Facebook for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a small patch update today

Rejoice, Facebook users, as your favorite (or not so favorite) app has received yet another small update today.

Facebook for Windows Phone, including those on the 8.1 Preview, will get bumped from version to version That is not a momentous increase, and tells us that this is probably just some small bug fixes and improvements, possibly related to 8.1 performance.

No changelog was provided, so we’ll toss it to you folks to notice any changes and share with us in comments.

The update is very fresh, so you may have to use our direct link or force-check the Store for an update if you’re on Windows Phone 8.1. You can grab it here from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Sanjeev S., for the tip!

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Rising Mos says:

So is Facebook for WP 8.1 "newer" than Facebook Beta? I am confused!

Yes. It has been since 8.1 Preview went live.

Rising Mos says:

Ok, thanks for the info. Downloading now...

dhruv07 says:

Is it also applicable for the beta version ...??

faalil says:

i am using Facebook beta app for and waiting for 8.1 support as it work fine without any crashes.. not yet installed official facebook 8.1 in Windows Phone 8.1 preview.. will it be a problem in syncing contacts and showing updates from individual contacs if i install both app when facebook beta app releas 8.1 support..?

Ultimateone says:

it "works" with 8.1

kenzibit says:

Hope it doesn't show links when I re-share articles.

Abdal says:

Waiting for official app from facebook

There's no evidence such an app will be made.

Ultimateone says:

whatever happened to the new Facebook Blue app? Didnt that crazy redditor from Msoft say there is something coming soon?

That sucks, as this app sucks and is extremely slow...

Arka1412 says:

No use..It will never come..

The Skizzle says:

Microsoft worked hand-in-hand with Facebook to develop the develop the app, so it's about as official as you can get.

uatalotigot says:

Attention that this is a facebook official app, i have spoken with windows phone support before complaining about the horrific app that they have made and they told me that Microsoft can't do anything because they just gave the name to the app, but the Facebook is the ones who developed it

afgzee says:

so why does it say its published by Microsoft and not Facebook like with the messenger app?

uatalotigot says:

That i don't know the answer, that information was given to me by the official Microsoft Windows Phone support, but do like this move your ass go to the windows Phone support chat and ask them that your self ;)

stevethenerd says:

This is the "official" app... or as close as your going to get ;)

rhouyourboat says:

Don't even think about commenting "Seems faster"

xankazo says:

But you just did.

Talk4Lig says:

Yeah, I couldn't resist the power of the "faster" god.

neo158 says:

The thing is that it actually does seem faster!!!!

Thanks to you, these comments will now commence...

andrew1967 says:

It seem FASTER here in San Luis Obispo California.,

terrokkinit says:

It's just like telling a 4-year-old, "Don't touch the red button!" It will happen, whether you like it or not. Dun dun dun!! ;)

armand litz says:

I think so. But they can always advance the facebook beta while we all use this one

sonosp says:

Seems faster.

threejulian says:

Seems fa.... *SLAP*

Joost Meij says:

You made me laugh :)

CreepinJesus says:

Here you go - http://i.imgur.com/a91smPO.jpg (images don't show up, as it turns out)

wpgeek820 says:

Still crashes when opening a video. This is pathetic.

FinsUpDNC says:

Microsoft updating apps without putting anything in the changelog is really showing devs how things should be done.. Sometimes I want to bang my head on a table!

Talk4Lig says:

Exactly! Microsoft is one weird mufucka :D

nikolas88 says:

I want to bang my head on the table each time I see Micosoft apps for their very own OS being among worst in the Store

pampurio97 says:

Seems faster.


(I'm joking.)

I3unny says:

Your joke made me angry

walter1832 says:

Your anger made me laugh

lerimer says:

Hahahaha +1520 on that walter1832

terrokkinit says:

Love it!! +Icon, on three different comments today. ;)

aitt says:

The last update broke share links. Would just post a link instead of embedding the article.

aitt says:

And it would it's still broke. What a piece of shit app. At least it fixed the friend link in comments.

Arka1412 says:

Seems crappy...

walter1832 says:

Thats a shitty comment

Dave_Arg says:

Seems fas... it´s the same shit

i'v been having crashing issues when launching it since 8.1 upgrade. seems when there is a notification i have to open it a few times, with it crashing instantly each time then eventually it goes. i'll see if this solves it.

