Fix: Windows Phone Central App should be working again (for those on AT&T)

Last night, we reported that our app was having a few troubles on the AT&T network (and a few of you on Verizon said the same). It was a networking issue, not the app directly and while we won’t bother you with the details, it should be working for most users now.

We just checked on our phones and have finally had a successful connection, but we need to make sure all is good for the rest of you. So if you use our app and are on AT&T, Verizon, etc. please take the poll below and let us know your results!




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darais99 says:

Yes it is working on my 1020 on at&t now,I was worried

benners76 says:

Fixed! Thank you!!!

Had no trouble yesterday or ever. Was confused when I saw the post

ceedog99 says:

Working again on 520, at&t

NIST says:

A poll? What are we? Strippers???

SoloXCRacer says:

I had to pay for college some how.

Winnabe says:

Yeah, you are a poll dancer.

terrokkinit says:

Homonym: two words that sound the same, are spelled differently, and have different meanings. ;)

sr! says:

I had trouble (on ATT). was blaming my phone before i saw the report. Now its fixed. no issue. You guys are of course the best :-)

Aviad Kohn says:

I'm not At&t and its crashed all the time for a couple of days

Aviad Kohn says:

Btw I'm Orange Israel...

rubenbest says:

Speaking of att any update on gdr2?

It should be available now.

I have to wait till I get home, which is in 6 hours. :(

Working good now. This post loaded so yeah... Lol

iknowsingh says:

Never had any issues on Sprint LTE with the ATIV S Neo! Keep up the great work with the app! I downloaded the app and tried it on my gf's AT&T 920 yesterday and it was spotty. I'm sure things are back to normal if everyone else is reporting it's fixed.

I have crashing issues with the app when not using WiFi. I'll try to test it again after I update my AT&T 920 later today.

zeke009 says:

It still crashes on my L920 after the updates.

sqlchicken says:

Same here, even with gdr2 (issue happened yesterday too, pre upgrade)

ravi.tandon says:

As a techie, I really would like to know the details. Daniel, care to shed a light?

DeepK7 says:

Yes, agree, do share the details, we are not bored by the details. It would be good to know what layers were causing the issues.

RayWP7 says:

What if some of us want to be bothered with details? Knowledge is power.

My AT&T 920 still keeps crashing.  Even after uninstalling and reinstalling.
Glad to see it isn't just me.  I thought it was retailiation for checking other carriers' prices and favoriting iMore.com on my phone.  :-)

gamo62 says:

Nope. Still flakey. Works on WI fi.

paulxxwall says:

Sweet quick fixes...i like it!

GMJeff says:

My Lumia 1020 on at&t is now loading the app properly. The app now crashes for me when I try to access the forums. Does the exact same thing, tap on forum tile and crash to the start screen. Open app back up, and get the crash error message.

Jas00555 says:

News reader works, but crashes in the forums

bobsentell says:

Reset your phones. That got it to work for me.

mixxxk says:

Didn't work for me, L920 AT&T

di_Genius says:

Tmo here just started experiencing the problem.

Nakazul says:

Ouch, HP is going to abandon Microsoft. The time when Microsoft was a world leader, have started its slow decline now :(

KasakDesign says:

Whoa hp is abandoning Microsoft? And yes wpc is working just fine now. Has been for a couple hours I feel like

SoloXCRacer says:

Okay, the developer in me wants to know what the technical details were. :)

wpgeek820 says:

Hmm.. Well I've had this issue from the day I bought the app- The live tile just goes black with a few letters near the left edge. Anyone else have this problem? This doesn't happen all the time. To make it right I just need to open the app and close it. No biggie but still, a fix would be nice.

Still crashes. I am logged into the forums and news page btw. Lumia 920 on att.

KasakDesign says:

This used to happen to me.

purevibz says:

No it's not for me

Locutus3d says:

Didn't have issues yesterday, but I'm having a lot with the app today.

larry213 says:

Still not working. 1020 on att

houtex2380 says:

Yall are fast woo woo!!

