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Fhotoroom is a feature rich photography app for our Windows Phone, which is part photo editor, part camera app and part social network. With Fhotoroom, you can capture, edit and share your photographs all under one roof.

The app was updated today and hits a milestone of sorts with the update taking Fhotoroom to version 10.0.0. The update offers a handful of new effects filters, a few updated filters, user interface changes to the editor and camera, as well as a collection of bug fixes and performance tweaks.

The new filters include:

  • Vibe
  • Faint
  • Musk
  • Portrait
  • HueSplash
  • Double Exposure
  • Round White and Black Frames

The updated filters include LowDef, Ansel, Tones, Exposure, Correction, Sharpen and Levels. Filter previews load 50% faster and you also gain the ability to zoom into your image during editing. The update also adds the ability to pin the editor to your Windows Phone Start Screen.


The camera interface changes with the 10.0.0 update deals more with looks than functionality to make the user interface of Fhotoroom and Fhotolens more consistent (at least in appearance).

All totaled, the update adds to an already appealing Windows Phone photography app. The developer wanted to share that many of the features in this update are the direct result from feedback he has received from the WPCentral community. The update only applies to the Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom (the Windows Phone 7.x update is in the works).

Fhotoroom is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Fhotoroom



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DJCBS says:

By the way, the Windows 8 version was also updated

Fhotoroom says:

The Win8 also brings pretty much all the same filters that WP8 is getting. Technically I had 3 apps approved today, Fhotoroom for WP8, Fhotolens and Fhotoroom Touch for Win8, was a good day. Thank you for the support.

teaMJPx says:

Thank you for a great app!

Oubeid says:

Thanks for making this awesome app better with every update.

NIST says:

Always love new filters! Thanks.

rodneyej says:

I used to use this app, but then I realized that I'm a perverted old bastard, subconsciously trying to hit on delicious, cute little, pretty young delicious white meat... Did I say delicious twice❔❔

NIST says:

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Fhotoroom says:

You are welcome :) This update was called Grand Central cause the filters were from great feedback i got here on WPCentral.

rodneyej says:

Oh my,, sorry.. Time to clean it up.. I didn't know we had company...
Very nice app, BTW.

Fhotoroom says:

ty, just a single dev no worries ;)

Neo Nuke says:

always love seeing Fhotoroom get updated. My place to go besides 500px for inspirational and beautiful photography from around the world

Fhotoroom says:

With all these new great tools that are so easy to use, it will definitely help bring out more creativity.

danj210 says:

That's why developers like this are rare and awesome, feels like he's part of the community. Thanks dev!

Fhotoroom says:

thank you, name is Thomas :) and i try to be as accessible as i can, i learn a lot from listening.

Hi Fhotoroom,

Better if you show real picture instead of old man which you show sample filter style.
Just my 2 cents. Thanks.



Fhotoroom says:

I do agree and wanted add this but it has such performance hit since we have so many filter that are not basic, but i keep trying to make it faster. ty for the feedback.

Maybe change the old man picture to something more "appealing", like a simple colored flower. :)

WP8dot89 says:

Great to see this app gets regular updates.

dalydose says:

Is Thomas man or machine? These updates just keep rolling.

John Morrill says:

Thanks for the continued updates Thomas! On the Lumia 1520 not being able to edit in landscape seems a bit odd and then not being able to zoom while cropping makes it even more difficult. Any plans to add landscape support? Keep up the good work. I find myself using the app more and more, especially since Oggl is so unstable.

Winnabe says:

Thank you Thomas, it's my go-to photo editing app before I post to Instagram. I love how post-editing the image gets a glossy finish (if you know what i mean). :)

Sorry to disturb you guys, but you know when WP 8.1 will be released? I want to buy a new smartphone and Im waiting for the release so I can decide what SO is best to me ( Android or WP8)
Thank you! Have a nice day

Winnabe says:

To be announced at Microsoft's Build event in April '14. You can expect announcement of devices running WP8.1 immediately after.

venetasoft says:

Instagram should learn from this developer :)

larrybon says:

I'm a big fan of the Fhotoroom collection! Highly recommended!

gandalfwpc says:

Where are Grunge  Frames ?!?!