First look at Sunset Overdrive, exclusive to Xbox One and coming later this year

Sunset Overdrive

After being teased at E3 last year, we haven’t heard much out of Insomniac Games about Sunset Overdrive. Today they blew the lid off the game and you can check out the trailer below to see it in action. Warning: if you’re a fan of games like Jet Set Radio, Dead Rising, Crackdown or Ratchet & Clank be prepared to get excited.

There’s really only one way to describe Sunset Overdrive: fun. This game looks like it’s going to be nothing but fun and we can’t wait to play it. Earlier today we learned about three new games coming to the Xbox One this year. Looks like we’re in for a year full of gaming.

Sunset Overdrive is set to be an Xbox One exclusive. It’s an open world shooter that’s due to hit your console later this fall.

Anyone else out there looking forward to Sunset Overdrive?

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Xbox 360, please! ;)

L0gic Bom8 says:

I feel for you there as some people can't afford the X1 (gift cards work here). But I want to have a reason to leave the 360 behind. If GTA V did come out for X1, I'd stay there in a heartbeat.

Hell no. Need these games fully taking advantage of next-gen hardware and features.

Tense says:

It's not next-Gen. It's current Gen.

ReconVirus says:

no thank you... How about getting with the times and just getting a X1 :)


Sam Sabri says:

Magical things are set to transpire between Microsoft and Insomniac Games based on that trailer. Can't wait.

Rockartisten says:

Yeah, it really does look nice. I'm looking forward to see the mp.

Z10YkakPES says:

Infamous + dead rising, yes please

blackprince says:

I was going to say it has shades of Infamous, the only game I will miss from not getting a PS4.

Z10YkakPES says:

God of war, infamous and uncharted. Always have been amazing games for me.

Rockartisten says:

Am I in the right thread now, Sam? :)

John20212 says:

Anyone else just hate platform exclusive games.


Rockartisten says:

Usually yes, but not when it makes Sony Ponies cry. ;)


I like the way you think :-)

Mouthsmasher says:

Dang. Destiny, a Halo game, and now this??? How am I going to have any time to play all these games this fall???


343i vs Bungie this is a great time for Xbox fans bro

Mestiphal says:

Waiting for GOG on WP

Xpider_MX says:

And Gears of War will be the next :)

armandojv says:

Add the division to that list.

Xsled says:

I am so excited for this.

ErR0rPr0n3 says:

+Watchdogs (I know not exlusive)....Still on Titanfall myself but now I'm going to be *FORCED* to split my time... So many games, I need a clone...


xBURNNERx X1 GT add me i add back

NICE!! Now Sega needs to bring back Jet Set Radio on Next Gen!!

Tjalsma says:

Sega needs to bring back so many games but they are pretty much dead at this point, unfortunately.

Raylz says:

Jet set radio extreme anyone?

sdreamer says:

Still waiting for Sonic 4 Episode II for like the last two years.

kmitchell6 says:

Looks like a lot of fun.

Flagz says:

YES. Super excited. Can't wait.

lubbalots says:

Who said xbone isn't a gaming machine? Show yourselves.

kingkoopa09 says:

It isn't its waaaaayyyy more and getting better by the day

mister2d says:

Yay another shooter. /sarcasm

Tense says:

^This, it looks like this is going to be another generation dominated by M rated shooters.... sad.

rodneyej says:

All I care about is if it's coming to WP....

Rockartisten says:

Probably some SmartGlass integration. :)

lubbalots says:

Who said the Xbone is expensive and if they wanted a top box, they can get it for cheap? Go get yourself that box and a ps4. Lets see how cheap it is, and it doesn't come with Kinect.

Tense says:

There's no reason to buy and PS4 and a top box. A PS4 alone would do nicely. And not everybody wants to talk to their television.

lubbalots says:

It's for those who's making the claim.

TonyDedrick says:

What is a top box?

lubbalots says:

The TV box "they" claim is cheap.

And the PS4 still won't a a AAA title by then.

JasonH81 says:

Looks awesome!

onysi says:

inspired by jet set radio. lol

Xpider_MX says:

Jet Set Radioooooo... xDDDD


reloaded17 says:

Game looks unique and tons of fun. Excited about this one. Can't wait to see how Sony ponies spin this one.

sandelius says:

This game is poor man's Infamous

reloaded17 says:

There it is...

tegraz2 says:

truth hurts huh

Reflexx says:


I was not interested at all in this game from the trailer.

But now... whoa. It looks awesome.

It's like a Titanfall pilot fighting Halo's Flood with some Team Fortress and Looney Tunes added in for good measure.

Xpider_MX says:

Add CrackDown, Jet Set Radio and Tony Hawk to the equation.



SAM 77 says:

Yay another zombie game to cater for the masses

When did the world of gaming become so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tense says:

Last gen, when Nintendo completely disconnected itself from the core gaming market and M-rated shooters became the new "cool."

wpn00b says:

I for one am over this trend of "gamers" meaning FPS exclusively.

MaulerX says:

This game looks amazing. A far cry from all the dull gray and brown games we get so often. This feels truly next-Gen and can't wait to play it.

Looks pretty fun.

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wpn00b says:

Jet Set Radio was a fave of mine. Still have my Dreamcast and that disc. I can't wait for this game.

TechFreak1 says:

Looking forward to this!.

x7sage7x says:

You mean Jet Set Radio Future? Haha.

lancguy says:

Looks alot like dead rising 3, even the city looks similar, from china town, and all.