Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 also updated with performance improvements

Lest Windows Phone 8 users now ironically feel shunned, they too get an update for their Facebook beta app. Since the releases are timed together now, this makes sense.

Version is now live in the Store and at least according to the change log, you get the good old generic “performance improvements and bug fixes”. That’s a fairly vague statement but if you use this app every day, you’re probably a smidge excited to see if it is any faster, especially after that last big update one week ago.

So put Microsoft’s claim to the test and grab the latest update here in the Store or scan the QR code below.

Thanks, zhoulhas, for the tip! 

QR: Facebook beta



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Warbler says:

"Seems faster"

jayruguitar says:

Ha! You beat me to it.

xankazo says:

It must be, you beat me to it by a mile! :D

MacDaMachine says:

Its soo fast now like omg

Facebook is for those that want to give the NSA some assistance.

lubbalots says:

It helps law enforcement, just like YouTube. Oh and employers too. Coworker almost got canned because of FB. There's always somebody stupid out there posting something stupid.

Like that one lady that got millions of dollars in tax fraud and didn't get caught for almost a decade until she posted on facebook a picture of her holding stacks of money with the caption along the lines of "getting rich from tax fraud!"

leotoma says:

Oh well, this one deserved to get caught...

WPSteve says:


Only thing I notice is I'm getting twice as many "ghost notifications" now since I updated...

Micfur says:

The speed is amazing, great update.

89caps says:

Selects links before I do. So fast!

mcivor88 says:

Pictures seem to load quicker but now I've that old problem back of it jumping back to the top of the news feed

That problem has always been there for me :/

danielgray says:

No that was fixed in the last version, for me at least

Octonabz says:

I now regret hitting the update button.

shsindian says:

Found a small issue with the app combining and confusing the post page and posts by others on certain pages. Other than that seems really solid.

cwc2311 says:

I've noticed this too

chataddicted says:

Count down starts for wp 7.8 version.. 100 99 98 97 96...

adrian1338 says:

This version. Is live already

chataddicted says:

Ohhh i saw the previous pots latter.. I downloaded the virsion

RobinPaul says:

I got a notification from my Facebook app :D

EJP86 says:

Definitely like this much better - faster, and in general works better.

nadoj says:

obligatory loads faster comment

EraserX8 says:

I noticed when I scroll back up I don't get the slide out nav right away which was getting annoying. I still did it every time before haha

jonathanrn says:

Second that. It only shows up when you flick up a few posts. Much better. Much faster. Like it! I think I'm going to update my review of it even.

ETjon says:

I was gonna notify everyone of that, but it looks like you mentioned it already! :) I noticed that change right away, because it was annoying me too

vimal25 says:

Does it shows location name under,the post like via location name n window phone tag....

lonbraj says:

WOW, so fast. Not!

I can finally comment and like shared posts. :)

Ultimateone says:

I havent gotten a notification in like 2 months, I hope it works now

azaright says:

Where is hashtag support

pierrerv says:

Just updated. Let me go give it a try.

Photo ( meme ) in comment ? No support ?

pogi920 says:

Wow,I received a toast notification..

m0unds says:

Whoa, much faster navigating around the app. Back button interaction is still really slow. Significant performance improvements everywhere else though.

Has this update been removed? When I scan the QR Code it doesn't give me an update option. I'm in the UK

leonbarroso says:

try to install throught windowsphone.com

KQ17 says:

You can now click on the profile picture :D

It seems that Profiles were revamped a but. Controls are now at the top.

xankazo says:

Wake me up when notifications are working properly. Thank you.

bahamut443 says:

Got my first message notification!!!

aimuatrang says:

Can't seem to Pin to Start "Nokia", one of my favorite sites, after this update... Help?

topleya says:

Seems that for me, the wide tile doesn't show cover art

rockstarzzz says:

The rule is after every beta update wait for 5-6 hours before live tile shows anything.

diktea says:

Seem to be faster...
Still no update notications on Groups we are in.

nizzon says:

The new features are now smoother. Nice.

win_splash says:

Definitely faster. Wish they add timeline review in the future, otherwise the app is pretty complete.

Robborboy says:

Huh. Maybe it'll actually work now instead of crashing every time I open it.

