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First Patch: v1.0.0.1 available for our official Windows 8 app

WPCentral for Windows 8.1

After a very positive initial launch of our official Windows 8 app, development is still very much in high gear as we look through all your feedback and start to address the teething issues you'd often see with any first big release.

Today v1.0.0.1 is available on the Windows Store, and is the result of work to fix the initial bugs we discovered after going live. So whilst you shouldn't expect to see much in the way of obvious changes we've hopefully addressed a few critical ones that were causing the app to either crash or not function at all for a few users. You can find the app here in the store, and the changelist below.


  • Fixed the connection error bug by reducing the number of articles initially retrieved and then expanding the list in a background thread
  • Fixed a crash when tapping on the comment bubble whilst blank
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when some message boxes were to be shown
  • Fixed a crash when trying to cache articles

I believe this should have fixed the connection error bug many of you were seeing, however if you are still experiencing problems please get in touch through our forums. Expect another update to come in the next couple of weeks to address a wider range of issues and feedback we've received from you.

Remember that you can force Windows 8 updates by going to "App updates" in the Windows Store settings charm, enjoy!



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Sam Sabri says:


Nice update. Keep em coming buddy. 

I'm break dancing to your cheers!

abel920 says:

Jaysus, the saviour. The messiah, the almighty.

rockstarzzz says:

This dude needs to be full time Mobile Nations App developer cross platform, if he isn't already.

lovenokia says:

Is there access to the forums in this micro update?  

Jay Bennett says:

Would you expect such a massive change in functionality in a micro update?

jason8957 says:

Can you make my USB slot extrude gold?

Jay Bennett says:

Of course, that's coming in the next update ;) I call it USB 4.0 (carat)

micallan_17 says:

Patience i know Jay wont let us down :)

xankazo says:

YES SIR! This fixes the Network errors. Also the app flows smoother. Nice work Jay!

Are toast notifications on the roadmap?

purevibz says:

That's the only thing missing now toast notification with lock screen icon.

would be really cool. indeed.

also there are some improvements necessary when it comes to layouting the text especially when you are using split screen or portrait mode. vertical scrolling makes much more sense there. for now its all horizontal scrolling for articles.

but anyway its a really great app and i very much like it! go on with your great work! ;)

nez99 says:

Go Jay! Kickass!

KM2612 says:

Whoa...didnt knew thats how you can update an app on windows 8....thanks Jay....

Milk21 says:

Didnt know this either! +920 as well!

vikrant6 says:

We should have it for WP as well..

jfkn2001 says:

That's what I call SUPPORT. Go Jay!

Sarang68 says:

That was fast,Jay! Please take a vacation now. You need it. Jay for CEO of Windows phone & Windows!

App is working fine for me after the update.. before update i had some network error! Keep improving the app :)

That was really quick. Jay must have been on his toes day and night fixing the reported bugs and sending the release as early as possible. Good job Jay...Keep going !!

kittananj says:

I got a problem with WPC app on Windows 8.1. I just sent an error log to Jay. I wish that it'll be fixed soon. Go Jay!

Sarang68 says:

I hope you will be able to put in a video category in a later update

I was using yesterday. Each time I pressed 'back' on an article it took me back to the front page, rather than where I was in the articles summary. A bit annoying. Just me?

Jay Bennett says:

Yep this and other issues will be addressed in an update that I'll work on other the next week or so, we just wanted to get the major problems which were preventing people from using the app out of the way first

muitosabao says:

Good to know. That's my main issue with the app.

Sarang68 says:

When the app is opened & that big picture comes up is there a possibility in a future update to click anywhere on the picture to read the detais like you can do so when you swipe to the right & click on the listed items? Right now we have to click on the headline itself. Go on make us lazier!

Jay Bennett says:

Yes interestingly someone from MS actually put that suggestion to us, and we will be implementing it :)

ivo_apo says:

Jay, not sure about pink colour scheme. Looks like teenage girls app. Not nice and not appropriate. Please consider changing it. Should be simple. Otherwise for first version looks good.

Jay Bennett says:

It's appropriate with our branding. But we will be including an option to allow custom accent colours in the near future

giffis says:

Readability mode option should work.

Bruno H says:

Please fix the login page. When I wanted to make this comment in the W8 app, it naturally asked for my credentials. As i have all my passwords in lastpass I started that app and put the apps side-by-side. Now it would be rather easy to copy the username and paste it into this app followed by copying the password and pasting that to. But, the problem is that after pasting the usernamne and clicking in lastpass to get the password - the WPcentral app closes the credentials page. And when I reopen it its blank!! Please fix this.
Also please make the text input bos for comments (like this one) adjust for when the app is snapped to the side. Right now the text box stretches out of the screen if the app is snapped.

Jay Bennett says:

I hadn't considered that scenario for logging in, something the flyout control we're using probably won't support well. I'll consider a change in the future.

Ma Rio says:

The rumometer can't be displayed, shows just part of the code.

