Flappy Bird is dead. Here are some alternatives for Windows Phone that are better

We’ve seen gamers ‘ragequit’ games before, but this weekend we were treated to a developer doing it instead. Yup, on Saturday Dong Nguyen, the mastermind behind Flappy Bird, announced that not only was he quitting the Flappy Bird biz, but he was removing the apps from the iOS and Android Stores...forevevah. Indeed, by Sunday afternoon the games had vanished.

That presumably put the kibosh on the Windows Phone port that he was working on. But fear not, we have some alternatives to keep you busy, and some would argue that these are even better.

Flappy Bird (clone)

Flappy Bird Clone

We held back on posting about this version of the game, mostly because it’s not official and wasn’t done with the consent of Dong Nguyen. In fact, it was down right deceptive, since many of you did think it came from Nguyen. But now that Nguyen has quit, and Microsoft is not pulling the game (we had notified them), all bets are off.

Flappy Bird is, for all intents and purposes, the real deal. Granted, this wasn’t made, per se, for Windows Phone, but instead appears to be a clever rip. We’re still not comfortable with the developer profiting off of Nguyen’s work, but since Nguyen has basically forfeited the title and Microsoft sees nothing wrong with it, we don’t see the harm any longer. We won’t even touch the ‘Flappy Bird itself is a rip off of many other games’ argument, because of the Inception-like Jedi mind tricks that are required.

So long as you know that this isn’t Nguyen’s, ahem, vision for Windows Phone, you can take solace in knowing Windows Phone is now the only platform that has a semi-official Flappy Bird game. We win. Or something.

Download Flappy Bird (clone) here in the Windows Phone Store. All Windows Phones. Free, with ads.

QR: flappy

Line Birds

Line Birds

We covered Line Birds waaay back in 2011. Seriously, read our review. We loved it back then and we still really like it. It’s got awesome graphics, and it has the ragequit difficulty too. But it’s much better than Flappy Bird and it’s homegrown to Windows Phone.

The game was last updated a year ago, but it still rocks. The only issue is there is no free trial, costs 99 cents and for some reason, ours still shows, which is doubling dipping. Still, if you bought this game years ago and forgot about it, here’s a reminder.

Pick up Line Birds here in the Store. All Windows Phones. 99 cents with ads.

QR: Line Birds

Jolly Fish

Jolly Fish Screen

Ever since Flappy Bird hit the gaming scene en masse – which was like 10 days ago – we’ve been tipped by you guys on a little game called Jolly Fish. It’s a true play off of Flappy Bird in that it’s not a direct clone. In fact, you could almost consider it a spiritual sequel.

Jolly Fish is different enough that the developer, Mintah, deserves a shout out. For one, instead of trying to keep a bird up, you’re keeping a jellyfish down, which makes sense due to the air versus water environments. So the physics are reversed, throwing you for a loop when you first play.

Like Flappy Bird, it’s also reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers, specifically the underwater scene. It’s been reported that Nguyen got his inspiration from the underwater Mario mini-games and this title just swims with that to its logical conclusion.

Jolly Fish has cute graphics and some sweet chiptune music to go along with it, making it a gem. The game is now on Android, leaving iOS users on the docks (for now). All in all, Jolly Fish is a swell riff off of the Flappy Bird craze.

Pick up Jolly Fish here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Free, no ads.

QR: Jolly Fish

Wacky Dragons

Whacky Dragons

Another game last update in 2012, Wacky Dragons is hardly new. But it’s certainly more along the lines of Line Birds in that it has rich graphics, a shop for unlocking characters, and – we’re just going to say it – chubby, cute dragons.

The goal? Navigate your rotund dragon through a dangerous cave. Pick up ‘dragon stones’ and avoid obstacles along the way. Gameplay is the familiar ‘hold to flap’ and the physics are very smooth. You also get some epic horn music in the background and we really dig the adorable graphics in this one.

The game has some outstanding reviews from people, works on all Windows Phones and it’s completely free. So what’s not to like?

Pick up Wacky Dragons here in the Store. Free.

QR: Dragon

What did we miss?