Didn't work on non-WiFi attempts. Worked fine on WiFi. Turned off WiFi again and now doesn't work again. FWIW, Lumia 1020 on AT&T.

rchillin says:

Please bother us with the details. I'm at least curious.

edjr07 says:

Sorry no poll in the app....but I'm working again. 1020

twixy16 says:

Not working here. Took about 20 tries to get the app to start

532hz says:

Had to reinstall the app to get it working again

firehouse31 says:

Working now 520 on at&t

Sunofabob says:

I never had issues but I do now.

theavrgjoe says:

I have an AT&T Lumia 920 GDR1, yesterday I could only get on WPCentral if I was on WiFi, otherwise I got a error message. Today, I'm having no problems getting on WPCentral, with or without WiFi. Thanks for your quick fix guys, you should teach AT&T how to do the same with Lumia 920 updates.

ArchieVellie says:

Still having an issue. However, once I send the email, the app actually lets me in.

It was broken, then it started working. Then I did todays ATT update on my 920 and it is broken again.

GDannyboy says:

I keep getting a connection error, but the it works fine. I'm on AT&T, HTC 8x. I've gotten a msg on my phone that I'm now using GSM network, or I will have no network connection at all, a very rare thing, in areas that I normally have a connection. I've just been assuming that AT&T was updating towers or software.

shreyas15 says:

Using an unlocked 720. The wide tile is going black! :(

Rick Smits says:

I'm on ATT and it works on WiFi but not when on LTE.

Rick Smits says:

Update: Works on LTE after a fresh install. (as you said)

Ed Boland says:

One my favorite and definitely my most used app!

joeynox says:

Not working 100%. It still gives me an error now and then , or just shuts down 920/att nyc

aaa6112 says:

App is still crashing on me sporadically. ATT L920, just upgraded to Amber.

Etyrnus says:

Still crashing if on cellular data.

VineRider says:

Crashing here too. L920 on att

sManowar says:

Still having trouble getting in. :'(

tiomi says:

It was still crashing for me but a reinstall fixed it. Thanks Jay!

Alcarnor14 says:

It just crashed a couple times now, but then started up ok. ( at&t L1020).

Poll? No poll visible on the app.

schlubadub says:

Go to More -> View Links

schlubadub says:

Actually, it doesn't work there either. I had to use Show in Browser :/

tallgeese says:

GTG on my recently applied GDR2 AT&T Lumia 920.

MSFTfanboy says:

Yep, its now working on my 920.

jlynnm350z says:

Working beautifully, life is back to normal

redbluff says:

Still having trouble on ATT 925

JANGEL13 says:

I still get the error message at the homepage. Instead of hitting ok or cancel (for the error report), I just hit the back button and it lets me into the app. 1020 on AT&T

Tyetus says:

Still crashing intermittently on att 920 gdr2. :(

lsmachado says:

Uninstalled and reinstalled, still crashing on 920 at&t LTE.

Boomwaller says:

Still not working on mine articles load but the forums do not work. The app crash when I click on the forums.

Andygoes says:

I'm also still getting the error as well. Lumia 920 (with GDR2 and Amber!!)

schlubadub says:

Yeah, it was crashing & not connecting around 8 hours ago. But that was on WiFi, in Australia. The website worked okay though.

bpgui says:

Only works for me on wifi still. Even after a reinstall

jropelato1 says:

Still erroring for me

aitt says:

Had anyone tried clearing cache? I just did fresh install but didn't think to try that.

jadan127 says:

Still can't access the app @10:40pm in NYC :(

navidee says:

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling. Working fine now!

navidee says:

Ehh...was being wonky again on cellular...finally got in, but this sucks. :(

MaulerX says:

Still not working. Bummer.

spaulagain says:

Still having issues occasionally.

CopaCC says:

Still not working on my AT&T 520. Re-installing didn't help.

psamf24 says:

is midnight in california and it's only working on wifi 920 on at&t

Still broken. Reinstall did not fix it.

roystreet says:

I'm on AT&T, using a 920...No longer crashing :D

lsmachado says:

Finally working now on att Lumia 920.

still not working on my Lumia 920 ATT network. As soon as I go cellular it crashes and throws errors :(
I have no issues with Tapatalk on the other hand.