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Fancy for Windows Phone

Sometimes official apps slip under the radar, especially if it’s only an update. Photo sharing website The Fancy updated their app to support Windows Phone 8 a handful of weeks back. It’s a fairly awesome app if you’re one of the 3 million active members on Fancy. Let’s check it out.

First off, a lot of you (me included) are probably wondering what exactly is Fancy. It’s billed as “part store, blog, magazine and wish list” and that’s exactly what it is. Take those cool blogs that show off gear you always want (but may not need) and integrate the ability to buy them and you have Fancy. Like the lovechild of a one-night stand between Pinterest and Tumblr. Here’s the app.

If you’re signing up for Fancy for the first time through the app you can find friends to follow through Twitter or Facebook, otherwise the app will help suggest feeds to follow based off your interests. Once you’ve done that you’ll be seeing your ‘Home’. Swiping to the right of Home and you’ll see: browse, lists, collection, notifications, gifts, and menu/settings.

Fancy SC 1

Home is where you’ll see items posted by people you follow. You can ‘fancy it’ (like/favorite/save it), add it to your own lists, or leave a comment. Some items you can even see the price in the upper right corner and buy it right then and there. It’s the ability to buy items you find while browsing immediately that helps set Fancy apart from other ‘gear’ blogs.

The Browse section of the app is where you can find other popular items by category. It’s great if you aren’t following a bunch of people and want to just check out other items. For example, the men’s category will have things like clothes and accessories targeted at a male audience. I could see this app being handy if you’re gift shopping for someone in your life. Take your girlfriend for example, you might hit up the women’s category to get ideas for her upcoming birthday. It’s nice because you can quickly browse a large variety of clothes, jewelry, and accessories fast.

Fancy SC 2

It’s a fairly cool app and service, I’ll be exploring it more over the next few days. Playing around with the app on my Lumia 920 and I noticed some features you’ll only get with Windows Phone 8. Double wide tile, lockscreen support, and fast app resume are all present.

Has anyone else used Fancy in the past? How does the new app compare? Sound off below!

Fancy is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 and is free. You can grab it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR: Fancy for Windows Phone

Thanks for the tip Jon!



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WPmunkey says:

Oh you fancy now! I'll pick this one up. Seems interesting

sayonical says:

I love Fancy. They have some really cool stuff there and I get awesome fashion tips on what's trendy when I actually go shopping. (camo prints made a comeback see interesting ways to accessorize including camo neck ties, watches with camo wristbands etc)

david90531 says:

Love this website/app since the beginning. Are you guys reporting the April 1st update or is there an update today? Maybe it's not showing up yet for me..

Sam Sabri says:

April 1st, this one slipped under our radar and was recently brought to our attention. Figured we'd share for the folks who don't already have the app installed. Any cool feeds I should follow on there?

L2nak says:

Yeah Fancy is great. And the update made it even more fantastic. Try it out everyone!

Thanks for the tip. Cool app, outstanding design, very Windows (Phone) 8.

Bora777 says:

I've loved Fancy for a long time and was pleasantly surprised they decided to support Windows Phone when I discovered the WP7 app last year. They really make it so easy to while time away oogling gorgeous stuff you'll probably never actually buy. Great cross-platform experience.