Facebook Messenger updated, you can now save photos and more

Facebook Messenger

Today is all about Windows Phone 8.1, but that doesn’t mean developers stop updating apps in the Windows Phone Store. We’re looking at an update for Facebook Messenger in the Windows Phone Store. Looking forward to saving photos? Then you’re in luck, the newest update to Facebook Messenger allows that and more. Let’s check it out.

Facebook Messenger launched on Windows Phone nearly a month ago. Today we’re looking at an update that puts the app at version 3.1 in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now save photos
  • Notifications are more reliable, so you never miss a message
  • The app uses less data
  • Overall performance has improved

We just updated the app and can confirm the ability to download images. We haven’t spent enough time to see how performance and notifications work. Though we haven’t had any major complaints with notifications in Facebook Messenger. Let us know if you notice any changes with the app going forward.

Download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Thanks for the tip Debaraj B!

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rockstarzzz says:

Oh so my thread in forum ain't good enough for you? :'(

Sam Sabri says:

Sorry! Haven't checked the forums today. Just saw some tips in the email inbox. Thank you though rockstarzzz!

rockstarzzz says:


I will accept your apology if you promise me to get something to read about "default messaging app" selection dialogue in WP8.1 and if "blue apps" are ever going to be shown off at Build? Deal?

Md Anwer says:

will windows 8.1 support to move apps from phone memory to sd card?

jhoff80 says:

FYI that dialog is no longer in the released emulator.

Md Anwer says:

will windows 8.1 support to move apps from phone memory to sd card? please tell me.

Sam. U never seem to advertise the schmoose messenger app

Sam Sabri says:

Sorry! I actually do want to cover it. I'll do my best to get it over the weekend once the Build madness dies down. Then the app won't get lost in the shuffle.

asylumxl says:

Genuinely seems a bit faster when retrieving messages and contacts, as opposed to a poor "seems faster" joke.

Thank you for this.

We need the WhatsApp update..

topleya says:

This, WhatsApp need an update, then a major UI overhaul because it looks awful

Wael Hasno says:

Its Beta has a ton of stuff, including backgrounds and stuff. I don't know why are they stalling so much on it..

euichii says:

Sam off topic, are the announcements about wp8.1 all done now?."Kamusta" by the way.

Sam Sabri says:

Nope. We'll be doing more Windows Phone 8.1 news as the days go on. We just wanted to hit the high stuff. There's a lot more 'little' things in the OS that we'll cover. Joe B calls those 'delight' features.

gpct1 says:

Is Project My Screen going to be covered by any chance? The Windows Phone Blog says "We’ve added support for that as well—connect your Windows Phone to a compatible PC using a USB cable and you can run an application on the PC to show the phone screen."

I'm curious what that looks like.

ortizang says:

Do you know already when we will have the dev preview?

vFlagR says:

There was a post on wpcentral a few days ago that said the dev preview would be April 10th

gabrelov says:

Seems many filipino here, are you a member of wp philippines group in fb too?

al.cantara says:

I'd like to join this fb group, if i can.  paano ba?  salamat..

imLou says:

seems faster

neonspark says:

no it does not. try to post an image and if your library exceeds a few thousand pics, the performance remains horrible. why did they decide to re-implement the image chooser? arg.

barttool says:

I think you're mixing up apps here. The Facebook app is the one that has a custom image picker. Facebook Messenger uses the system picker.

KeegdnaB42 says:

Forced meme is forced. Also, stop trying to make fetch happen.

Warbler says:

You're quoting mean girls you're awesome

Chemilinski says:

So force
Many not need

You like tranny granny balls.

user4545 says:

Still black bar over keyboard, despite not having something to paste or word suggestions. Only me?

Ookiie says:

Nope, I also have this and I reported the bug the day it came out, I'll just do it again.. It's weird though.

Doomguy says:

Thank god I'm not the only one. That black bar is so annoying.

kazemYK says:

Still no free call

Clice says:

I wish for an option to disable all notifications in this app for good. I like the built in messaging in WP, but a few times I like to use this app.. but most of the time I just use the regular

Eirenarch says:

This! I uninstalled the app because of the lack of option to turn off notifications and rely on live tile updates. Interestingly there is an option to turn notifications off for 1 hour or till 8 A.M. Obviously 8 A.M. is some blessed point in time but you have to do the ritual every day to keep them off. On the other hand I will install it back once I have 8.1. Notifications from this app will be the first victim of the new option to choose notification behaviour per app.

ttarbuck says:

Also its got a name change from 'Facebook Messenger' to just 'Messenger'.

allos autos says:

Aww, you just beat me to it!

Yeap, same here.

