Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

Facebook Beta updated: brings inline tagging, photo attachments in messaging, and much more

The original Facebook app on Windows Phone back in the day was pretty bad. Thankfully the forces who can make a difference have over the past few months with the Facebook Beta app. That original beta has since become the official app for Facebook users, but the beta is still going strong. That very beta just received an update to version that brings a slew of new features. Let’s check it out.

Navigate yourself to the Store and you’ll see version of the Facebook Beta app sitting there. The last update at the beginning of August brought emotion support for status updates and general stability/bug fixes. Update or install to find the following new additions:

  • Performance improvements
  • Inline tagging
  • Image attachments in messaging
  • Multile photo upload
  • Save/share photos
  • Navigation improvements

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

Somewhat of a big update, right? Inline tagging (aka mentioning a friend) is something a lot of you have been wanting for a long time. Also very welcomed is the ability to attach images in a message. Why limit yourself to one photo now that the app supports multiple photo upload? Not a bad update to the beta and performance does seem to be snappier at first blush.

What do you beautiful people think of the latest update? Sound off below.

You can download the Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 devices in the Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Alberto M!

QR: Facebook Beta



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xankazo says:

Could this be the version I will actually keep? Lets see...

rodneyej says:

No, it lags now, and is slightly unresponsive at times.. Performance has dramatically decreased... Everyone who notices this please go to settings in the app and give feedback by email...

Ahmed Gharib says:

I definitely disagree, it's much faster on my Nokia 920. The changes are well thought out love how they do the tagging and navigation changes. This is the update I've been waiting for

rodneyej says:

I never said it was slower.. Performance doesn't only mean speed,, that's a iDroidian way of looking at things... The app now stutters, and lags, when navigating around it.. Like swiping from left to right... It needs a slight performance refinement.

Ahmed Gharib says:

Actually that is the general consensus when you people talk about perf issues. One could say navigation isn't as fluid or smooth. Regardless I don't have those issues right now either and I like the new circle thing that tells you when there are new things in ur feed. Best of luck

Aryan Angel says:

This one is actually faster for me.

NiteOfNokia says:

Seems Faster to me 
Lumia 820 with amber update

Amber update? Did you flashed? If not, please tell me where are you from? Unlocked device?

NiteOfNokia says:

Unlocked device and flashed it

mukulvdhiman says:

I have it here in india with OTA.. really a great update.. Although the camera's become grainy for some reason.. 

OMG, please don't tell me this ://
I'm waiting a improvement in camera for my 820. :/ I get real disapointed with the camera auto-focus, it just can't focus the right way sometimes :/

NiteOfNokia says:

Mine hasn't become grainy :/. For me even the zoom has improved. in that it is not as grainy as before when u zoomed. My 820 camera has really improve dwith the update

mukulvdhiman says:

There is a good and a bad side to it.. Its grainy while in the preview, before clicking the photo.. Once it takes the photo its crystal clear.. But the bad side is that its just for the native app.. Camera 360 and nokia smart can give terrible photos..

NiteOfNokia says:

I'm saying with the Amber update for my 820 it is no longer grainy in the preview.... well unless u turn up the iso all the way to 800.... I onlydo that for the low light shots... before no matter what the picture was grainy

Its working faster than before

rodneyej says:

I never said it was slower.. Performance doesn't only mean speed,, that's a iDroidian way of looking at things... The app now stutters, and lags, when navigating around it.. Like swiping from left to right... It needs a slight performance refinement.

Asif Ali6 says:


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Much smoother and quicker for my on my 920, GDR1

StevieBallz says:

As others have stated before - it's a lot faster for me now. Hope the problem gets resolved on your device.

he_shark says:

Smoother, faster, more responsive, button that shows number of updates and jumps you to the top of your feed. Swipping is smooth, always goes into messages with one tap, can add photos in messages, etc, etc. Def the best update yet, feels like a proper app now, whereas before there were too many little niggles. Thank you MS (at last!).

kurotsuki says:

well ... it's faster on my 520. But more unstable compared to official one. Of course I've reported every crash here and there using feedback feature :)

Pepe D Vegas says:

I'm sorry what ?

neo158 says:

Much faster for me as well, the navigation improvements seem pretty good as well and seem to be bringing it in line with the apps on other platforms.
Samsung ATIV S with GDR2

numetheus says:

Very much disagree with you.

xankazo says:

Well bro, let me tell you that I had to uninstall every version before this one, minutes after trying it. But I'm highly pleased with this version. It is fast and smooth and seems to be working right so far.

