Facebook beta for Windows Phone gets a minor update today for bug fixes

Did you know the #1 downloaded app on Windows Phone is Facebook? It is and that’s why all of you clamor for updates to the popular social network, especially the beta version, which sometimes gets features early.

Today, version has gone live in the Store. Unfortunately, there’s nothing too exciting to report in terms of new features that we can discern, but if the (old) changelog still holds, then this is the standard “bug fixes and supports new languages.”

Are you an expert on all things Facebook, including this beta app? Then head into comments and let us (and others) know what has changed.

Need the link? Just head here to the Windows Phone Store, or scan the QR code below, to pick up Facebook Beta version

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QR: facebook beta



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blackhawk556 says:

Hopefully the sluggish from last time is completely removed

Martsicky says:

Scrolling lag issue is fixed with this update.

carlosrdd says:

Scrolling is fixed but there's still lag....

Nawzil says:

Now I will update.
I am still on version

Rick Smits says:

I have no issues with the app imo. Except the "share" button is shaky every now and then.

rodneyej says:


Blade800 says:

Since previous update, there isnt really any update for me. ANY HELP?

It just shows "SHARE" in the Marketplace, no updates.

Jas00555 says:

Its definitely faster ;)

pranayhotkar says:

Faster than i expected :p

walter1832 says:

Faster than a fat man running for the last donut!

walter1832 says:

BTW, I was fast enough to get the last donut.

krubhakaran says:

+720..!!definitely faster..

FFugue says:

Anyone getting notifications with the Facebook app? I get like one notification a week max. And it's often a notification for something I already checked...

CombatRock says:

Notifications still doesn't work correctly. That is what makes this app sub par. It is getting a little better with each update.

Is like the lottery or like catch a rare Pokemon. If you get one notification from the FB app you are a lucky guy...

FFugue says:

Ahahahahah, like catching a rare Pokemon. I like that. Really funny, and sadly really true...

Rick Smits says:

Joe Belifore said they are working to fix notifications with Facebook about 2 months ago

FBirraque says:

Notification isn't working!

I can't remember the last toast notification I received. It has been months.

I received a message notification yesterday night. Lucky me B-)... Oh wait, i don't remember when i actually got that message from my friend. It has been months :P

Polkka says:

Fast! Lol... Lag lag!

dhruv07 says:

It ain't wrking it starts and then automatically shuts down

it's still a bit choppy. and even lags when swiping to the online friends list.

guess i'll wait for one more update before going back to beta. till then the "official" app will do.

And now MS slows the app in a version and fix the slowness in the next version just to make us believe that was speed improvement. :P

Still lag when scrolling sideways...

dhruv07 says:

This update sucks
.!!!! Every update bring problms .. First uploading photos stopped and nw I can't open, the app :|

Wht u guys back there are upto

KQ17 says:

It's a beta so shut the fuck up.

CobaltDragon says:

Switch to the stable app, not the beta one, if you want it to work more reliably.

kinaton says:

The beta is more stable than the public release.

gerzhwin says:

Faster ... but the sideways swipe animation is gone :(

FFugue says:

The animation works if you go slow, but the app is so fast now that you don't see the animation if you swipe fast ahah.

IMStrugglin says:

NO MORE LAG FOR ME!! Woohoo! Man that was annoying.

More than 3 years & MS still can't fix the facebook app! WT*
& they say about better experience on Windows Phone! But FB is not even near 'better'.

The app just got released a few months back, its first app just used to open Facebook in internet explorer so....

I expected someone like u!
Fb app was from the beginning. They overhauled this new app. FYI I'm WP fan since its inception. But not appreciate anything blindly.

& if you want, u can smell my own shit.! U'r welcome.. :P

Yeh,Yeh it was but it was not an actual FB "app" , it was just a shortcut which used to open Facebook in internet explorer, so you really cant call that an app -_-

Man.. Go through previous facebook articles here on WPcentral, u should find old metro style fb app! It was available from the beginning!

I can agree that progress on getting a proper working Facebook app seems to be extremely slow. Also, these so called "updates" we keep getting don't seem to add much.
This Beta version has been like this for months now but hopefully Microsoft will eventually release a decent and polished Facebook app for us very soon.

I guess so. There will be huge relief if they CAN fix this.

I don´t understand why apps like WhatsApp or Viber got notifications to work so well, and Microsoft itself cant get Facebook ones to work properly after 100 updates..

blackhawk556 says:

NFL mobile app has the best notifications. They arrive so freaking quick after a touchdown. I wonder what type of system they use in the background.

mcivor88 says:

twitter as well. Twitter notifications are perfect. I think it's something more to do with Facebook rather than the app. Even on my Nexus 7, facebook notifications are poor!

NutmegState says:

Yes, I believe the issue is with Facebook.  My Nexus 7 has the same notification issues

rain620 says:

Agreed. My phone actually receives a tweet mention first before my laptop does.

Will they fix the chat and the notifications?NEVER!!!

eroselim says:

Try using the Integrated FB Chat , it works fine.

re01ico says:

What's ironic is this app was developed by MSFT. Thought they would have better command of their platform. Loading from the browser is even faster than FB app by MSFT. Can something not be done to correct this?

but the push server is handled by FB

ramyZgHR says:

Lagging fixed!

mcivor88 says:

facebook pages still are not loading

dxtr says:

Pretty please... with sugar on top. Add "Files" and "Events" to the Groups view!

phasar says:

Maybe I'll be able to post pictures with my updates now.