Jay Bennett says:

Yep I'm aware of that one and it's on the list of the next most critical bugs

Cellus13 says:

Yes! Now i can finally use it! I just wish the logo wasn't so big so we can see more content on the starting screen.

iamakii says:

That was fast!

Jay Bennett says:

Guys, before posting comments here please consider going to our support forums (as linked to in this article) if you want to report a bug or make a suggestion. You may find it has already been suggested and I may have already responded to it.

iyae says:

This app is awesome. Just what id been waiting for :) well done Jay!

Bigsro says:

Tip of the cap to you sir!

AtOmIc031 says:

great job Jay , keep it up ;))

I missed the fact that the app was out, how did this happen, when was it?

Jay Bennett says:

Yesterday :) The announcement is still a featured story on the site, look up top :D

Shatznr says:

Enjoying the apps guys - keep up the great work!

wbadry says:

Although loading is taking sometime, but it finally works !!!

Jay Bennett says:

I'll continue to make some optimisations on loading articles, promise

Hi there. Is there a way to remove ads?

Yes, but not now. Adds stay in for a while. There will be a paid version with no adds.

purevibz says:

And everyone while your in the app click on some of those ads please.....thank you..:)

Well, still receiving network error just now while reading this

Jay Bennett says:

Can you confirm which version you're running? And head to the forums to help me lock this down? :)

1.01, the update. Must say, not always a connection error. But had it twice since the update. And, on entering the app, the same post keeps comming up. No new items. Only after refresh

Jay Bennett says:

Could you just try closing the app fully (drag it to the bottom of the screen and wait for it to flip) then re-opening it? Or a restart of your machine, just to see how it behaves on first start up. Thanks in advance

Like i wrote: something, i think, is wrong with the WPCentral server and not with your app. No problems at this time with the app. Love it.

QilleRz says:

Way to go Jay ! Great work as always :D

I need to stop working, and start reading more. How empty is my life?


elmacho says:

Still getting network error :(,posted in the forums

Ed Boland says:

Nice work Jay! Loving the app on my Surface 2! Can't wait for the forum integration and color scheme options.

mjrtoo says:

I've noticed that if you zip through the comments really fast the app crashes, oddly to the desktop.

James Ingram says:

I suck your dick maaaaan

mjrtoo says:

You're weird dude.

Fast fix! Go jay!

foggyweb says:

I'm enjoying the app - but it took me a while to find it after installation. I searched for 'Windows Phone Central' and then looked for it in my apps list, before I stumbled upon 'WPCentral'. I don't think I have any other apps that have different names in the store and on the computer.

nasellok says:

Love the app, downloaded, and supporting development - used it, but until it gets forum access, im going to stick to the website.  I also think you could show the pictures on the main news site that show up on the web.  All in all, great app.

tboggs13 says:

I'll wait for gddr1 - if the carriers let them release it. Oh wait, this isn't Windows Phone, it's Windows Phone Central.

msaalli says:

Great work on this app, better than anything I expected.

VineRider says:

Great app.  My only suggestion at this point is it is not really intuitive to scroll side to side to scroll the article list.  Can this be changed to scroll top to bottom to scroll the article list?  When you are reading using a tablet or touch device, its harder to scroll side to side than up and down.



xmarklive says:

Can we get some hints as 2 what to expect in the next month or 2 update wise ??? ps : My 1 pet peeve i wish there was a way to see more than 1 story on the home page... yes i know you can only see one story on wp but on the web you can see the popular storys as well.))) just my 2cents

Jay Bennett says:

In the next month expect only refinements on the existing formula. So UI tweaks and new options as requested in our support forum. After that first month (or two) I'll move on to adding more major features.
Of course through all this I still need to support Windows Phone, and there's a WP7 update that needs to go out

jake69 says:

Yes it's working now! Thanks for the quick update.
Btw....i had a hard time locating the user login... Usually it's in setting. But I was able to find it by accidentally tapping on the message box.

Jay Bennett says:

I figured people would only want to log in when they went to post a comment, I was wrong :D

F4RiS says:

it s nice to have the choice

Wow. The Windows 8.1 Modern U.I. app appears to be a complete waste of time. Where in the world are the forums? How do you sign in to comment? It just sends me to the web page. Who needs it if it just sends me to the web page. I check at WP Central several times a day. The phone app works great. Why use the 8.1 app if you can just pin the web site to the Start screen. This app is missing a ton of functions.


Jay Bennett says:

version 1 buddy, give me some time to get the rest of the features in. and you can sign in when you go to post your first comment

micallan_17 says:

my version number says v1.0.1.0 is the v1.0.0.1 a typo?

Jay Bennett says:

yep that is a bug :)

My apologies to the developer. I didn't intend to offend. The technicalities of this project are certainly well above my head. I will keep using both versions and look forward to future versions. Peace

Mr. Brown says:

Keep up the good work Jay!

I don't think the app is the problem. I.v tried to send a tip on a Dutch app, via the WP8 app from WPCentral and got a server error. Now the Windows Version WPcentral works fine. So, look at your server, it's giving server errors for days now.

Only request is to have the whole app use the Segoe UI font, otherwise it's an excellent app...