Look, we know there are tons of games like these on the Store, so forgive us if we overlooked a few hundred of ‘em. These four though range from ‘exact clone’ of Flappy Bird to ‘inspired by’ to ‘even better’. So pick your poison.

But life is short, and we’d rather be playing Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: Alpha than detailing every one of these games. That’s where you come in, so let us know below which are your favorites!



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rockstarzzz says:

Vitenamese mafias. SMH.

MilkyTee says:

I'm sorry? Are you implying that a Vietnamese mafia group had something to do with the game being taken down? :/

rockstarzzz says:

Speculations are welcome, no?

MilkyTee says:

Of course, but that's a bit wild, don't you think? :P I reckon the poor chap was just overwhelmed with the attention, hate mail and abuse on Twitter notwithstanding. He'd obviously led a simple, unassuming life up until a month or two ago. It probably just got too much for the guy. I feel bad for him.

I feel bad for him too. I feel bad for anyone who can't just stay away from twitter for a little while.

illidanx says:

Vietnam is actually not safe. If you got rich this quick, everyone would look at you and you would become a juicy target for theft.

rockstarzzz says:

See! Did you read this Milky?

MilkyTee says:

A distinct possibilty... Couldn't handle the heat

lephan133 says:

I'm sorry bit I have to disagree. It's not like he's gonna bring like 100.000$ along with him out on the street. And we also have people that are richer than him in Vietnam. So I think I have to agree with Milky

Montpbm says:

I heard that the game developer killed himself.. Is that true?

MilkyTee says:

Link to that claim please, I certainly hope not

Saiyaku says:

I heard the Vietcong came for him.. Is that true?

Mad Strings says:

No. In fact he relisted the games on the App Store and Google Play.

tribexx says:

Waiting for 6Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pahutakz says:

rofl that would be awesome :3

In Limbo says:

I got a 1020 today.

Cecewp8 says:

I really like your comment!

MilkyTee says:

Your reply is even better

Nice follow up, Milky

Mayur says:

Then why are you still "In Limbo"?

In Limbo says:

Hmm . . . guess I'd better update that.

SonOfKrypton says:

I feel sorry for you

iamoniwaban says:

Lots and lots of cheese on my plate today

rockstarzzz says:

Add some ham with it.

pan_ani says:

Dan, ur voice seems to have toned down a lot in this matter. :p

Winnabe says:

'Coz , we finally have a Flappy Bird on WP, that ain't anywhere else. We win. He clearly said that. :P

Darren Walsh says:

Were people not saying the other day that the flappy bird clone was a bad copy, and now it's the real deal ??!!

Err...no. Not at all.

Darren Walsh says:

Ah right I must have read it wrong, was in a hurry lol

No you read it right haha. WPC was bashing it a few days ago and now they praise it haha. WPC is good, but the ultimate brown nosers haha

Your reading comprehension is not very good hahaha.

Our article was aimed at telling our audience that it was a deceptive clone, not real, not supported by the developer. That's because we had hundreds of tips telling us 'Flappy Bird is now officially on Windows Phone!'. That was false. Had the game had a different name or even said it was a clone, there is less concern. You're not phased by deceptive games? Fine. I am and it's really only my opinion that counts in this case, sorry.

It's deceptive because we all knew the real dev was working on a port, due out in a matter of days. So I stand 100% by that article. This guy jumped the line and was collecting revenue, based on exploiting the audience.

Now that Ngyuen has abandoned the game, things have changed. You could even say I explained this in the article above, but I'm guessing you failed to read it. hahaha

crbjr says:

No, no. His reading comprehension is quite good. You clearly bashed it calling it a clone made by "some neckbeard in his mom's basement.". I don't see how that can be misinterpreted as NOT bashing it.

You can't write ab article damning something, then turn around and praise it, and not expect to get called on that.

RetroMan71 says:

They're good at that WPC

We're good at a lot of things here, including responding to snarky comments ;)

Paul May says:

I have to agree with you here. Not only that but I know 3 WP users who downloaded the game after reading that article. Hence it gave the "neckbeard" more revenue to get out of his moms basement because of WPC's publicity.