Booston says:

So much better! Best version by far...

tipu2185 says:

 This is what I was waiting for really glad they added inline tagging. I requested that on Mr. Joe's twitter as well a few times. No lag for me as well.  

My inline tagging is not working, its just type the contact name?

AzmoD3uS says:

Try putting the "@" symbol before typing in the name of the one you wanna tav.

I don't knew that is necessary use the "@", thanks.

RyanR47 says:

Photo attachment in messaging! Was waiting for this for ages.

Me top, at last!

Sergio0694 says:

We still don't see the new emoticons in the messages though. You simply get an empty line, and you have to open the desktop site to see what someone sent you...
Hope they fix that soon :)

pankaj981 says:

It also has the scroll to top addition with new notification count

Credo93 says:

+920 with GDR1!

thomppa79 says:

I've waited for this too. Quite annoying to have to power on the computer to send a picture.

kidjenius says:


KustomAU says:

This app really is getting better and better with each update. I ended up deleting the non-beta as this one is doing the job just fine.

sumothong01 says:

Did the same thing.

taymur says:

"This app really is getting better and better with each update." That sad truth that WP users now dought that un update would make an app better. we really reached that point :( common Windows! just give us everything we want!
btw im just kidding, please dont take this seriously


And getting more "metro"...

sri_tech says:

Since Facebook by Facebook coming to Windows 8, is there any chance of them making an app for WP8?

There's no point.. They can't make a better app than Microsoft

devize says:

I'm pretty sure Facebook are working with Microsoft on this app since the redesign.

sumton says:

yes i remember microsoft saying they are going to build beta app with facebook

StevieBallz says:

They have been before also. Otherwise the App would not be able to display more data than the integration (App privacy settings don't affect it which is different from how Third Party Apps work).

Josh Harman says:

MS & Facebook are working together on this app.

SEKKDS says:

At least FB is playing nice with Windows Phone, unlike other #Scroogled-up jerks.

beej says:

Honestly, the best improvement I've seen is that they seem to have fixed that damn bug where, after commenting on a post (or a similar action) and going back together the timeline, it would shoot you to the top. At least it seems like they fixed it...we'll have to see.

ozahran says:

I still have that issue after the update :(

mjfadaway says:

Really? Its gone for me. This is the best update yet in my opinion

ahardin says:

It's been fixed for me, too.  It did automatically scroll to the top of the current post I was in (which was longer than a single screen).  I am very greatful for this, since it was the one thing that bugged me more than anything in the FB app.
The scroll to top button is also very nice, since it doesn't automagically scroll to the top now.

Zeroplanetz says:

Mine stopped sending me to the top a few weeks ago. After that fix my enjoyment using this app skyrocketed! Lol.

korg250 says:

That is the best update indeed.
But the fact that took them too long to fix it still annoys me.

panagiotisgr says:

thanks MS for supporting and making some good WP apps. Seems like FB cba to make a proper app

neo158 says:

They're working with MS on this app.

Pepe D Vegas says:

I tend to doubt they really are helping that much

kaynachtsman says:

But still no emoticon Support :(

12Danny123 says:

I heard there is Emoji support

Divjot Singh says:

Not for messages.

Eas195 says:

it's just for statuses, not for messages.

Sam Sabri says:

Look how high I can jump (off a sand dune).

Josh Harman says:

You're so cool bro!

Cleveland2k says:

Why so late at night....

theroyboy44 says:

Why r u complaining? lol if its too late for you, you could have read it tomorrow lolz

You are aware of the concept of timezones, aren't you? Most of the world isn't on the US timezones.

bulkbiz says:

Come on, only for wp8? WP7.8 is dead

theroyboy44 says:

Yea I hate to say it but yea WP 7.8 was always gonna die. They spent all that time rewriting things. They aren't gonna spend too much time doing everything for 7.8 cuz they are still trying to catch up to apple and android. But I do feel bad for 7.8 users!

