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Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8 updated, new features added as download milestone approaches


Fhotoroom is a feature rich photography app for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. It combines a photo editor, camera app and photo sharing/social network all into one package.

The Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom was updated over night to version 9.3 which adds a few new filters, new comment feature and a few UI changes. The update comes just as Fhotoroom moves within reach of a milestone... 3,000,000 downloads.


Key features of the version 9.3 update to Fhotoroom include:

  • Ability to reply to photo comments.
  • New structured photo message that eliminates the need to figure out who is talking to who.
  • New True full screen HD zoom with landscape support.
  • New correction and exposure filters.

You also have a few user interface tweaks to improve navigation such as a new home icon and text at the bottom of menu controls.

As far as reaching the 3,000,000 download mark, the developer tells us that Fhotoroom is only a few days away from reaching the milestone. An impressive accomplishment for any app.

If you haven't tried Fhotoroom, it's a free photography app that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  Just keep in mind that the v9.3 update only effects the Windows Phone 8 version. You can find Fhotoroom here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Fhotoroom



There are 26 comments. Sign in to comment

Fhotoroom says:

these were some of the highest requested features. ;)

Ankmeyester says:

Something truly cool would be if WPcentral brought in the structured commenting into the WPC app. After the first indented reply, it's all just guess work as to who replied to whom.

Micah Dawson says:

Though this literally has nothing to do with this app, I do agree with you.

+1520. Not just the app either, its a free for all on the main site.

L0gic Bom8 says:

@Ankmeyester: I've even asked Jay Bennett about doing the Twitter scheme, just like I did at the start of this reply.

dalydose says:

Sweet. Love this app/network

Used and loved this app before instance came in

dalydose says:

I use and love this app after instance.

Fhotoroom says:

I am glad you enjoyed using Instance it is a good app, but personally i don't want to be a third class citizen on a social network that has worked to block you, ban your hashtags, leaves development of the app to a third party since while they focus on iOS and Android. This is a billion dollar business that can only develop 2 apps, i have made a WP7/WP8, Win8/RT, Win7/8 Desktop, Website, iOS app and i am one guy. Also why is the new photo resolution (as they call high res?) 640px, because it is exactly 2x the 320 pixel width of iOS. So they design solely for one platform and that is iOS plan and simple.

ruddevil says:

Was the headset bought in walmart?

drozdpatrick says:

Yeah I bought it with my straight talk purchase.

drozdpatrick says:

I find this app BORING!!! Why?

rockstarzzz says:

Because it doesn't have those Russian chics like Photoplay? ;)

NH3MAN says:

Yea, PhotoPlay does seem to have more than its share of selfies of females of all variety for some reason ;) however it also has a really decent photo editor, rivals fhotoroom imho and is much better than the instagram app's editors .

cannon#WP says:

All I need is a save photo to library option for pics and it'll be perfect.

dalydose says:

That's what the "Save" is for. It's been there forever.

Fhotoroom says:

dalydose is correct you have been able to save since day1 of our app. That is why we seperate the Share and Save options cause sometime you want to share but not always.

pierrerv says:

3,000,000 is a bug # people. I always wondered what are the download counts for apps in the store

Fhotoroom says:

In a world where there are more than 1,000,000 apps that have been developed that will never see more than 10-100 downloads this includes both Android and iOS stores. So I am quite proud of this accomplished.

Fhotoroom is great...use it daily!