Shobiz says:

I think JD Pocketware are the people behide this Facebook app. Everytime this app gets updated, his Facebook app gets an update.

pogi920 says:

It has nothing to do with JDB..I'm starting to receive notifications,but it takes time to clear the tile count.

jleebiker says:

I'm getting the toast notifications on the live tile as well, but I started getting those last night before I did the update this morning. Weird.

mjparc says:

Same for me , with messages toast notifications

dissonate says:

still has the same annoying bug for me, cant post a picture and use enter in the text, no line breaks allowed, will result in error every time

James8561 says:

Chat is broken. When opening a thread for the first time, the send msg button is greyed out even though there is text

Josh Harman says:

Crazy, it actually worked great for me for the first time in a while. Messages were even pushed to my message hub properly.

Yaw Agyei1 says:

How do you guys at wpcentral get links to apps that do not appear in search results in store. For instance I get no results when I search for Facebook Beta in store.

Yaw Agyei1 says:

That's not the answer I wanted. If I may ask what is the meaning of "Yoda"

wpguy says:

They noticed the strange occurrences of three everywhere and realized the tractor beam would not be effective.

wpguy says:

(WPCentral is often tipped by an app's developer.)

Yaw Agyei1 says:

Hehe.. Tractor beam... Seriously ??.... Thanks anyway.. I guess you didn't get my question well.. Trying searching "Facebook beta" in store it won't show up in the results. I just wanted to know how you could make them show up in search results

jdawgnoonan says:

I wish I had data sense because I am pretty sure that the last version was eating a lot of extra data when idle.

amcalexandre says:

Finally a Good FB app!

pwrof3 says:

I never even use the Facebook app anyway. The People hub is all I ever use. I don't see the point of a dedicated app.

Great available for WP 7.8 too :D

NikLumWP8 says:


You will not find this app in Store. They don't include this app to Store. Tap the blue word "in the Store" to install it.

Facebook Beta is better than Facebook? Why doesn't Microsoft change Facebook Beta to Facebook, but the Facebook here is updated? It's better I think than make the same app but the updated the same app is outside of all countries Store, it is available in Store unknown country.

ejlee072006 says:


dmojica2000 says:

Anybody else having problems with the chat? When I have a new message, in order for me to reply, I need to read the message, then go back to all the messages and then open again the messages of the person I chatting with to send the message. On the first attempt the button to send is grey out.

D2G9 says:

Exactly the same problem here on my 920.

xpxp2002 says:

And they finally fixed the indeterminate status dots, putting them in the status bar!! YES!

Charles Wang says:

Likes are broken - 7 likes for a post, yet only one person shown.

jleebiker says:

By far, the worst version yet. So buggy!!! It barely works. I'm on a 928. Using the web version till they get it stable some.

Khoa Lai says:

The last update didn't show me any notifications, even on the live tile. This update does show me notifications, but hours after my friends comments were posted. And the tile does not clear at all.

The Beta and the "full" version are both utterly utterly useless.
You'll get a fuller experience if you lay in a bath tub, close your eyes and imagine a sunny beach.
It's totally incomplete from notifications to refresh, showing sites or lack there of to crashes.
Why settle for less?!
EI 10, fb.com, and voila! Much better.

BAMtech11 says:

I have a business page that id like to manage through my Facebook app. Anyone know a way for me to post as my business account? Kind of like on the desktop browser how it lets you switch between regular user and business account to post as either one. Thanks!

Je Ye says:

hy everyone, i'm from indonesian.
for few day ago until now, my facebook app did not receive notification and tile count.
anyone can't help me?

BadFeet7 says:

Anyone else having trouble now with in-line tagging?

Castanedaa99 says:

I'm getting notifications on my Love tile but there is nothing there. Looks like the ghost are haunting me.

Ivan Hristov says:

I'm getting push notifications for chat messages 6 hours after I finished the conversation.

D2G9 says:

Started getting new message notifications within moments of the message being sent. Finally!

Send button often greyed out even after typing message and have to go back to messages and then back to specific thread to send a reply.

Live tile takes longer to reflect status updates, comments, etc.

angelkontass says:

What about windows phone 7.8 ?
Don't we deserve some pity? We also need the update. It lags so bad