Final Fantasy, SuperPhoto and Crumble Zone make up this week's Red Stripe Deals

If you’re looking for some savings on apps or games, Microsoft has you covered as the massive RPG (and classic) Final Fantasy, photo-tastic SuperPhoto and the new, hit game Crumble Zone are all sale.

Final Fantasy

We reviewed Final Fantasy back in July 2012, making this classic RPG for Windows Phone not exactly new. At the time, we wrote of the game “Final Fantasy is exactly the game Windows Phone needed. Instead of yet another casual game, it's a lengthy role-playing adventure with  serious challenge, beautiful 16-bit caliber visuals, and CD-quality sound. Achievements provide a new incentive to play not only the main game but the copious bonus content as well.”

In other words, this isn’t for the casual gamer for the one dedicated to completing some lengthy quests. Normally, Final Fantasy is priced at $6.99 but for the next week it’s down to a more acceptable $2.99.

Pick it up here in the Store, for all Windows Phones. 92 MB. Make sure to check out our detailed Achievement Guide for this game too!

QR: Final Fantasy


We last took a look at SuperPhoto back in May of this year and pointed out how the photo-filter app had a few tricks up its sleeve. Sure, it has “hundreds” of filters but more interestingly, it downloads them on a per-use basis from the cloud. That helps save space and allows the devs to add new effects and filters from the backend and last we checked, there are 1300 of them. That’s a lot of tweaking that you can do.

Back in our review, we liked the app but noted it had lots of room for improvement. Since then, the developers have made some big changes, including the UI layout. From that perspective, the app may be worth taking a look at. And if you don’t want to pay for it, there is also a free version in the Store.

SuperPhoto normally fetches for $3.99 but for this weeks is 50% off at $1.99. Grab it here in the Store, for all Windows Phones.

QR: Super Photo

Crumble Zone

Crumble Zone came out just last month and it has rocketed to the top of our must-have games list. It has stellar graphics, fun, casual game play (so think the opposite of Final Fantasy) and it’s unique to the Windows Phone platform.

From our review we noted that “Crumble Zone is a new arcade game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to save a tiny planet from impending doom.  You play the role of a tiny green alien who must protect a planet from wave upon wave of asteroids.  You also have a variety of comets and meteoroids that presents a serious concern as well.”

It’s a hell of a lot of fun and the game is highly rated by players in the Store.

Crumble Zone goes for $1.99 but through the next week will be just $0.99. That’s a really good deal for a really exceptional game. Pick it up here in the Store, Windows Phone 8 only, 15 MB.

Thanks, Lance_WPCentral, for the tip!

QR: Crumble Zone



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davoben says:

Ah, a slice of continuing WP heaven...

Daakkon says:

I thought the $7 price tag was a little high for FF, but now that its on sale, its finally worth picking up.

YA BILLY says:

Paid $7. Earned every achievement. 100 hours plus. Money well spent, no regrets.

I just want a new Xbox live game!

coip says:

Then join the #SaveXboxWP movement on Twitter where we let Microsoft execs know that they need to put more effort into Xbox gams on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT. Search for that hashtag and retweet your comrades' posts, then create your own. Here is our thread on it: http://forums.wpcentral.com/gamers-lounge/249754-asphalt-8-not-xbox-title-lets-mobilize-reverse-trend-savexboxwp.html

Justin5267 says:

Might get Final Fantasy finally. It's hard to buy more games when I have lots of Xbox Games I've yet to beat.

Thenutman says:

What happened to that big Nokia holiday sale.  4 new EA games were supposed to go on sale today and none are on sale.

Bearach says:

Cause it more than likely - though it may have been - wasn't a Nokia holiday sale like reported. If you checked the collections it said it was a publisher sale. Many of the games were on sale on all devices. As from yesterday, more EA games are available to all.

Thenutman says:

Whatever you want to define the sale as Nokia or publisher doesn't matter.  The games that were supposed to go on sale today still aren't on sale.

XSportSeeker says:

Hurray for WP Brazilian store. No Final Fantasy, no Crumble Zone. Half the stuff that comes out on wpcentral isn't available for us. And here I was thinking that this was a good price to finally get Final Fantasy... well, I guess I'm keeping my money then.

vielze says:

when FF available to other country??

reprod3 says:

Crumble Zone is the best. Seriously, it is the most addictive game that I have on my Lumia.

Kubiubo says:

Wonderful! I've been waiting for Final Fantasy to go on sale.

soutarm says:

Just bought FF. $3.49 in Australia for some FF-ing reason. Still, at least it's an Xbox game!

nathanb131 says:

Anyone know if this version of ff allows backups of saved games? Every time I've changed phones or wipe to factory settings all the xbox game data is restored but I lose all progress in non Xbox games. Don't like the idea of losing hours of ff progress just because the save data is not exportable.

TLRtheory says:

Another sale on FF1?! Dude, Square Enix... drop the price on Chaos Rings! And give us more of your mobile games.

Clodderes says:

Make the game available to other countries. No Square Enix games here in Indonesia

Niki ID says:

Yes, most the game the most preferable to available in US region.


In Android, Final Fantasy have many titles: I, II, III, IV, V, Dimensions. For the games, Android is still better.

Grunt Attack says:

Where Final Fantasy II for W
Wp8 ?