GP07 says:

This won't install for me it seems.

Talk4Lig says:

I can't open it after update! Anybody else??

korg250 says:

Try for at least 5 times. That is happening to me now - before update.

jordandrako says:

I haven't been able to download it for the last 3 days. It wouldn't boot up one day, so I thought I'd reinstall it. Now I can't install it at all, even after this update. This is so infuriating. I've been trying over wifi and over 4G...

I've had to resort to the beta which isn't updated to hook into the phone.

RaRa85 says:

Faster than fast.

walter1832 says:

Faster than last update....slower than the next one.

Ed Boland says:

Sweet! I found a new game on 8.1 DP... It's called "Try to manually update your apps before they auto-update" ...you've got to be fast! ;)

raxy21 says:

Even joe had mentioned about new facebook,twitter and WhatsApp coming soon.

HTC13 says:

Mine just auto updated 1 min ago. Didn't have to force.

RaRa85 says:

Seems smaller.

dirkprinsloo says:

The pasting of links still does not work. When sharing a link from IE or any other app al that gets placed in Facebook is a hyperlink and not the usual preview thumbnail. Prior to Windows phone 8.1 it worked because it was not trying to post through the official app. to version

uh ? The first number is greater than the second. 

topleya says:

4 is lower than 25

Yousef Kawmi says:

0.4 is 0.40 which is bigger than 0.25

morpheus1982 says:

What number in mathematics has 3 decimal points?

wpguy says:

Version numbers are not decimal numbers. Think <major version num>.<minor version num>.<release num>.<build num>.

joshinoyeaH says:

I hope this update includes the integrated facebook chat. Oh wait...

niisamasiis says:

Also PolyScreen and SplitPic update

guillams says:

I want my money back!

dwshobhit says:

I hate this new way of Facebook on WP 8.1 all quick status, photos, wall post on friends, Were linked to useless Facebook app. Windowed phone 8 has better Facebook experience.. What say guys?

Aashish13 says:

Y are facebook mot making apps for us. Y are they bring lazy or self centered like google??

It's really choppy now I'm finding

chad08er says:

The update doubled up the albums in the photo app.

aitt says:

Unbelievable. Wow. You're right. Don't make any damn sense

chad08er says:

Microsoft need's to actually test updates before releasing them.

SoloXCRacer says:

Yup, same here. QA should be fired. Assuming they have QA.

chad08er says:

The update killed the live tile too.

Race the Stig and 6tag were also updated, both with significant improvements

rajantiwari says:

Seems fa.... Farter not faster ;p

Bi Chesnoda says:

cant download the app.error 80073cf9.and i dont know how to fix that

lum5 says:

Not interested..When we can see "finally the WhatsApp got updated" news heading..waiting waiting hmmm

mariomenjr says:"0" >

Logic Not Found.

morpheus1982 says:

What number in mathematics has 3 decimal points?

rponting says:

I completely agree :P

abdhoms says:

We get it. You don't understand what 'Software Versioning' is.

Pro Tip: It's not typical mathematics.

Azurus says:

Ever heard of placebo effect??

swaroopnce says:

Been waiting for ages ... Facebook official app is a must need for wp8.1 .. Windows 8.1 has one :(

chad08er says:

I've used the Android and IOS version,way better.Microsoft's Facebook app is pathetic.

matt john2 says:

True. That's why sometimes l regret choosing WP because of app issues

chad08er says:

We get crappy beta's or third party apps.It's starting to wear thin,but I will stick with WP.

kirklyt says:

Well for one, colored emoticons default on WP keyboard now works on Fb app's Inbox messaging.

kirklyt says:

But still no stickers or audio messaging.

matt john2 says:

They were keeping it for the next generation

Naren Parker says:

Still heats up the phone sometimes. Very laggy and fails to update properly even on good WiFi. I seriously miss the convenience of the old People Hub when posting to friends' walls to wish them. MS better fix this with a better SEF experience by the time WP 8.1 becomes official.

