First look: ESPN and CNN apps on the Lumia 900

Today, Nokia announced not only the Lumia 900 but also some exclusive apps. While Nokia Drive is well known, the ESPN and CNN apps are much more new and less detailed in media coverage.

ESPN app

Perhaps not surprisingly, both apps are quite nice. Well designed, Metro-influenced and delivering what looks to be considerable content, the apps look to increase the value of the phone. And while we don't think an "exclusive" ESPN and CNN app suite will convert many folks, as news junkies ourselves, we're more than happy to have it on board. Furthermore, the CNN iReport feature (being able to natively use the phone to submit reports) is certainly a novel idea.

Anyways, enjoy this quick look at these two new apps.



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Reaction80 says:

Couldn't help but notice in these videos that the Lumia 710 hasn't moved from it's little cradle. Has anyone even picked the thing up yet?

lippidp says:

The Lumia 900 looks gargantuan in her hands. I guess it's a dude phone.

DougB541#CB says:

My gf owns a HTC Evo..fits her hands just fine. 

Dismayed says:

That thing is absurdly large.  I'd never be able to fit it into my pocket.

DougB541#CB says:

Yeah you will.  Unless you have the smallest of pockets. 

enahs555 says:

She must have small hands. It is smaller then the Titan/Titan2.
It is probably the same size all around as the Focus S

PhilR8 says:

ESPN app looks pretty disappointing.  When she went into the NBA scoreboard and then tapped on a game to open the gamecast, I was silently chanting to myself "Don't open the browser.  Don't open the browser!"  And then the browser opened and a mobile site appeared that showed the gamecast for that NBA game.
It looks like a prettier version of the ESPN app I already have.  Oh well.

MastrMeatWad says:

The app looked nice and it is a HUGE upgrade from the current ESPN app I have on my phone. 
More importantly, that phone is beautiful.  I want I want!  I am so jealous of you ATT folk.  So.....jealous.

gsquared says:

Those are small hands. I just checked the specs and the Lumia 900 is not that much larger than my Focus (1st gen).
Here is a link where you can visually see the devices next to eachother in addition to the listed dimensions. I selected the Focus S, Lumia 900, Samsung Focus, and Lumia 800.