File sharing service 4shared is now available on Windows Phone


Good news Windows Phone fans! You can now count 4shared among your list of file sharing services. The service, which is now available in beta form on Windows Phone, allows you to seamless host and share your content online.

Dubbed as one of the oldest file sharing services, 4shared's Windows Phone app comes with the ability to upload, view, move, copy or delete your documents from directly within the app. In addition, the app allows you to search its database for music, video and other files, which you can save offline. You can also stream media directly from the 4shared's serves without having to download the files first.

4shared mentions that the app is still in beta, and that it is currently looking for improvement ideas and feature suggestions. If you've used the service in the past, head on over to the link below to download 4shared and give it a go.

What file sharing services do you regularly use?


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kenzibit says:

They come in beta and never go Gold...aheem...Instagram. They forever remain in beta.

SwimSwim says:

Better than nothing.

kjnoel says:

I think you meant beta than nothing. Lol.

ThePKReddy says:


heickelrrx says:

Instagram may in beta but compared to other phone the pict I took always better

I thought the theory is the entire company google is in beta lol

PepsimanLeh says:

New mp3 for my phone too!

Squeegies says:

wow...I've waited for this to come...

EliaJada says:

We're swimming in official Apps

Finally! Now we need Media Fire.
Edit: Glad it's not a Web Wrapper.

taymur says:

Thats actually quite owesome.

guillams says:

True is so "owesome"

taymur says:

No place for typos on this website anymore, everytime i mistype something hell breaks loose lol


Weirdly my phone is not autocorrecting these things.... i got used to it doing so. :/

guillams says:

I know the feeling!

Alphonz says:

At last we have the app.

Squeegies says:

and it's official...

ortizang says:

Come over here official apps, just like that!!!

Manoj Daran says:

Does this support background Download/Upload? If it is not present, then this app is meaningless.

josonjoy1986 says:

Not allowed in Windows phone I guess......:|

sri_tech says:

June, 2014 is the best ever month for official apps/games to WP and Windows 8 in my opinion.

More apps released on Windows 8.

Disney cars 2:


Cinemark theaters:


Sharefile by citrix:


Neyney10 says:

OneDrive I use,

with the Folder Sharing and stuff.

Yeah, with Onedrive you don't need a filesharing app...

Cant dave to phone

Faklur says:

Another The troops are coming....

Doesn't even let me login.

NightWatch71 says:

Same here. Says it's "unauthorized".

MDMcAtee says:

Doesn't allow video upload from my 1520

ritesh_meena says:

I really don't upload that much....but ya download a lot....so now it's like more pleasure for me on windows!!!!

How to download stuff

So 4shared joins the party.

 Try Cloudsix by rudy....amazing

cesar ruiz1 says:

When trying to download something stops working.

Nice....but i think with one drive already there you don't any other filesharing app

iamakii says:

Long live piracy!

dameon_03 says:

Nice. Until I read the article I forgot I had an account with them. Will try the app out

Megaupload hahahaha

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

I use zevera, a multihoster for 3 years and never gave me a prob. They have an app for WP which I would like to see updated. The current one saves files that can only be seen within the app, that's obviously not good for sharing my files...

mesamit says:

now someone need to bring dropbox to their senses..... :P

Try Cloudsix by rudy

:( wish there was a wifi file sharing app on WP

I could've brought moore people into WP

Thanks for the link, I was searching for something like this...

:( Not actually..

I meant cross-platform apps like Flash transfer (now Xender)

rain620 says:

Can we download songs from this app like how it works on web and save them in SD card?

Jack Janik says:

Awesome! I emailed 4shared about this about six months ago, I'd like to think I helped..

Mega, it's your turn now. :-)

raycpl says:

Managed to login to my account ... having beeing using this for years. Back then 15GB free space was a big deal


Search option gives no results,app crashes,how can i download something if i can't get what i searched for....plz resolve...

xankazo says:

Official apps. That's a good feeling.

Onedrive, no need for others

I've been waiting for this app since a long time. Good to see it finally arive on WP. :)

wphashan says:

More official apps :-D

Kadcidxa says:

About time. I been asking them forever to support WP.

I use BTSync. Can't go back to cloud based sharing now. There's even an app for windows phone..

gcdc_lumia says:

more apps coming in!

wp love love love!