Filmmaker works with the Lumia 1020 to produce beautiful effects using still shots

Microsoft has once again teamed up with filmaker Paul Trillo to create a smartphone solution, enabling users to simultaneously control multiple Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. Built for the Windows 8 platform, this system has allowed the team to compile a collected of 50 still images shot with Lumia hardware, producing the end result in the form of the above video. Meet the Lumia Arc of Wonder.

The 50 Lumia 1020 devices were set up for capture straight after one another to "freeze" time and achieve stunning results (check out the behind the scenes video). Pair the 50 images with recorded ambience sounds in each setting and you've got a winner. Paul Trillo previously worked with Lumia hardware to for Nokia NY 41X41.



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brans0217 says:

Wow, listening with headphones really lets you appreciate the rotating effects. Outstanding.

Mestiphal says:

the article needs a warning, like do not watch right after eating breakfast

Yardie83 says:

Just had dinner. Was not very easy to watch

this is astonishing

The video is very nicely captured. Well done!

Mwanahabari says:

Sorry, but although impressive, who has 50 devices to produce a sequence like this? Most people just have one and the average user wouldn't be able to create anything remotely like this.

"who has 50 devices to produce a sequence like this"

The guy making the video!

I don't have 4k video cameras either but I'm not going to complain about it.

thetruth1960 says:

I have a feeling that this was created to showcase what can be done with the technology. Yes, you are right, the average person doesn’t have the resources to produce something like this. But you could also say that the movie Avatar, although impressive, was not worth making because the average movie studio doesn’t have the resources to create a movie like that.

someoneinwa says:

To quote an early Windows Phone ad:


TheRickshaw says:

Comments. They're like a trainwreck. Can't not look.

Similar except in rarity. Most trains don't wind up in twisted, flaming piles of horror, whereas every comment thread can be guaranteed to do so less than 10 ft. from the station.

apocacrux says:

Best way to feel dizzy ever!

asylumxl says:

Some variety in transitions would have been nice.

ruddevil says:

This advert might be better suited for Simcity.

tallgeese says: