Feed Me pulled from the Store, updated version on the way

Feed Me

The popular Windows Phone RSS reader Feed Me has vanished from the Windows Phone Store. Nothing nefarious or sinister in the works, just likely removed for damage control.

It is our understanding from the developer that the last update caused a few unforeseen problems and it was likely pulled to avoid further issues. An updated version has been submitted to the Windows Phone Store for certification and should be published shortly.

If you are currently using Feed Me without issues, be careful to not delete the app for it may take a few days before it becomes available again.



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CJ Thunder says:

Feed me, feed you!

I miss pulse! It is terrible that they only have the IE version and it the only site to break my phone.

rockstarzzz says:

Their IE version or web app - both are equally non-functional.

OMGbrandon says:

Hopefully it rivals nextgen plus some new features.

Have you tried Weave? Weave is also an excellent feed reader with good UI

rockstarzzz says:

With the price of an arm. Ads are horrible.

Feed Reader is the best for me ,great rss reader and podcast app.

dKp1977 says:

feed me is great. And it's the only RSS reader which fully supports 2way sync for NewsBlur. Which is far superior to Google's crappy service.

Xanthurum says:

The tile update stopped working a few days ago. Hope they can fix it.

Please get in touch through the contact menu in the app. I have noticed some problems with tiles recently. Most have been due to WP7.8 but not all.

gilesjuk says:

This is what happens when you have brutally honest reviews. A few bad reviews and it gets pulled denying others (who might put up with the odd bug) the chance to use it.

There was actually a pretty nasty bug that would have only affected existing users. Although I admit, some reviews can be harsh ;)