Well, considering you just had to search 'Flappy Bird' in the Store and it came up, I really don't feel to culpable there. I mean really, a 5 year old could have 'found it'. We just told you it was fake. 

Paul May says:

Daniel, wether you stand by your original article or not you came across as very arrogant, judgemental and unproffessional which is something as visitors to this site are not used to seeing. This is my opinion and others may not share that view, including yourself which is fine, but as readers we have valid opinions and as a journalist you should listen tho those opinions and be able to take some slight critisism.

Irregardless of all the tips you were getting on the game you gave it so much exposure than the few hundred who had already seen it. How many hits does WPCentral generate daily? I'm sure more hits than 5 year olds who have cell phones.

Overall this site does the single best job of representing WP and MS products in general and a large part of that is down to you. You all do an amazing job 99% of the time but nobody is perfect. I just feel you were wrong to get so personal on that article.

jfmanzo says:


Paul May says:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Irregardless was first acknowledged in 1912 by the Wentworth American Dialect Dictionary as originating from western Indiana

Since the prefix ir- means "not" (as it does with irrespective), and the suffix -less means "without", the word irregardless could therefore be expected to have the meaning "in regard to", instead of being merely a synonym of regardless

"You can't write ab article damning something, then turn around and praise it, and not expect to get called on that."

Whoa, putting words in my mouth here. For one, the neckbeard joke...I totally standby it.

If you're ripping some guys game 100%, uploading it to another OS using the same name and taking credit like it's the real deal? You're not only a neckbeard, but a jackass and a jerk.

Should I be more specific? How about...an asshole. A thief. Especially since they damn well knew the real version was only a few days way.

Now, let's get to the part where I "praise it". I don't. Me simply listing it here and saying "it's a fake copy, but hey, there's nothing else", is not, my dear friend, praise. If you think it's praise, let me be very blunt: it's not. 

But since the real developer has ragequit his own game, and MS sees no issue with it, I don't nearly feel as guilty about it. Even if this clone came after Dong quit, I *wouldn't* have had a problem with it. But coming days before? That's just not right. You disagree? That's cool. 

BTW, I love how you folks in comments feel it's just soooo easy to make these editorial decisions. Evidently, you're all experts on what we should/should not post. Let me tell you, try this job for a few days and you'll realize, it's easy to make snide comments like you know everything, but in reality, the choices we make on what we should and should not run? It's a lot harder than you think.

MadSci2 says:

Never mind that Daniel. Where can I find that Llama game?!

RogueCode says:

Search the store for "VALA: Alpha" :)

Narse77 says:

Daniel I don't know why you bother to respond to these trolls. They can't think for themselves much less understand what you are talking about. They just want to complain and get a rise out of you. One of the reasons I stopped posting here alot was people like this.

Paul May says:

Sir 1994 called and they want their troll comment back. Talk about not being able to think for yourself using a 20 year old saying to make your point.

Now onto the serious stuff. A lot of us readers love this website and dont want it to go the way or other sites by letting the people behind it slip. Everyone does a great job here but nobody is perfect and the previous article on this game was not up to the standard that some of us readers have come to expect from this great site. If that makes me a fat green doll with purple hair then so be it.

jfmanzo says:

Use "irregardless" again.

Nabkawe5 says:

I played both its almost identical in every way, people were only mad at it for ripping off the developer, my high score is 33.

Cyruss1989 says:

It is a terrible copy. The game mechanic is not even close.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Puredrive says:

Agreed! If you played the iPhone or android official version you would see that the physics are WAY off really weird feeling actually. Not to mention the bad feeling I get in my gut when I know im playing such a bad and obvious rip off...

rockstarzzz says:

You sure it wasn't the steak from last night?

NIST says:

Flappy Bird is dead. Long live Flappy Bird on Windows Phone!

Micah Dawson says:

Hmm. I still don't get the craze for this game. It wasn't that hard. My first time playing the clone the other day and I managed to score a 40. By the third time I was at like 109 or so. The game is easy and like Daniel said a Rip off of others and I never got the craze for this game and for that matter, candy crush.

I think it was the first real instance of a viral fad in mobile gaming that exploded (and collapsed) almost overnight.

walter1832 says:

Just wait until the sequel comes out.  Flappy Bird 2: The day Flappy & his Pappy both smoked tobaccy.