JoRdaNeK says:

Feels more twittery?

blackhawk556 says:

Jdb Facebook updates his app all the time. Even then, notifications aren't the best. May be it's Facebook crippling the app in the background.

donebrasko says:

Can I post pictures in messaging

Madhu T C says:

The app does not show more posts from friends, instead it shows updates from groups(eg. HIMYM).

iAdrian23 says:

Fix the absurd lag.

Introduce smileys.

Fix the lag when you swipe left/right (Favorites+Groups / Chat)


Loco5150 says:

I love MS for giving us 2 broken Facebooks'... I always have to think if Im doing something "hmmm I want to tag friends to this, should I post from this or that".
Integrated is a great idea, but misses too many features.

mdram says:


Dan says version above.  When i scan the QR, the store says but my installed version says  Anybody know what's going on here? 

Lumia 900 with WP 7.8.

doraemon_918 says:

...or the problem is you need to upgrade your phone ;)

mdram says:

I'm glad you're here to tell me these things...:D

THE_Lawnboy says:

That version 5 is the WP8 version. The 3.x is the WP7 version.

Durishin says:

The scrolling stutter is gone and the lag coming back from, say, Notifications. is much less. 

Its much faster than earlier version

specmania says:

Faster but still missing animated smilies

Cormango says:

Scrolling lag fixed... Sorta.

Dante X says:


juras dajda says:

And will it ever work the notification? It is a disaster when it top you can not fix DMNC

Juan_ma says:

The update is just for WP8? I have WP7.8 and the latest version is

FBirraque says:

This new Beta version still isn't uploading pictures to FACEBOOK GROUPS!

coldfilter says:

Its a crap app and bears no relation to the settings on my computer

Daakkon says:

It works fine on ios/android, what seems to be the issue with wp8? This app has been shit since wp7, and its pretty annoying. This app needs to be re-re-done, and actually made by the fb team. MS can't make good apps.

rehsak says:

Why can't they just let Facebook built their f****** app!

THE_Lawnboy says:

Because the fucks at FB won't do it. Thank goodness MSFT is bothering to do FB's work for them.

Yeh it was but it was not an actual FB "app" , it was just a shortcut which used to open Facebook in internet explorer, so you really cant call that an app -_-

crise says:

I think they see the FB app as a second child, and that they make the FB integration much better in WP8.1 so u dont need this app anymore.

4bh1sh3k says:

Sadly they've stopped updating the 7.x version

skhboyz168 says:

Beta not official

Beta forever, lol.

Credo93 says:

Much faster !!! 

regenizer says:

I pray every day for chat heads on WP, or just a normal messenger for Facebook. I hate this built-in chat

THE_Lawnboy says:

What are you talking about? The app does have messenger.

there's a refreshable chat ^_^

mujomujkic says:

Is there any way to change the language? It seams that they just added Croatian language and the translation is horrible. They really need to work on it for a while to make it usable :).

Still no option to log in to your pages as an admin. Still shit on that score.

lamblumo says:

And Chat is FIXED no more need to refresh while chatting via this app. I hope they fix live tile and toast notifications soon.

SDKevin says:

Less choppy scrolling. I like it smooth

Darth litku says:

Live tiles dont work :(

Scott Brooks says:

Still takes over 40+ seconds to try and upload a picture on my 928. App is still garbage. I'll stick with JDB for Facebook Pro. It's quick and it does everything I need.

armyvet66629 says:

Facebook v2.7 was the best version. Should have never transformed into that generic android/ios style. Got the 2.7 xap and using it right now. Why not.

Jandieg says:

I also think JDB Facebook is the best alternative right now 
Custom buttons bar, stickers on chat, shows ALL posts on feed (including those Instagram ones missing on the official app, that's more or less 50% of the photos!! Not there!)

s03 says:

Faster...but still need to improve more.....btw, MSFT is really slow...haizzz

chmun77 says:

This app is an disgrace to Windows Phone..... I think MS should just stop wasting resources on this app. I hope there will be a MetroFBook for Facebook instead....

crise says:

This app sucks so hard, half of the posts are missing

11B1P says:

No update available for me.

EMajor75 says:

Its smoother than before

This app is horrible I should have never left android for this piece of shit os

Switchfoot3r says:

I don't know if someone said it already, and maybe I'm pointing out a problem that only I had, BUT I couldn't see emoticons in earlier releases of this app. After this update, I can finally see emoticons on my personal messages. So I would suggest the app is finally supporting emoticons, but again, it could be just me and it might be working properly due to one of those "bug fixes."

THE_Lawnboy says:

Ok, this app is beginning to feel pretty solid. This update runs much quicker on my L920 without nearly the lag that existed prior when touching the notifications icon. Resuming after linking out to a site and returning is much snappier.

And it appears that the auto-scroll-to-top-of-news-feed demon has been thoroughly exorcised. Can I get a big "HELL YA!"

MrWoldo says:

I now get every congrats someone sends a friend of mine on FB. Even if those persons arent in my friendslist. Very anoying! I used to see only friends to friends wallposts, not everyones...

notrichyet says:

I think that stickers now show up too?  I noticed one last night in a post/message after I updated, whereas before they were just a missing image icon.

jleebiker says:

I am seeing more of my friends posts so it makes it more similar to the actual web experience. Prior to this update, I was only seeing a very small subset and most of what I saw were actual "pages" I had liked. Not many of my actual friends. Now, it seems like I am seeing a more accurate view of what is going on in the web interface.

chatscc says:

Top stories don't work?