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First look: Battleship for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone (Video)

We showed you some of the early screenshots from the EA/Hasbro game Battleship and now the game is set for releases in the next day for all. 

Here at E3 which just started within the last hour, we managed to track down a working version already loaded on a phone. Our impression? We like it. It's actually quite fun and we can see how this game will be quite addictive to play--it's simple, has neat little cut screens and the game is familiar to all.

But you're wondering about multiplayer, right? From what we saw, it has two modes: pass-n-play and Xbox LIVE. Unfortunately with the latter we were unable to try it due to the phone having no connectivity (and not being signed in). But it at least looks like you can challenge and play your Xbox LIVE friends giving a real turn-by-turn gaming experience. 

Look for Battleship for Xbox LIVE to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace in the next 24 hours. We think you're going to like it.


Reader comments

First look: Battleship for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone (Video)


It looks really nice i didn't think i would what to get it but it actually look nice and multiplayer is a bound!

With this game, we might finally have a use for the "requests" section of the Xbox LIVE hub. I feel like everyone just forgot about that page... It even says, "No game requests. Pick a multiplayer game and invite someone to play." It's been puzzling me for months, but I think this is a solution.

Probably not, dont think this is the first MP Live game and request havent been used so far. Only thing I got in that section was alerts from a game beacon set on the Xbox itself.

I guess it makes sense if it works with Xbox console games. But I don't know of any WP games that work with this.

I usually consider $3 to be a rip-off on mobile games, but the trial is so much fun and the multiplayer I so tempting. I gotta sleep on this, but i'm probably gonna purchase this tomorrow and force my wife to buy it too.

Yea what is dumb is you have to invite someone via email or gamertag. It should kinda like playlist or search/host match