Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 7.x updated, new user interface on board

Fhotoroom updated for Windows Phone 7.x

Earlier this month the popular photo sharing, editing and camera application Fhotoroom was updated for Windows Phone 8. We were told that an update was in the works for the Windows Phone 7.x version and today that update went live.

The new user interface the Windows Phone 8 version has been enjoying is now part of the Windows Phone 7.x version. You also have the bandwidth saver option with the version 3.2 update that allows you to limit on uploaded images when you're running low on available data or in an area with slow data connections.

Other changes with the version 3.2 update include:

  • Double Tap to Like photos
  • Swipe Left/Right navigation to flip through photos
  • Updated filters bringing the total to over fifty
  • Swipe Left/Right navigation to change filters
  • Swipe Up/Down navigation to adjust filter level
  • Twelve new filters for Registered Users
  • Consolidated settings
  • Better Live Tile control

Fhotoroom has always been an appealing option for those wanting to edit and share their photographs as well as having a camera app option. The updates bring the Windows Phone 7.x version more in line with the Windows Phone 8 version to improve the overall experience Fhotoroom brings to the table.  Plus it's nice to see Windows Phone 7.x get a little attention.

If you haven't tried Fhotoroom, it's a free application with versions available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find Fhotoroom here in the Windows Phone Store.

Oh... there is also a version 8.8 update that was pushed out today for the Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom that is basically a maintenance update that fixes a few minor bugs.

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Fhotoroom says:

sorry to tell you this but instance doesn't exist on WP7 ;)

Fndlumia says:

Ah..... Retired my L800 last Nov when got L920 so all good, maybe u meant to reply to someone else?

pauljr1985 says:

Please add Instagraph support to the WP7 version too !!!!
My bro has it on his L920 but I own a L800 :'(
Amazing app, thank you !!!

Fhotoroom says:

We would definitely love to but at the present this is a limitation we haven't figure if we can even get around on WP7. That being said we haven't given up yet.

Fndlumia says:

Good on you Fhoto for replying to wpc users, keep up the good work, should try and code this for the wp7x users as most on wp8 would most likely be using instance

Fhotoroom says:

We really want to add this support but it might just be and OS thing.

Fhotoroom says:

We want to add support for Instance for WP8 users as well, but we pressured Daniel enough he will share when he is ready.

Fndlumia says:

Lol, fair enough

dklinger1 says:

Am I the only one seeing an advertisement for the Google Nexus on the right of this article? Hey guys, THIS IS NOT COOL!

Jabid21 says:

Don't blame wpcentral, blame yourself. the ads appear based on YOUR activity on the web.

dklinger1 says:

That's not the entire truth. The operator of a website has contracts with the advertising company. Normally they can disagree to content being advertised on their site

Mayur says:

Nop, it's just Google stalking you.

dklinger1 says:

Or it's the NSA wanting me to by a Google Nexus so it's easier to spy on  me...

Fndlumia says:

Buy the WPC app and you will have ZERO ads and you'll be supporting the best wp news team, with their wealth of knowledge second to none they truly have their finger on WPs pulse. Btw most sites when viewed through your browser have ads based on your search engines history.... Not WPC's fault as jabid stated

dklinger1 says:

I bought the app on the first day of release ;)
The ads are no problem. Because of them the guys here are getting some revenue which is definately a good thing. Just thougt that in context of a windows phone site a google nexus advertisement is not a good placement.
And yes, it's my fault too as I had to buy a Nexus Tablet for my dad last month.

damn! did i just read windows phone 7.x in the headline? and not windows phone 8?
don't use this app, but still feeling overwhelmed! :')

cannon#WP says:

I like the new interface but I miss the option to pick the grid layout for my feed. I also wish they would add an option to save pics to my phone from the app.

Fhotoroom says:

because of the complete rewrite we didn't get out all the features, we will be adding back the grid view as well as the HD Zoom option in our next update and since they now share a code base almost all updates will be for both.

cannon#WP says:

Awesome. As long as I can set the grid view as my default, I'll be a happy clam.

Fhotoroom says:

Will do ;) Next update promise.

Dadstar0410 says:

Uh, why does this Nokia Lumia 900 have a WP8 start button?

Fhotoroom says:

Thank you George for the review, sorry i didn't get the preview out to you before it got approved, but will definitely share with you our completely new app once it is ready.

Aryan Angel says:

Nothing to do here

Iam Gray says:

It perfectly work  on Lumia 610. Long ago it was too slow on 256MB of RAM

adriel623 says:

This app is IMO the BEST photography app for WP. since Day one these guys have been supporting WP with this app and it's great experience and that's awesome. Can't wait to see what they do with access to Nokia's imagining improvements.

gorebashd says:

I can't download. Gets 50% of way then an error.

Fhotoroom says:

maybe just a temp store issue, definitely know downloads have worked for many users. Sometimes i reboot to clear everything for the store.

gorebashd says:

I uninstalled and tried a reinstall but same effect. I'll give it a reboot.

joelsilva says:

Do a website page for this, like instagram.com, to see our profile and others...bring this app for iOS, my iPad wants this app. :)

joelsilva says:

Do a website page for Fhotoroom like instagram.com to see our profile, manage that, and see others... Bring this app for iOS, my iPAd wants Fhotoroom. :)

henryf124 says:

Finally available in the Philippines.