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Facebook for Windows Phone picks up a minor update today

Facebook App

Typically when the beta for Facebook on Windows Phone gets a few updates you’ll see the official app follow suit shortly after. Since the beta was received a few number of updates, we’re looking at a new update for “official” version of Facebook in the Windows Phone Store.

The last update for Facebook on Windows Phone came out in late December. It was a substantial update that brought a ton of new features. Most notable were new Live tiles, push notifications, login URI and a lot more. That was version 5.2.1 of the app, today we have an update that brings us to 5.2.2. Anything new?

Unfortunately this doesn’t look to be a big update since the changelog is still the one from the previous update. Chalk it up as bug fixes and performance improvements. Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new or improved. 

Grab Facebook in the Windows Phone Store for free.

Thanks for the tip Dareen!

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Fran_FLV says:

It seems faster... :P

I love this running gag but where did it start??

NO, it's not! STAHP! :P

STAPH! don't show me your lumia 1520 Steve , i am jelly :\

I actually don't own one. I have a 920. Waiting for moar 5 inch WP devices, with new WP8.1 tech, like navigation bar.

sahib lopez says:

it seems ......FASTER!!!!!!

Loco5150 says:

I only came in to comments so I confirm this.

Doomguy says:

Seems faster.

iAdrian23 says:

Still missing the emoticons and "i'm feeling"...

Aashish13 says:

From April 2 we wont be requiring any fb app right as the fb will be synchronized with our MS account

NO ! we will have one indeed just like we have one for windows 8.1 , it will sync with people hub like Skype does at moment, it integrates itself with people hub , so we will get faster updates for Facebook with new features . makes sense ;)

Aashish13 says:

Cool. So we official fb app wont come to wp then??

cant say about this , hope Facebook will create an official one with new API , they did with windows 8.1;

and I am happy they are removing Facebook integration from people hub , it lacks many features , so hopefully 8.1 with app will fill our demands

No chat improvements or anything good....why does microsoft do this again

Sahil Kutty says:

Who needs official when you have beta ;)

Beta is beta, so it can have "bugs".

both apps are published by Microsoft ;) so app being in beta should have new features with bugs that will be addressed in this release

Khoa Lai says:

The beta one is acting weird on me. It shows me late notifications, way after they happen on the web.

hehehe hard reset your phone XD

deadwrong03 says:

Im assuming this adds the fix for the faster picture uploading when selecting pictures in chats?

Talk4Lig says:

You still think faster comments' are funny ? Repetitive as fuggg

dwbmb says:

It brings v5 into Czech Republic! There was only v3 available in Czech store until today.

dwbmb says:

And it also fixes deformed text on Facebook Page pinned with large wide tile.

Seems boooring :) Still way to go, when compared to android :)

sarim_xyz says:

Still can't post pictures in comments. I guess, this app still can't access the WP photo library.

dwbmb says:

Sure it can. How would you upload photo onto your wall then?

sarim_xyz says:

I'm talking about posts. I mean when you comment on a post.

edit: yeah, i agree it can access photo library, just that we can't attach pictures in comments. so you're right. :)

hs k says:

This blows 'cause I don't wanna boot up my laptop just for photo commenting

aerosmillie says:

Bring on the Whatsapp update

Farael says:

... seems... faster....

Will the Global Lumia 1320 work with USA T-Mobile?

I hear for 2G only.

Conhavi says:

The Live Tile is brighter

Facebook 2014 is much better.

Waffled says:

Seems faster. ;)

Joeul_Ramos says:

Off topic but when will the Twitter app get an update?

Aashish13 says:

We r getting twitter integration with 8.1. But even the app needs an update though its still working well for me.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Yea same here. It just hasn't been updated in awhile.

The notifications in the beta app doesn't working since the last beta update. Anyone knows when this will be fixed?

Credo93 says:

Noticed this too :)

hs k says:

And it doent clear the tile when the notification has been viewed.

Aashish13 says:

We need watsapp baked in our os. The app is really pathetic.