Arka1412 says:

If Facebook can release a messenger app for us why can't they release a goddamn Facebook app..It's been 3yrs and we still don't have an official Facebook app..This sucks.

Adiliyo says:

from what i understand, the msft app is made in conjunction with facebook, and thus is an official app, just not published by facebook themselves.


i hope they optimize it a bit for 8.1 it's a nice enough app but both facebook and messenger could both use some speedening up, especially when resuming.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Thx for the heads up.

matt john2 says:

This is just some of the reasons why WP is still number 3

HM02 says:

I wish it had the 8.0 tile, of just the facebook blue and when you have notifications, it would show the number in the corner. At least, before this update it would flip over to the blue. Now it just sits there with the cover photo.

life3000 says:

On another note why do I have 62 updates for apps..

jargonz says:

It still doesn't support a transparent live tile. So I'm not pinning it to my start screen.

dante501 says:

Beta is older it dies not has the facebook ppl and status sync and update synchronization like the facebook app 8.1 has.

I'm finding myself becoming real annoyed at this platform. *sigh*

matt john2 says:

Same here... Progress in this platform seems slow. I use FB on android and l really enjoy it, there's always some changes whenever it updates. If only Microsoft really cares about their costumers then WP will be great.

This site is now wp8.1central

markk132 says:

does anybody else have an issue with linking their facebook contacts with outlook contacts in the people hub with WP 8.1.  I had to relink them after i got 8.1, and now everytime i go to my people hub after a day or so, they're unlinked again.  i don't understand why this happens and it must have something to do with the new socal extension API thing and how it ties into the OS from the app now.  its nice having my contact's facebook photo show up when they call me.  anybody else having contact linking issues?

matt john2 says:

I have the same issue and I think everyone does. Whenever l sign in to facebook it always ask me to link my account even though I've done it a couple of times before.

markk132 says:

it would be nice to know when this is fixed, as i don't want to continue to manually link my contacts all the time.  i'd like the next time i do it to be the last time.

matt john2 says:

I don't actually know if Microsoft are working on it but it would be nice if they bring it back in the official wp8.1 update cause it is one of useful features that wp8 have

stevethenerd says:

The app seems snappier...

Amran Nagal says:

Waiting for an update to fix my shit news feed which shows updates only from pages that I have like and nothing from my friends timelines.
Shit app.

Rick_Air says:

Hasn't fixed my Me Tile alternating between high res and low res image.
I should only ever be viewed in glorious High Res.

Geddeeee says:

Along with WhatsApp, this is the most awful piece of software on WP. How about an update that makes it work properly..... that would be a start.... Or just make the 'beta' version the official release.... at least it works....

zsolo1111 says:

Okay Microsoft, if you don't fix, at least my fucking news feed with the 8.1 update, I have to say goodbye.

3 years! Ridiculous.

willberry88 says:

The notification sound have been changed to match the Facebook website notification sound.

Hossam Saada says:

I want facebook.inc

grezmel says:

I have never got the Facebook App or (Facebook Beta) to work correclty on my Nokia 1020 - For some reason I am unable to upload photos from the phone even if I resize them.

Schikitar says:

Two annoying issues I have;
1. When I get a notification that I need to review something on my timeline the link takes me to my wall and I can't access my timeline.
2. When I receive a notification that I've been tagged in a post and click the link I get an error saying "We're having trouble getting data right now".

Okay, they are small things but it aggravates me, especially when I have IOS and android users leaning over my shoulder with no such issues.

humblehyper says:

Yeah 3 yrs is unacceptable considering they work hand in hand with Facebook inc on this app.  Either the programmers on windows phone are a bunch of idiots or Facebook inc is holding back in giving us a good app for some unknown reason.  I'll give them a few months or I'm jumping ship, I hope Nokia makes Android phones.

Yep +925. Considering MSFT investing all these billions in WP why can't they do an effort in giving us a proper FB app. It surley wouldn't cost them that much!

Did the version count really go backwards or is that a typo? *edit* oh wait I see, 25 > 4, for some reason I split the 2 and the 5 hahaha

sqlchicken says:

Looks like this update is now actually pushing notifications to the Notification Center.

Khoa Lai says:

Unable to upload photos.