Wael Hasno says:

Άλλος αυτός; Ποιος άλλος;;
And yeah, name change is fine I guess.

allos autos says:

The update also changes the name to just "Messenger".

xnrdx says:

still no line break on Enter.

paulomalley says:

This!!! And not even an option to change it...

nath520 says:

Still unable to send a file,

jlynnm350z says:

Well that one moron should be absolutely thrilled?!

RvpLui1 says:

How do you sign out of the app?

So much faster! Lumia 620

andreirlopes says:

While I had this installed on my 620, the battery started to lasts only 6hours. I uninstalled it and the same moment ut xame back to 20h+ battery life. Did it happened to you and if yes is it fixed now?

Credo93 says:

It's not faster, but i aprecciate this update :) Thanks Facebook Inc. (Lumia 920 Cyan, yeah Cyan Nokia :)). 

Off topic, will Cortana be available outside the US? Like we can choose the language of TellMe now? Even if it's not available in your language? :)

My foursquare also was updated today. Whatsapp ... Nothing at all!

MrVol84 says:

Give us those chat heads!!

Sam off topic but this is bugs me alot.. If l download a game from store (in 8.1) it will be saved to sd card or regularly to internal memory? I know and l seen save apps to sd card is available in 8.1 But l like to know is games are in the same list..

ebin5 says:

There is an option in storage sense to store apps in sd or internal memory like it's now for pictures.

FlorisRe says:

updates not loading... store down?

majortom1981 says:

No live blog for the nokia event? othersites like phone arena are doing it.

apocacrux says:

They already did it and took it down once it was over.

luisfarelo says:

Launches faster for me (ATIV S)

where's the promised facebook app for windows phone 8.1?? :/

deathdemon89 says:

Please tell me this is still coming, PLEAAASSSSEE!!
I can't deal with the sub-par WinPhone FB experience anymore!

Ookiie says:

Joe showed it while demonstrating Cortana.. it look the same to me, just cortana imlpementations... maybe they've kept the look and changed the core?.. I certenly hope so -.-

It has become faster

McDaddyMike says:

No chance to use it on EDGE.. it still loads too much data. It only works on 3G, LTE or wifi.. which pisses me off. I cant use it on my cottage, where is just the edge. I use the integrated FB chat in messaging hub and it works great.. but after 8.1 update, this app will be my only option.. So i hope they'll update it..

nanddeep333 says:

I use EDGE and it work fine for me and even I get notification in time

McDaddyMike says:

thanks for reply, i reinstalled it and it works better.. but still, in my opinion, it uses to much data.. just look at data sense. it is one of 'hungriest' apps.. i dont get why it has to redownload avatars for example..

nanddeep333 says:

Last 20 days it use 25mb in my phone but I never worried about data usage because I have unlimited data pack in my phone

chmun77 says:

Good. Managed to see better photo images now. But why the app is not doing caching at all? Every reload of the app need to refresh friends avatars?? Is still slow.

yuvii007 says:

Need calling feature

chie dariel says:

Keep update ... :)

drg says:

i've always had this issue and it's not fixed in this update that if you tap on a notification it takes you to the chat screen with the person the notification was from but the conversation isn't there, it says Start the conversation. anyone else get this?

edsal says:

Yeah I had that same problem but it looks like it's fix now.

drg says:

I think if you have opened the app it works but of you haven't or if you have closed the app or backed out of it, it doesn't work.

jay5353 says:

Wht abt WhatsApp major update,bbm.

Arka1412 says:

Still no Whatsapp update..and have added sign out option in FB messenger?

noshiro21 says:

still no landscape mode..... :p

ujori89 says:

Still the problem with number verifications...

cybermoose89 says:

They need to make it so notifications can be received wile battery saver is on otherwise its great

eechan says:

saving photos....meh


I just wish messenger had voice dictation capability like the builtin messaging client does.  That's why I still prefer using that instead 

CamiKitti says:

It still needs calling and the ability to remove stickers.

ivkec says:

What I would like to see in upcoming releases:

- Turn off notifications for good

- Enter to manifest line break

- Dark (black) backgroud: It is more related to WP overall experience and, more important, it reduces battery usage

p.s. If internal facebook messenger integration within the Messaging app would support picture attachment - I'll never use this version of FB messenger at all


Bernd Fiten says:

Indeed, Facebook integration with WP messaging app was actually very good... unless you want to send a picture.

desitunez says:

Hoping you providing that feedback in review section or facebook directly. :)... not just in forums

ivkec says:

Just did :)

derDaniel says:

I want line breaks /;

Wevenhuis says:

So is this messenger comparable to the messaging function (facebook email I call it also)  and facebook chat in one or just the latter? This still confuses me.

Notification problem after the update. It was good a lot way better before the update...