By seconds please, compared to earlier release? :))))

Now that was funny :-)

andrew1967 says:

Seems faster than Lightning Mcqueen.,

NIST says:

Feels cooler.

Dante X says:

This app needs to be rewritten from scratch.

Azurus says:

I wish that one day, I would open and find this headline "Facebook picks a major update that pumps it up to the level of android and iOS Facebook app" but then again, its just a dream after all

indieimprint says:

hey, anyone else using the beta version notice that notifications are back to being like a 4 hour lag?

donbreathe says:

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone is very annoying, at least if you have used the one for Android or iOS. Our WP Facebook app seems full of texts, boring and ugly even though very neat (love the neatness of the background), no instagram photos, unnecessary friends of your friends bday texts and greetings showing all over . MS is a big company, please fix this app cos it makes my WP sometimes look like 3rd class when it comes to Facebooking! And no worthy 3rd party app for Facebook still?!

Perhaps dont facebook then. I only keep fb to decorate the People Hub. Got fed up with food and duckface pics.

MR11Y says:

Seems like they finally fixed really wierd bug, here in Czech Rep. Becouse before this update, we can't get the 5.x version, only 3.x for WP7,8.

ylap says:

It is not so minor. It added Lithuanian language interface :)

DarwinPurol says:

Like always seems faster? Im still waiting for timeline review option.

jailman says:

I miss the old Facebook ui it was classic metro cream but the whiners push to make it look like android and IOS so sad

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Asrialys says:

My Beta app has been occasionally sending out late chat notifications again...

sephiroth111 says:

compare your fb beta and this new update.

AndyD33 says:

"Since the beta was received a few number of updates"



UWbadgers16 says:

The live tile of my cover photo seems brighter.

david90531 says:

At first I thought this was a troll and then I realized it's true, they lifted the greyed cover photo idea. Kinda like it

WP8dot89 says:

Seems.... Older

david90531 says:

The color seems more vibrant

Faster, but still not as fast as me when stupid T-Mobile finally gives us the Black update.

billiam149 says:

I hate that they removed the update that stop the news feed from refreshing everytime you share something. I would I want to start back at the beginning over and over again?

crise says:

I stopped using the fb app long ago. It's just useless when many posts don't show. I use the mobile site pinned to my start screen.

chmun77 says:

*New gag*

Seems crappier.

rain620 says:

The upload status bar when uploading photos is inaccurate, it always shows half-complete everytime and finishes itself right away lol

vFlagR says:

Just me who cant download it? The install fails for me (920)

why when i share a post facebook run at a first post ? this is a fix ?


Anant Anand says:

This is what i can "real time update" update... Speed, accuracy... Live tiles.... Hats off to you msft

Graphical emoticons (not emojis) in messages... Previously it shows just symbols like :) ;) :/... But now we can see emoticons.

But Still I'm Facing A Trouble in Checking  Notifications, It Says "We Have Troble In Getting Data" 

rain620 says:

That's more on the data speed side, I gather.

b3rni3703 says:

If only the updates keep coming in more frequently.... PLEASE DO MORE TWEAKING!... 

sergioddddd says:

News feed choice (top or most recent) issue, is finally solved....!!!!

Brswan says:


Posted via the WPC App for Android!

BUG HAS BEEN FIXED: FB app crashed on composing a post with a pic, on openin pics' picker; now it's not.

Samaz says:

Lithuania language now available :)

85Baby says:

It was working a lot better before the latest update. Notifications are delayed again, and I end up chatting on facebook with friends only to have the 30 or so notifications come through after we've already had the conversation which is annoying. Unable to read long posts or messages, the continue reading tab takes me to the browser, pretty inconvenient. Well that's my 5cents, hopefully it helps with further development ;)

Turanga06 says:

The official Facebook App aswell the beta, keeps crashing seconds later after open them. This issue starts today early in the night. I already reinstalled the app, restart the phone, but it keeps crashing :'( I have a Lumia 1020.

Turanga06 says:

I'm from Costa Rica, if I change the Region + Format to United States +English, the app works again. What happens here?!