Facebook Messenger picks up a small patch for bug fixes


Facebook Messenger is poised to give WhatsApp a run for best messenger service, even if they're both technically owned by the same company. Although WhatsApp had an update tonight (two, if you really want to count), Facebook Messenger has also been bumped to version to 5.0.1. If you know build numbers for software that 0.0.1 update should tell you this is a minor bug fix, with no new features.

Facebook Messenger hit 5.0 last Thursday, gaining Groups support and more in a fairly significant update. Much like WhatsApp though, after a major release comes the cleanup, patching little quirks and improving performance.

If you use Facebook Messenger, head to the Store now to grab 5.0.1, and maybe it'll address some issues you've been experiencing.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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vkelkar says:

Hahaha Race to be better this is nice... :)

Conan143 says:

hey daniel vlc for windows phone coming on august...is that true ? can u confirm it...?


Just use Moliplayer. It's real.

Yeah MoliPlayer Pro is much better

Darren Walsh says:

I came can't seem to find any of my files in it

I install trial ... 15 days ... uninstall ... repeats the cycle

lum5 says:

Yaa they confirmed but its September ....news is available in windows power user.....

Aashish13 says:

I spoke to the developer of vlc for windows 8 and wp8.1. His name,is Thomas Nigro. He's working on the app. He showed a screenshot of the app and the interface is fucking awesome

jaywinjv says:

Molliplayer is not free. Regardless of what employed people say, free apps mean a lot for the platform.

lum5 says:

Log out is much awaited option till then not downloading but updates are always welcome....sorry for little offtopic any news for wp 8.1 Daniel:worried:

mrshots says:

YES! God its so annoying!

Savinati says:

Hopes this fix notifications...

Works fine here, did you check Battery Sense? Messenger has to be "allowed" there.

WPUser111 says:

It has become faster now.. Chat loading n image loading has improved

Blade800 says:

And they fixed the "last seen" function. After previous update It didnt show that to me.

Bryan Suazo says:

Telegram, whatsapp gets yet another update

harisyousaf says:

Heard that new fb app coming this June... True?""

It will be an update to existing 1. No new fb app

RobinPaul says:

Whatsapp also, now its on 504

That's addressed in the opening paragraph

Chee Hong says:

Thanks for informing. And thanks Facebook for the update. Now waiting for Instagram?

Arka1412 says:

Why no sign out option till now..

sanjayt_17 says:

Sign out option is not available on iOS and android either.. Deactivate and then reactivate your account in any browser to sign out from fb messenger

Suhasa Su says:

Or just reinstall the app ;)

Lol i own fb messenger logged in but do not use it because its too slow....

Bryan Suazo says:

Dude, when you tap view profile now brings you to the FB app instead of the browser , I think that's nice

Arpit Mittal says:

No its opening on internet explorer, i am using Facebook not beta version. I m on wp8.0 on Lumia 720

Bryan Suazo says:

It does for me on original fb app with L920 with 8.1 preview

kokasbal says:

Dude, you are old school. Update your OS!

That's not a new feature with tonight's update.

Bryan Suazo says:

Really? I'm impressed then that I realized until now, either way facebook messenger is way better app than facebook itself, they need to catch up

Binson#WP says:

Would really like a dark background option for us Amoled users

Bryan Suazo says:

I see a white app and I want to paint it black, no colors anymore I want them to turn black (music)

kokasbal says:

That would be awesome!

Aashish13 says:

And now time for the fb app

edsal says:

The Facebook app was slower after the last updated for my phone L810 & 925. I hope this update will fix that.

AndrewL920 says:

What is the point of using FB messenger  if you can always send message using FB app? 

aziouazrayes says:

I hate using so many apps. I loved the way people hub worked on Windows phone 8

Hector Cantu says:

cause the FB app sucks, the messenger app is way better. 

brianyoko says: is useless, still not getting notifications on 1520. Still using what's app. What's app works flawlessly.

stefloc28 says:

but until u can integrate facebook into whatsapp ,i need to use that software ,and yes notification ,still not working properly :(


MR Aziz says:

Cool now its alot better

edsal says:

It's back to it's regular speed now after the update.

dwarfsize says:

Hope they got rid of the stupid double notifications issue!!!

Stravincy says:

Still no landscape mode..

WhatsApp just picked another second update !!

palmujukka says:

That was mentioned in the article and a separate article about it was published last night...

flabbypabby says:

Is anyone else getting duplicate Messenger notifications in the Action center?

KustomAU says:

My big gripe with this app is when you tap a toast notification it STILL doesn't bring you to the chat thread, instead displaying a "start the conversation" message.

eugie says:

Why no speech to text?

luismfarelo says:

Faster after this update. For anyone having notification issues, uninstall and reinstall the app, it fixed them for me.

binzxavier says:

Cant update messenger after downing it. Download error retry it

Same here it says that my software isn't up to date but I have the developer preview of 8.1 on my 1520

Yes, messenger is now intergrated with fb official app.

When you click to see people timeline it opens the Facebook app now!

akashpats says:

hope it will solve the messages loading error I had been facing from version 5.0.0

rain620 says:

Next update should include clearing the tile notification of you cleared it in the notification centre.

brianyoko says:

Still not getting notifications on 1520. Please put the different versions in the store. I want to download the version prior to 5.0.0.

stefloc28 says:

notification still not working :( is kik messenger any better ?

edit i think its not facebook ,account ,am i right



brianyoko says:

Still no notifications on 1520. 5.0.0,, 5.0.3 and still no notifications on 1520. What's going on? I want the messenger version prior to 5.0.0. Fix it!!!!!!!

otaku66 says:

Notifications issues

Will be ever in Messenger chat heads ?
Thanks for answer. ;)