RetroMan71 says:

LOL! That's funny...

TonyDedrick says:

Like any other mobile gaming craze, right place at the right time.

On the other hand, I don't get why some got so bent out of shape when the game blew up.

iamoniwaban says:

I have completed ninja gaiden on the hardest setting, played and finished 1/2 of dark and demon souls. I however cannot make it past the first fing tube!!

Why only half? At that point your just getting to the good stuff. Currently replaying dark souls at the moment, still like demon better.

iamoniwaban says:

Hard. Buy ya demon is amazing

stui83 says:

Line birds is good, I ragequit after 2 minutes of attempts

schlubadub says:

It's possible the clone is easier than the original. On an Android tablet I managed to get up to 3 (lol) after a couple of tries, and uninstalled it because it simply isn't fun.

Try this in ie!

MilkyTee says:

Whoa, it works on WP's internet explorer.

3earnhardt3 says:

I can't believe how beautifully this works on ie for wp8. Thanks for the link! Wish more games ran in a browser instead of having to be installed on the phone.

titoyees says:

This is even better than the app!!! Try: flappybird.io

rockstarzzz says:

Try it in landscape mode on WP8! You can score 130+ eaaaasy!

kovisxd says:

Impossible on lumia 800 because it always zoom in :)

TonyDedrick says:

For those who believe Nintendo was the cause of his taking the app down, they've denied any involvement. Take that for what you will.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Like it Nintendo threatened him with a lawsuit they were going to make a public announcement and have everybody pissed of at them instead of being pissed at that Dong guy...

TonyDedrick says:

Nintendo is a company notorious for protecting its brand. They've been pretty open about that in the past. And I highly doubt those who would have been pissed off at Nintendo would have been Nintendo fans anyway.

They denied it to the WSJ. That's a pretty solid confirmation that they have not complained, imo. I'll take that over 'person's guess in comments'.

What? Why? I mean seriously isn't it more fun to believe some random guy on the interwebs?

Rick Smits says:

You really dislike flappy birds haha

Me? I find it kind of fun, actually. Or rather I appreciate its simplicity. Shoot, I was the one telling Rene and Phil to cover it before it exploded.

920Walker says:

Fapping Swallow

unease says:

If only BADLAND game would make an entry... That would be pure awesomenwss....

ROFLMAO....that guy that pirated this st00pid game did good ...hahahahaha... you just promoted it.

MaulerX says:

So because our "clone" is basically the same exact game, WP is the only platform where you can download and experience this as it were? What an interesting turn of events.

RaphaelChaia says:

Rudy Huyn, on his Twitter, implied that behind Nguyen's decision was "BigN", because of the "Green pipes" (stated in the hashtags used after saying that sometimes devs have to lie about their reasons). Is there any confirmation of an action from Nintendo against the app, despite the fact that the own developer said that it wasnt anything legal? Or Rudy was just guessing?

RaphaelChaia says:

If I had to notify a worldwide loved game to be pulled out from violating copyright, I dont think I would assume that to the media. The whole "dont be evil" thing all over again.

In another hand, could be only my paranoia speaking.

Marc Jones says:

So, let me get this straight: Flappy Bird was taken down, due to Nintendo's ties to the Yakuza, who has ties to Vietcong? You can't make this stuff up!!


...But, it would make a smashing film...

Marco Gomes1 says:

What a dong! Still, the clone app is working flawlessly.

irvin792 says:

Lol, good pun :P I know I'm going to hell for laughing at someone's name like that.....oh well

sasukeluffy says:

This article made me wanna watch Inception for the fourth time.
Mmmh.. Jedi-mindtricks..

Cryio says:

So no Flappy Doge


iyae says:

Omg. Please. Yes.

neonworm says:

I would love that!

MrSimmix says:

Wow, these all look pretty cool.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

crise says:

I can't get past 3rd pilar...

farsidius says:

I've had Line Birds since it came out (thanks to the review done here on WPC). Fun little game. I wasn't sure what all the hype for flappy birds was about.

wiggum15 says:

Yeah they missed it, anyway just downloaded the clone and its even add free...