Microsoft said that all of the new features from the beta/normal Facebook app will make it to WP7.8, in due time...

theroyboy44 says:

Yea they will but I don't think they will have a beta for 7.8 cuz they are just trying to get the features down first then they can fidget with expanding it to 7.8 and the non beta app

Just like they did with youtube

gcdc_lumia says:

giving false hope to 7.8 users. ugh. fcking MSFT. arrggghhhh!

Yeah I would love to see this features come to 7.8

neo158 says:

Instead of getting upset about it you should be thanking us Windows Phone 8 users for beta testing the new features for you!!!!!

Andresuxx says:

Feeling bad rn, gonna vomit, this is so sad ;|

Dragenox says:

Was waiting for inline tagging for ages !!!

erieboyz says:

Its awesome that they are still updating the app. Now only if they can fix the tile and toast notification issues as well as the Facebook chat in the messaging hub.

nizzon says:

This isn't just a fb-issue though. Lots of apps has this problem.

JoseCortesP says:

Not for me. Twitter is working perfectly for notifications, even apps I wrote myself, it's Just Facebook... I'm still getting notifications a week later

thomppa79 says:

This is something I'm waiting for too. Is it even possible to get notifications for group chat yet?

Fantastic, now our Facebook experience is complete. Are we missing anything else Sam???

theroyboy44 says:

Yea we r missing a lot. If u go on the suggestions page though the settings on the app u'll see alot of things we don't have. Or better yet go on an iPhone and use their fb app. But hey I love they r still working on it!

Josh Harman says:

I just got 4 emails in rapid succession from uservoice saying some the topics I voted on were closed/completed. Awesome.

Dante X says:

Yes, no stickers support, no images in comments... And those damn notifications :/ still this is a very nice update.

Aryan Angel says:

Chat! why does everyone seem to forget about the most important feature

nbolmer says:

The only time anyone mentions chat is while asking how to permanently turn it off...

neo158 says:

Chat is in the app, swipe to the left an choose a contact.

Aryan Angel says:

That's basic messaging, not chat. You have to go to the three dot menu and hit refresh every time to see new messages.

pranav rai says:

I never get reliable notifications from the regular Facebook app (not Beta vesion) whereas the ME hub seems to be doing just fine (but messaging is broken). Anyone else has faced this issue of dead notifications ? Any fixes ?

ozahran says:

I haven't received a toast or tile notifications in months lol. Hopefully they have fixed this. I use the ME hub for all my notifications anyway.

Josh Harman says:

Yeah, same here. If you haven't voted & commented on the WP Facebook uservoice, do so.

pranav rai says:

Whats that? Can you post a link, please ?

Same issue.
In the Facebook app (Beta or not) I get notifications days after actually receiving them on Facebook.
In the Me hub, notifications are consistent, but messaging does not work at all. Sometimes doesn't connect, sometimes doesn't give me pushes for new messages.

manonthemoon says:

Everyday at 9-10AM I get a weeks worth of notifications at once. Very irritating as when the phone is on vibrate at work it feels like someone is calling me.

larrybon says:

Was anyone in this thread an early adaptor to WP? I bought my 920 the day of release and have the same problem's. My sons 920 via Amazon works perfectly! It's almost like my device is a field test unit. If so, I've had it......
Original focus owner to boot...

theroyboy44 says:

Its crazy earlier today I thought of this app being updated and it did so now I just hope we get a snapchat app soon, official or not I just wanna snapchat on my 925!

Peter Juras says:

They now removed messages from the push notifications in the settings ... Not that it was working for me at any point, but it seems they have given up on it :/

mgkeath says:

I like to think that they're working on it and removed it until it's more perfected. Although, I also believe in magic, ghosts, bigfoot and UFO's, so I may be a little nuts.

Aryan Angel says:

Bigfoot? Seriously?

nanoware says:

Bigfoot for real???? You on drugs????

