Fandango picks up big update for Windows Phone, introduces new features


Can’t wait to see the new Godzilla or X-Men films coming out later this month? Neither can we, but we might be buying our tickets with the updated Fandango app for Windows Phone. Fandango has had a checkered history on Windows Phone, but it seems like things are looking up so far in 2014. Let’s check out what’s new in this latest update to Fandango.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see the Fandango sitting at version 1.7. Here’s what you get with the updated app:

  • Our brand new look features enhanced movie pages and theater lists, as well as a new rating system
  • Browse Movies: Use our Go Now feature to find movies playing within the hour in your area
  • Find movies playing in your local theaters – use our search function, browse alphabetically, or view "Opening This Week" & "Top Box Office" lists
  • Discover upcoming movies in our “Advance Tickets” & “Featured” lists
  • Watch high-quality trailers, exclusive interviews & cast photos
  • Read Fandango fan ratings and reviews, movie tweets and scores from Metacritic
  • View the most accurate show times, MPAA ratings, synopses, run times & director & cast lists


Nice to see Fandango for Windows Phone get a little more love. We’re sure a lot of movie fans will appreciate picking up tickets on their Windows Phone with Fandango. We poked around the update and have to admit it’s not too bad. Though the video quality isn’t as nice as we’d like. Plus some Windows Phone features like doublewide Live tiles are still missing.

Download Fandango from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Mike!

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rodneyej says:

As fast as I could say "Slow Sunday".. Lol!.. Nice update to Fandango❗❗❗
Seriously... Lets discuss the hot topics for this week coming up..
1. XBM
2. Where's that lock screen app?
3. Cortana, Cortana, Cortana!!....
4. App updates like Fandango??

tkdmacgeek says:

Is fandango a porn site or something?

GhostITMG says:

As long as I can buy tickets, minus the typical fee, since I have my AMC Stubs account linked to my Fandango account, like I can on the PC I'll be thrilled.

Marc Jones says:

Fan... Dan... Goooo...

louisoneal says:

Haha, nice WWE reference.

tkdmacgeek says:

Da na da da da da da dadada

erzhik says:

I thought they pulled the app?

MikeSo says:

They did. But now it's back.

kevC4D says:

I didn't get an update. Perhaps i need to uninstall the old one for some reason.

MikeSo says:

I installed this yesterday, was surprised to see it back in the store. Worked great, as it should. Today however, it crashed several times right after opening it. Then it worked again after a few tries. Guess it's got some bugs still, but at least it worked for the most part. :)

When did this update come out? My app history does not show it. Looks good non the less.

MikeSo says:

Says 5/9/2014

felickz says:

Yeh, a few days since it came out

Paulo1300 says:

my app history also does not show it.  when i go to the app store link it says "view" not update. it must either be a glitch in the store and the app was really updated or there is a glitch in the store and it wont let us update.  because the store says the app was updated 5/9

Glad I'm not the only one. Must be a glitch in the Matrix.

joanzen says:

Same here. I control updates manually and Fandsngo is not showing an update available. Odd...

A Cinemark "Cinemode" app would be nice...Another example of an app we may never see on our phones due to perception that people only care about sheep and robot phones.

MikeSo says:

Yeah, when that type of apps start showing up, it'll be a real mainstream OS...

tallgeese says:

Cattle and honey pot phones.

Laura Knotek says:

I agree. The cinema I frequent the most is Cinemark.

ScubaDog says:

I asked Cinemark about that and they responded that they ARE currently working on the Windows Phone version.  They couldn't give and ETA, though.  It was nice to not get the "we have nothing planned at this time".

Laura Knotek says:

That's great to hear! I'd love to be able to get rewards for using Cinemode, like my friends who have Androids and iPhones.

Jabid21 says:

Interestingly, the update button isn't showing for me. Looks like I have to uninstall and reinstall manually.
Edit: Just tried that but I'm still getting the older version. Confused. It's still showing 1.6.20131231

I'm having the same problem.

Same here, mine says Windows 7 version in the "about" section. Wonder if it's not showing up as an update for those on win 8.1

aitt says:

Was about to post the same thing. Store says 1.7.0 should be available. Try to reinstall still 1.6.2. Lumia 1520

QilleRz says:

I thought it's Facebook @.@

twelvetudors says:

Update not live yet for me.

Jabid21 says:

I guess I'm not alone in this

aitt says:

Now if we can get the shitty Redbox app updated...

SB5 says:

Jeez what's with the ugly huge pin icon in the application bar... Its been like that even before this update, I would think they would notice and fix it.

heystartrek says:

+3540 (1020 + 2520)

ScubaDog says:

Seriously?  Are you talking about the one that lets you pin the app to your Start screen?  Or the one that lets you pin the QR code to your start screen?  Both are useful, particularly the one for the QR code.  I never print tickets anymore.

i think they meant Fandango should fix the oversized appbar icons "bug", not remove them.

eharris560 says:

Did they add amc stubs membership, and automatic location update to it.

TechAbstract says:

Hm, what phone is that in the picture?

gamo62 says:

Unable to get the version. Do not see an About option.

Any solutions for the update issues?

CarlosTSG says:

Can't wait to see the new Godzilla film? It's out this week, Thurs 15th in the UK. Surely you could wait for 3 days? I ain't bothered about X-men.


I use Flixster myself, seems better polished.

Darkgift says:

Update didn't work. First, when I search Fandango in the store it doesn't show up. The only way I was able to find it was with the link here. Then as it updates, or reinstalled as I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, the new logo shows as the status bar is going, but at the last second it switches to the old icon, and the about section shows the old version number...1.6.2*****.

ScubaDog says:

Yep, I think the link isn't actually downloading the latest version.  I uninstalled and then followed the link but got the same old version back.

i tried manual install and the XAP was the old one. Looks like the update waspulled but the changelog and information in the store failed to revert

zhelf says:

still could not buy tickets in theatres that have reserved seating so still relying on my amc app