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Fhotoroom for Windows 8 updated, 8.1 support and touch features in tow

Fhotoroom for Windows 8/RT

Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone photography app that has a Windows 8 counterpart. Just as with the Windows Phone version, the Windows 8 version is part photo editor, part photo sharing app, and part social media app.

The Windows 8 version was recently updated to version 3.1 and adds Windows 8.1 support, a few fixes and a few new features to the table.

Fhotoroom for Windows 8 Editor

The fixes address issues related to Facebook authorization and Flickr sharing that were brought about by changes to the respective APIs. You have a new panning feature with width support and the rotation, Tiltshift, ColorShift and VigPro filters in the editor now supports touch to allow you to manipulate the effects with your fingertips (instead of just tapping the button).

Fhotoroom is a free app for Windows 8.1 with the option to purchase additional filter packs through in-app purchases. You can pick up your copy of Fhotoroom here in the Windows Store.

Fhotoroom for Windows Phone is also a free app, available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store or scan the QR Code below.

QR: Fhotoroom



There are 17 comments. Sign in to comment

nath520 says:

My computer wont download the 8.1

Fhotoroom says:

make sure all of your windows8 updates are finished, it will usually appear right after that in the store.

nath520 says:

It is working, i mean was, now it stuck in 3% for one hour...

Fhotoroom says:

pause it and start again, i also found if the store app was on screen it would slow down downloads a lot. I just let my systems and it worked.

ryraansh says:

Watch out, mine had some sort of corruption and the update broke all the metro apps. I reinstalled Windows 8 and now I'm downloading all the updates again.

nath520 says:

Really? What should i do? Its 5% for 2 days

Fhotoroom says:

Oh and Geogre 3.1 was the update from 2 days ago, v3.2 should already be available for 8.1 users. Been busy ;)

Z3MN says:

Still no publish in Indonesia? :(((

efeler12 says:

I don't install yet 'cuz it brokes drivers. And dell stop support for my PC :(

brorim says:

It really is an extraordinary good app

Neo Nuke says:

Love fhotoroom, way better than instagram

TimGeo says:

Does anyone else have the surface? I wanna throw it all the time. Mail app hardly works, IE always freezes, its slow as molasses, buggy, but its really pretty haha. I'm starting to envy how fluid iPad usage is... That makes me

Fhotoroom says:

personally speaking, the win8.1 update makes things much better on the surface rt. Also a very great trick to bring your system new life is disabling most of the live tiles as they are turned on by default. ARM processors are much more limited in how they handle processes where an Intel runs things in parallel, ARM is all serial. So if you have 10 live tiles in line waiting to update everything else will feel the pain especially IE.
So like i said only have 2-3 live tiles on the Surface RT, the Surface 2 can handle more and Surface Pro can have them all on with virtually no impact to experience. Hope that helps ;)

incendy says:

Very cool app!

mango.lover says:

Daniel, can we get a roundup of 8.1 updated apps please? Either that or we will have to beat you to the punch over at wmpu.

remmo says:

Not available for my device!!! 

Fhotoroom says:

What device in what region? It should be available to all Win8 and Wn81 users for all devices with no limits?