Josh Harman says:

Or removed it because it is supposed to be integrated with the phone's message hub.

pranav rai says:

Hoping thats the case. When it worked FB chat integration was brilliant. :|

I want to make that problem big enough for Daniel Rubino or Sam Sabri to write about it, i really want it to work, if people dont like it is enough for them tu turn it off, but that was the reason i changed to wp8

tamolnar says:

Which a lot of people don't want to use. 

pranav rai says:

Why not? Its far better than having an app handle things IMO. I, personally love how the FB chat was just another form of messaging ang not a separate app in itself. Integration is why a lot of people came to WP8, me included.

dhruv07 says:

Well that's wht i was waitin for

Super fast resume, notification for new post , photo upload ......... And much more super improvements!!!

I m lvin it!!

Daakkon says:

Nope. The messaging hub has been broken for months now.

s03 says:

after update,the app keeps on crashing.....btw,great update.....they still need to fix tile and toast notification issues n fb chat....can i share something on my friends wall in fb beta????i dont know how to do dat...

Josh Harman says:

Just go to their page and select the post icon at the bottom.

uopjo6 says:

Share post to group?

s03 says:

Nope...share sumthin on my friends wall from my news feed....

Aryan Angel says:

What about chat?

diktea says:


kevin_poo says:

Still hope there is push notification for Group updates

rupanidm says:

Multiple photo uploads. Great. But what about multiple photo uploads to a particular album? Not yet possible. Overall seems to be a nice step forward, and by the speed it is going, i see the above feature coming soon.

Yeah that'd be good.

ashishsirohi says:

Finally u can tag ur friends in comments like android fb app...
But still fb chat and push notification need to be improved a lot :)

Rauliulian says:

I can't understand why this updates are not available for wp7.x .... We facebook too and the app sucks big time on 256mb

neo158 says:

Um... it's a beta, that's why. Us Windows Phone 8 users are the beta testers so you 7.x users get stable updates so you should be grateful.

vinumathew says:

hi guys a noob question:- is there a way to see birthdays in this app??

ashishsirohi says:

Yess...swipe right...tap on event and then tap on upcoming event...there u will see birthdays...select that now it will show of upcoming birthdays in ir friend list.

Josh Harman says:

You can also integrate them into you calendar app.

rockstarzzz says:

This. The most reliable Facebook integration that appears on WP since WP7

how to integrate them ?

rockstarzzz says:

Sync your Facebook account with emails+accounts, it will automatically show all Facebook birthdays on lock screen and in your calendar.

danj210 says:

So wait, can multiple pictures be uploaded to albums?

cam45fblax says:

Sam thinks we're beautiful!!?? Guys guys someone thinks we're beautiful! And by extension me! Guys Sam thinks im.beautiful!

drg says:

like the little up arrow that points up and takes you to top if you've scrolled down and start scrolling back up. twitter needs something like this. i think the scrolling in general is a little more fluid too. +1 to all comments re: notifications.

twitter already has a way to go back to the top. it's just implemented in a different way. just double tap the home icon and you will be taken back to the top.

JoseCortesP says:

Didn't know that, good tip thanks!

drg says:

nice one :)

Tafsern says:

Wow, it's so improved. The general feeling of it...it's super fast now. Looking good! 

irvin792 says:

Love the ability to save pics , finally!!!!

But still heating up my L920 fast..

Osama Adam says:

Notice you can also pin messages as a seperated app

Eas195 says:

to the start screen? Great!

It's always been there from the previous versions.

But it doesn't show notifications for new messages, though...

mir747 says:

It's a great update!
but inline tagging isn't work in Korean (idk about other asian laguages).

Been using the app for about 30 mins now, Man .. There updates are great! Uninstalled the official Facebook app for this one.

neo158 says:

Same here, the official release is so slow compared to this one.

Ratman826 says:

Why I still can't share posts due to privacy settings??? Please help!!

descabar says:

Image upload in groups seems to be fixed too. Had alot of problems with it.

Josh Harman says:

OK, you can save photos... what about videos?
I don't have the beta anymore, can someone try it and tell me?

Sam Wong says:

Still no way to see my interest lists....

Totally agree with you! This is also something I am missing...

