Fill your stocking with a free accessory from the Windows Phone Central Store!

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to spread some joy and give away some accessories to our awesome readers! Whether you're looking for a case to protect your phone or tablet, some new headphones so you can keep rocking into the new year, or some extra power to see you through long winter nights, we've got you covered!

So, how do you enter to win a free accessory? That part is easy. Head over to the Windows Phone Central store and look around. Pick out what accessory you would like to have if you were chosen as a winner, and then come back here and post the link in the comments below. We will pick five winners and send their picks out to them! Please, only one entry per person, and anyone caught breaking that rule will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide! We will announce next week who the winners are. Good luck!



The winners are:

  • batuhanarican
  • Dipal Gandhi
  • jayruguitar
  • Mladen Mikovic
  • rickyb1106


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Ashfaq Gazi says:

Hi there m a frequent reader of wpcentral I chek it out atlst 20times a day fr updates n also follow it on twitter. I use Lumia 820 n I guess I wud like 3400mhz power battery or a cool pair of headphones . But I am,from India n I guess u wont be delivering it for me . :-( . Thnx anyways . My mail id ashking2@hotmail.com

sholokov says:

Maybe they use different units there. LOL

Ashfaq Gazi says:

sorry mAh not mhz . human error . n what diffrence they wont be shipping here in india . i wish they did .



petfect gift for Christmas. Good luck everyone. And thank you wpcentral team for this awesome offer. 

mrscarlett says:

Clingo Universal Podium for Nokia Lumia 928

EbolaXB says:

This would be very handy for my 1520 since AT&T took away my memory :(  http://store.wpcentral.com/sandisk-64gb-ultra-microsdxc/7A221A11550.htm


lewminous says:

Its so awesome that you are doing this! I'm in need of a good pair of headphones and these look awesome!

NokFromApp says:

This would cheer me up after my Dell Venue 8 Pro broke today http://store.wpcentral.com/istabilizer-dolly/219A220A13122.htm

Deamion says:

Wow so many post within seconds of eachother.


Anyway, Merry Christmas to all, and long live Windows Phone!

My entry for the contest would be:


Please, and thank you very much!

Best wishes to you and yours.

DMTurner85 says:


Could really use a car mount as I am constantly trying to hold my 925 for navigation while trying to shift.

S0ckM0nk3y says:

http://store.wpcentral.com/sandisk-64gb-ultra-microsdxc/7AA11550.htm always could use extra storage.  I have a Surface 2 32GB with my 200GB of SkyDrive and I have a 64GB Micro SDcard in it already.  I picked up an original Surface on black friday for $199.99 for my wife.  This micro sdcard would be for my wife for her new toy. :-)

Cjayhall says:

A black Edifier Tick Tock Bluetooth clock would be super cool next to the bed. Thanks!


fwaits says:

Thanks for the generous giveaway offer.  My pick is this nice bluetooth speaker, would go great on my desk at work or home to stream music from my Lumia 920.



This would allow me to play my favorite games without always worrying about my battery. Also a nice boost.

ThePKReddy says:

I like my Nokia the way Nokia designed it.

http://store.wpcentral.com/sandisk-64gb-ultra-microsdxc/7A128A11550.htm this sd card make help me have more free space for my lumia 620, whichis now full of music and videos

rynthnyltrr says:

i'm from the philippines. hope i can still win. thanks wpcentral! http://store.wpcentral.com/case-mate-tough-case/4A225A16007.htm

Brocco says:

I'd have to celebrate by turning up the volume on this:


especially if it were in gree.

RyanDaLyon says:

I was gonna buy this case the other day used on ebay for the same price, good thing I held out, cause who knows i might win. :)



I waaaaaant. well my dad wants. just bought him a new 920 and, of course, I'm now broke. would love to add this to his gift.


Meagey says:


LG tone + Bluetooth headphones..i would pick a case but I own the 925 and there are 0 cases for it :-/

kinaton says:


Would be awesome for when I'm in the middle of nowhere working.

JagJunkkie says:

Thanks for all the great articles over the last year! Happy Holidays!

Nesferatu999 says:

Would love to win need some entertainment while out in the field training and rucking

kc77 says:

Tis the season for wireless charging. Falalalalalalalala... http://store.wpcentral.com/zens-wireless-single-charger/5AA14193.htm


oh how I would love to talk on my phone without having to go to one certain spot in my house!!  One of these would be the coolest!!

Lumiaddict says:


Ive been eyeballing this case in black for two months now!!! HO HO Holy Cow it would make my lumia look bad ass!! Merry Christmas WPCentral!!!!! :D

infin8ty says:


I wish to have this for christmas to add more windows goodness on my surface 2.....thanks wpcentral!!

Could use a LITTLE more space :)

Daakkon says:


My headphones just crapped out and now im stuck with these crappy iPhone headphones. As a poor student, a set of these would be really nice.

link1873 says:

Considering my mount just snapped in the -40 weather, time for a new one =D http://store.wpcentral.com/ibolt-prodock-alumina/3A78A9715.htm

Darkgift says:


Hope this doesn't come up twice. IE spazzed out. Didn't see it so here it is.

Oh pkease, oh please, oh please, oh please....!!!!

Mister Gore says:

I've gotta be honest, I haven't had much luck with cases on my 920, so this one looks pretty damned alluring.





Good Luck to everyone and thanks to the folks at wpcentral/mobile nations!



hrsyyln says:

The Store says you are shipping to Germany. That would be awesome!


After my last memory card just doesnt work I have a phone without a memory card, would like to have this.

 :) Happy December lol !

Keni Miller says:



Just got my Lumia 521, be a great addition. I'm an old geezer and this is my first smart phone, first cell phone of any kind. Thanks for the giveaway.

erzhik says:

Can I have these? Broke my Purity HD few days ago. Pretty please?



You guys are awesome, Merry Christmas to all (or Happy Holidays, whatever floats your boat) :D

akshayar640 says:

I would like a screen guard for my wonderful 820. :-)

Store LINK

Strings78 says:


I picked up my Surface RT on Black Friday, and some extra storage space would be AMAZING!! Thank you so much for the giveaway! 

JaiMento says:


Very nice of you guys.  Thanks for the giveaway event and Merry Christmas to you all.  Good luck everyone.

PeLy says:

A nice pick woulb be: http://store.wpcentral.com/ifixit-pro-tech-toolkit/240A241A15382.htm

We don't have a Nokia Care center here in Denmark :-(

absolutshame says:


Laid off and the fiance's birthday is coming up(24th). Be a great gift!

I read your wpcenteal everyday on my Lumia 920, choose me. If I win I would like this please.





This would be the best!!!! Please and thanks you!! Don't scroogle me!! ;)

mjrtoo says:

My girl just made the change to WP and she stood in line for 4 hours to get the 1020 for free with her upgrade. To celebrate another user, and a female at that, it would be nice to get her a case, I was thinking something like this.

In black...

Thanks, cool contest!

Jack Larson1 says:

"1020 for free with her upgrade. To celebrate another user, and a female at that,"
no way! I saw a female with a 1020 today also!! (I was pleasantly surprised.)