Fired Microsoft Windows Phone Manager arrives at Google

Joe Marini Google Tweet

You may not be aware of Joe Marini and why this article is being published here when the news is he's at Google, but there's a small story behind it all. Marini used to be at Microsoft as Windows Phone principle manager and was fired for tweeting somewhat negatively about the Nokia Lumia 800. According to a tweet from Marini (yeah we thought the same thing) posted yesterday, the ex-Microsoft employee is now starting a role at Google. 

According to his Twitter profile; "Google Dev Advocate. Mobile Apps & Web, Product Management and Strategy, API platforms, Developer Relations, Community Engagement." Sounds interesting, and he's apparently setting up a blog to explain what exactly happened at the software giant.

Source: Twitter, via: Engadget, LiveSide, thanks Darren for the heads up!



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x I'm tc says:

Now he can go poo-poo Nexus products!

selfcreation says:

LMAO , hope he enjoys he de-promotion ;)
but honsetly he ditn say any thing bad about it aside from wanting a biger screen....

firebrewd says:

Rating your own flagship product as an 8 isn't smart, to say the least.

lippidp says:

"...driving the Web forward..." What, by giving us even more ads and throwing privacy out the window over and over again?

EJNelly says:

It always amuses me how much Google hates on Microsoft, yet how eager they've been to hire Microsoft employees.

captobie says:

Wow, that was fast.  Very fast.  Suspiciously fast... I don't think he even had time to collect his first unemployment check!

lippidp says:

Google hires 9000 people a day. They probably didn't even know who this guy was, and still don't.

preriz says:

Id LMAO if he gets fired for this tweet as well! :D

WPManiac says:

Glad this guy left Microsoft. He doesn't seem too bright. Happy to seem him join all the other Microsoft rejects at Google!

alphaxi3 says:

Typical Google trying to steal technical knowledge by hiring the former employees of its competitors.  I mean why innovate when you can steal.

Sam Sabri says:

When I asked the question I didn't expect a response. I wish the best of luck to him at his new job. 

Jazmac says:

That's google for you. Always on some sloppy seconds.

vieya says:

I haven't gotten to use it so I cannot say about performance but on the surface it's interesting to finally see a windows phone that isn't black and has some color choice for the phone itself (however limited) the only drawback I can see on the surface is no front facing camera. Other than that I feel it's much more interesting than the phones thus far.