Eljonn says:

and still no change in facebook chat, still dead. can anyone know is gdr2 fixing facebook chat??

s_a_r_k_i_s says:

Awesome.....*****next update***** , performance update..comming soon!
Keep the updates coming Microsoft ! Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

derDaniel says:

how do you actually do the inline tag, I did not figure it out :/
pls help

just like twitter man. just type @ followed by the name. ex. @daniel
and a list of similar names from your friends will appear and tap the one you want to tag.

vitor_canova says:

Outch. I tought I was the only one that did not find. Thanks for ask. ;)

I tried to using the @ and then typing a name but nothing would happen...:/

rockstarzzz says:

Did it always have "check for updates automatically" toggle? Its nice to Microsoft finally using its own APIs efficiently! Wish they could implement it in all their apps including system apps and update them like Windows 8!

Charles Wang says:

Not sure I like the autohide bar at top for photos status and checkin. Prefer the normal bar at the bottom. Also don't like the bubble for scrolling to top. If they move the status, photo checkin to the bottom, they can use the whole row for scrolling to top, like in iOS.

Yes feel the same its off putting.

neo158 says:

I disagree, if we want more users to adopt Windows Phone then we need to have a consistent appearance with other platforms while adding Windows Phone specific features.

Charles Wang says:

But that's what I mean. It is inconsistent with iOS. In iOS, when you have new items in newsfeed, you get a whole bar sliding down to indicate so. The WP8 equivalent is the bubble, which is like chat-heads in iOS, so it's confusing. Moreover, it breaks consistency within app. When you look at your own timeline, the status button is present on the bottom, but in newfeed, it's not there.

topleya says:

The live tile doesn't show cover art but the full app does

Voxophone says:

We need more updates like this... This is a huge step in the right direction (and towards being up to par with iOS/Android). I feel like this version runs better than the iPhone version! :D

This app is finally getting good!

avigyan says:

The notification in this app was horrid previously. Has that been fixed as well??

J Papi says:

But why is the Beta app getting all the updates? Oram am I wrong?

Josh Harman says:

... because... it's the beta.
They are still using it to test updates. If everything works right they will add it to the official app shortly.

bahamut443 says:

Thank you!!!!!!!

That's a great update with new features worth using. But 1 small fix is still needed. Once you comment or share a post and navigate back to the feed window. The app does and auto update and take you back to the latest feed/post.

Yes my pet hate and still not fixed!

Rucenahoru says:

Nice update, but messaging could be better in a way, so I don't have to refresh it myself to see if anyone has responded

IceCrush says:

and fix the notifications and make it faster to load!!!

foxibs says:

Just uninstalled the full version. The beta is definitely better and faster...

Huge update and very well thought out!

jonno232 says:

anyone else having an issue with inline tagging? I just can't get it to work. 

pankaj981 says:

Insert a @ symbol and you will find friends below horizontally

hohohohanfan says:

Finally, photo attachment! On a side note, seeing how everyone says the app gets faster every update, shouldn't it load everything the moment I tap it? :P

jonno232 says:

Excellent! Thank you. 

It still jumps to the top after moving back into the newsfeed ARGH...

NightWatch71 says:

I gave up on the app for a proper browsing experience. At least I can send pictures now. For everything else mobile page is enough.

WPUser111 says:

Plz improve fb chat too..

I do want attachments to be shown in group messages.

plasmid_uk says:

Much smoother and welcome features in this update. I don't understand people's gripe with chat. It's called messaging, same friggin' thing. Aside from that we can all dream about notifications.

Ivan Hristov says:

The app isn't showing the replies on comments

iAdrian23 says:

Finally. Everything which is left are the emoticons. Way to go Microsoft.

Emoticons ? I'd rather have push notifications before the emoticons ! :p

skshandilya says:

Excellent job, It seems stable, except for one crash I had, No problems whatsoever. The only thing me and lots of other folks need is discrete volume for ringer and speakerphone audio, I hope this happens in GDR3.

danmorrissey says:

This is a great update. Tagging in statuses and multiple photo uploads are really welcome additions and its finally pretty much on a par with other platforms.

For some reason, when uploading multiple photos, it defaults to my screenshot folder, and the camera roll has the pics in the wrong order. Either start at the bottom of the list, or put newest pics first.

Facebook Page management is also still missing, but other than that I'm really impressed with the progress on this. :)

noknok79 says:

Privacy is missing in checkin, I hope you fix this...