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Film Closet for Windows Phone

We first looked at Film Closet back in mid-May. It’s one of the coolest apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Consider yourself a movie buff? Then you want and need Film Closet. The latest update adds even more to an already solid app. Let’s check it out.

Film Closest is a beautiful and functional app that uses data from The Movie Database ( The Movie Database is an awesome, community powered database for movies that includes things like movie poster, trailer, and all the information you’d want about the directors, cast and much more. The latest update in the Store, version, brings a few new features to the table:

  • Chance Lockscreen by either selecting a movie or randomly
  • Voice commands – jump to any page
  • Text to speech – listen to the overview of the movies and the biography of the casts
  • New option to donate
  • Minor bug fixes

Film Closet for Windows Phone

This update brings some very awesome features to the table. Finding out what’s playing is a simple voice command away. And if you’re too lazy to read, the app will read back the overview and stats about the movie to you. Pretty cool. Lockscreen support is an always welcomed feature for anyone who loves to play around with it.

Film Closet is free for users on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. There’s also a Windows 8 version so you can browse on your Surface or laptop. It’s an excellent app and really worth donating to the developer if you appreciate the effort.

Grab the Windows Phone version in the Store. Don’t forget to check out the Windows 8 version as well. 

QR: Film Closet



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WavingReds says:

I just wished their W8 version would sync up, it's annoying they don't

warmth says:

I love this app since day one. The best app for movie buffs ever. There is no equal in any other platform, it's so complete.

cookgoose says:

You can say that again, its just brilliant.

NIST says:

You can say that again.

WixosTrix says:

This is great. I just started using this app after having it installed for over a month without opening. My friend and I was just talking about how the IMDb app would be so much more useful if it had voice integration because otherwise it just easier to look up things via search > mobile site.

anon5687982 says:

Its time to come out of the non-gay closet, errybody! This app is fabulous!

sip1995 says:

Glad to see Greek developers doing great apps

NIST says:

+1 my people

nokialove says:

How does it compare to IMDB?

kryten100 says:

Install it and find out. :)

It's excellent, design wise and all, but unfortunately it doesn't have a link to RT. Guess I'll keep using Good Movie, though I like this one UI and UX better.

topleya says:

Donated Gold

Hope to see the WP8 & W8 app able to sync soon so they share the same data

uopjo6 says:

Nobody binged Naomi Watts after reading this article?

I will have to d/l this to see how it compares with Flixster. 

uopjo6 says:

**edit: Bye bye Flixster.

Verkunder says:

I wish one of these movie apps would give you a counter on the tile for movies that you want to see, a la TVShow from Rudy Huyn.

Nakazul says:

TVShow rulz.

arbetaren says:

Great app. Thx for the tip!

hipporama says:

Brilliant app!

I love this app! Great job :-)