First Mango device from Nokia to "officially" appear on August 17th?

This is very exciting news (if you're like me where you simply can't wait to have a potential uni-body Windows Phone handset) surrounding Gamescon, which is to be held at Cologne, Germany this month. It seems Nokia has some exciting news with actions and surprises that will make the 17th of August an evening to remember. Notice the new post-Mango Windows Phone logo?

Could this well be the unveiling of the earlier prototype "Sea Ray" handset? Whatever doubt you may still have floating within that mind of yours, take a gander at the raffle prizes in the bottom-left box. Three winners will receive a 250GB Xbox 360 console (with Kinect) and a Nokia Windows Phone (as soon as available - can't be long surely?).

Will we be seeing a possible pre-release announcement of the final product within three weeks time? Let's hope so. We'll of course keep you all posted with any updates regarding this event.

Source: Unwired, via: WPSauce



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kaiser10123 says:

i can't wait holding on to surround till this is out then ill hand it down to brother

Drewidian says:

I'm really hoping they have a true high end and impressive device to unveil. The Searay seems kind of average.

theefman says:

Hope they show something to make those naysayers eyes water...

Solidstate89 says:

Come on E7 formfactor running Mango...

luimende says:

SPRINT!!! please!

Dusteater says:

I am on Sprint as well, but... I wouldn't expect to see a Nokia WP device in the USA at all this year, and on Sprint not until at least 2012, if ever.

Solidstate89 says:

The biggest reason Nokia never released their Symbian phones onto CDMA networks was because of their spat with Qualcomm.But they're forced to use Qualcomm SoCs now, and with that will have integrated baseband chips. Not to mention Nokia wants more marketshare in the U.S. and to do that you need to release CDMA smartphones - there's no two ways about it.I have a feeling they'll appear later than their GSM counterparts, but I have a feeling we'll definitely be seeing some CDMA Nokia Mango phones. It's just a matter of how many and when.

x I'm tc says:

Ha.My sentiments exactly...but prepared to be disappointed!

jcagga says:

This **** devil oem has awakened with microsoct!

HeyCori says:

I hope they announce a release date. I hope that release date isn't late December. No more of this taking half a year to get a new phone to the market.

ar_garza says:

PLEASE let this thing launch on Sprint or Verizon.

thenet says:

Cant wait when SPRINT launches Galaxy Tab S2 windows phone 7 this Sept. I rather get that phone than a nokia.