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Final Fantasy VII shows itself on Windows Phone 7, more PSOne games on they way?

All right you Final Fantasy nerds, if we know one thing, we know the following video footage will get you all giddy.

Somehow, someway, Final Fantasy VII is evidently running on Windows Phone 7.

When we look back at those 50 Xbox launch titles, we don't recall seeing anything from Square Enix, so we're thining "Homebrew" here. Then again, what's with those official looking Windows Phone logos? What is even more exciting is the tease at the end of the video where it says "Rejoice. It's coming. And maybe not only this one PSOne Classic" obviously alluding to other major titles. Odd timing too, what with that utterly craptastic Playstation Phone becoming more of a reality tonight. The poster does say this:

This is some footage of the current progress of "FFWP7". In this version it still looks like the timeless classic for the PlayStation 1, but maybe there'll be a graphical upgrade.There's a lot of power in a WP7-Device and so the highly-anticipated remake of FF7 could be the result :)

Could this be some awesome, side loaded emulator? Or is it the real-deal? We'll leave that to you. Discuss.

Thanks, Diablo, for the link



There are 6 comments. Sign in to comment

slighmd says:

cool and it looks official too coz the game has the WP7 logo and Xbox live on it on roughly 0:46

OGCF says:

Yeah that certainly adds a lot of credibility to it. But maybe someone is just messing with us and cooked a custom version of the game? Would not be the first time.

But man, imagine how much credibility WP7 would get if this was official. Apple would crap their pants if MS got it first!

ChrisLynch says:

Yeah, I think this is legit as well. I loved playing FF VII, and I would look forward to play it again on my Samsung Focus.

GP07 says:

If this is real it's a huge win for WP7 and MS to get, of all things, PSOne hits on their new phone. Only time will tell though.

Jay Bennett says:

It's an emulator for sure, in the video he's running an App called D'israel which he then chooses FF7 from.

Maybe his suggestion is that with the Jan update Microsoft will follow through with their indications that they'll be supporting homebrew applications without the need for hacking the phone

Please let it be real