoft. Feel free to add your input here: https://wpfacebook.uservoice.com/forums/204658-general/suggestions/44038...

mrg528 says:

When adding a photo to a post, I found the update remembers the last album I was in. And when selecting a different album, you are taken to the bottom-latest-images in the album (like the Picture Hub).

armandolara says:

Slow and steady wins the race..

Ville6666 says:

Yeah! Now there is POKE option!! 

smogg9 says:

Dont get me wrong but it seems like the whole windows phone 8 is a beta, missing lots of features and not even a decent fb app, man this app has been in beta for months wtf, and it still slow, it reacts seconds after i touch anything,...and why are notifications such a difficult thing with wp8? Is it the main system or what? , just letting some steam out

chmun77 says:

To me, WP is full of alternative apps. Even Instagram has lots of alternatives out there. Next are YouTube, Dropbox, etc. All the apps are at the mercy of APIs by the service providers. Just plain sucks.

Mythril1976 says:

Yes I too would also like to see a fix for the toast notifications coming threw sometime after the reply, post or whatever has appeared on Facebook. Sometimes it can be a few hours after the message has been posted. Most annoying.