Facebook for Windows 8.1 received a weekend update with group management and more

Facebook Windows 8.1

The official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 received an update over the weekend, introducing a number of new additions to the experience. We last looked at the app back in November when a major update was pushed through. With this most recent release, it's now possible to turn off chat, manage groups, edit privacy on posts and more.


According to the app listing, here's what's new in the latest release:

  • Turn off chat
  • Narrower margins for snap view to show more content
  • Create/join/leave groups
  • Black and white high contrast modes
  • Edit privacy when editing posts
  • Double-tap to zoom photos full res
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Bug fixes

While we don't use the app on a regular basis, seeing yet more features added can only be a good thing for frequent users. If you don't yet have the app or haven't received the update, you can grab Facebook for Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store.

Thanks, Guy, for the heads up!



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Neo Nuke says:

They need to add the auto-mention to add people to comments and such.

MikeSo says:

That's my biggest issue with the WP8 app too. Actually my only issue, I think. Of course, their mobile website is still superior to the app, and I see no reason at all beyond notifications to have the app installed.

d3lueCs says:

I have the opposite problem as the Facebook app for WP 8 doesn't cease the notifications for incoming messages though I disabled it in the apps settings section. So basically first the app notifies me about incoming messages and then the integrated messaging service.

I like that I receive the private messages from Facebook as a text but I can't seem to turn off the Facebook notification for messages.

chad08er says:

It actually boots up now,no more crashing.

guidorobben says:

It feels faster... /s

Meanwhile, Facebook for Windows Phone has ceased to work with my Lumia 720, now upgraded to Black. There is a storm of 1 star reviews where I live, so I'm certainly not the only one with the problem.

Basically I open the app, wait 5 seconds, and the app crashes.

Try the Beta! It works perfectly fine for me (Lumia 720, Germany)

Switchfoot3r says:

Facebook Beta won't fix that problem. We've been talking about it for a few days in the forums and we found one solution, but it will only work if you're lucky since Facebook seems to be experimenting with the platform for the sake of their upcoming Facebook Messenger app. Go to this thread and read carefully. Please, let us know if it works with your phone: http://forums.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-920/267381-lot-problems-since-3-...

TJWINS says:

Hopefully this gets ported to Windows Phone 8.1 on April 2nd

d3lueCs says:

Personally I gave up on Facebook app providing me notifications on Windows 8.1. It worked 5 days I guess then it stopped showing me any notifications about incoming messages. Very frustrating. This behavior is even worse then Skype's ridiculous notifications delivery on my systems.

ChiquiTolky says:

I wish wp 8.1 brought more than one single information for tile and by swiping the tile left to right would show you at least your last 4 updates, emails, text messages etc rather than only having the last activity or having the ability to refresh tiles by the same motion would be great, when are "live tiles" really gonna be LIVE?

sahib lopez says:

seems faster ....oh wait wrong facebook :P

adrian1338 says:

it is funny to see this comment sections on wpcentral go down the toilette. Shame that this obviously comes with the market share

Micah Dawson says:

Has nothing to do with marketshare. this is what comes when you arent fully moderating comments. The whole nigga thing really didnt have to be a big deal. I and someone made a complaint and instead of saying their reason for using it in a mature way you now have them doing it on every article.


this is what happens when you just let people do whatever for the sake of clicks,

chad08er says:

It's turning into a Android forum ,lol.Been on here for a few years now,and their are alot of new users on WPC the last few months that are really bringing the conversation to a preschool level around here.Guess that's what happens when you let users from all the mobile nations websites leave comments

Sean D. says:

Ever notice how when most articles report on anything facebook related they make sure they add in how they don't use facebook?


MikeSo says:

Haha yeah. Because they are so cool!

I don't get it why this app doesn't support other languages...


My first time commenting and I'll like to say hello.

Jaskys says:

It updated like 1 week ago...

nizzon says:

Can they please move the newsfeed to the right so I can scroll with my thumb!

MikeSo says:

Another non-WP related article. Should the site just change its name to microsoftcentral.com?

Micah Dawson says:

This is better than Nokia x articles. Usually these features may come to windows phone. So it does sort of relate.

rianext says:

What is the matter with you ppl...?? Lately all you guys are doing is complain...
Stop messing up the comments section like this...makes it look like whatever crowd is being pulled in by WP nowadays is getting more whiney...

TheCudder says:

I hate the UI for the Windows 8 Facebook app, but since they seem to be sticking with this crappy layout, atleast give us the option to collapse the chat list on the right. It's annoying to not be able to scoll down with your thumbs when you're holding a widescreen form factor device in typical fashion.

Dylan Jutte says:

Ever since this update the windows 8.1 facebook app has broke for my account. I can log into it, but it loads nothing. I reinstalled and still same thing. I decided to download on my other computer and test, same thing. Windows phone app works fine, and I am able to login to the web without any problems. Anyone else having this issue?

Shobiz says:

For some reason, I can't download any updates from the Windows Store.

Wevenhuis says:

this was not the integrated facebook I was expecting in windows 8. Why a seperate app? Why not do more with facebook and the people hub. Now windows 8 feels, so..., empty.

nizzon says:

Its sad really. WP is going the same way.

hphbp says:

What this has to do with windows PHONE?

Luke Jordan says:

Where's the settings for high black contrast mode??