I think it was wrong of WPCentral to report the flappy bird clone to Microsoft ...its not your place ..grow up and mind your own business

aitt says:

Says someone name Superlawyer...

Marco Gomes1 says:

Actually, Windows Phone is their business. I hated the red heated article wpc wrote about the game and the lots of people who tipped them but I can understand why reported it to Microsoft.

walter1832 says:

You must be new here.

"windows phone" is not their business ...journalism involving windows phone is what their business is

for starters, microsoft already has a policy in place for approving new apps, WPCentral is not the abritrator for what is/isn't acceptable

Second, The editors of WPCentral are not IP lawyers, nor are they apprised as to the relationship between the two parties ...for all they know, the dev. of the windows app might have licensed the rights from the other dev.

maybe the dev. of flappy birds does not own the rights to the game (after all there have been many rumors about nintendo bringing down the hammer)

All I'm saying is ...its not their place to bad mouth a dev. for realsing an app that was approved by microsoft

Marco Gomes1 says:

If it makes you fell better, you are right. The day your phone is f***ed up by an app you`ll change your mind.

Hey superlawyer15...I can report things on my own without your permission. I'm an adult, too. Not your place to suggest what I report.

And truth be told, MS only takes down things that are reported to them (like when some GPS apps were pirated a few years back). I'm not really interested in if you approve of my actions, sorry.

RetroMan71 says:

Wow! You WPC guys are quite uptight!?

show me where I said you have to seek my permission first...


BataBole says:

I have HTC 8S and it's updated with GDR3 and I can't delete temporary files from settings. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it just a mistake made by GDR3 or is the problem in my phone only? Any answer would help, thanks.

Smash it with a hammer, you'll remove all temporary files.

And if that didn't work burn your phone that will burn all the files.

BataBole says:

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!

Seriously, you can't delete all temporary files because they are being used.

BataBole says:

I use Shrink storage app to delete temp files, but only about 70% of them can be deleted. What I'm saying, is that I have to download some other apps besides that I have the ability to delete temp files from settings (but for some reason that is not functional).

btbam91 says:

Line birds ftw!

figoxor says:

You might be making a terrible mistake... @dongatory: I would like to sorry WP users for the late of WP build. I am trying hard to make it happen.

No, that is from before he decided to pull the game.

aitt says:

2 mins of playing. Uninstalled.

Marco Gomes1 says:

I suck at it too :)

anirban130 says:

Same with me as well... Lol

walter1832 says:

I congratulate you for making it to 2 min.

I wouldn't have even downloaded it, if it weren't for competition between friends.

I prefer our unofficial official version, there's a definite lag on the original on the iClone when tapping. Just add the medal and make the score font nicer and it's there.

"unofficial official".....nice touch


Marco Gomes1 says:

Any interesting you know be sure to tip wpc, just make sure it's the original real deal or we'll bash the crap outta you :)

JohnStrk says:

The only Bird related app I want on WP is the official Snowbird (Utah) ski app.  Lol.  

Lundon44 says:

I don't mind the clone of Flappy Birds. My only gripe with it is the broken medals system.. To my knowledge anyway. I thought you're supposed to get bronze at 10, silver at 20 etc.. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have 48 and no bronze or anything else.

Also, I wouldn't mind an all time leaderboard, weekly and daily as well. 

My score on linebirds = 3499, worse ragequit than flappybird ever had!

lowrider2107 says:

I want to download vicious attack llama apocalypse, pleeeeease. Is it still only an alpha version, where can I get it? Switch country settings or what??

RogueCode says:

Search the store for "VALA: Alpha". The alpha is the name, it doesn't refer to it being still in testing (although we're adding tons to it).

lowrider2107 says:

Seriously? I'm sorry, I'd have sworn this is a joke by the editors ... That name is just too good to be true. Okay, just downloaded and will give it a try. That's hilarious!!

osoalex says:

Wish the clone icon was better.

AdamMGregory says:

Does this mean that WP is the only platform with Flappy Birds?

albadi88 says:


aitt says:

You DO know Nintendo has nothing to do with this. You should go in front of their corporate office and tell this.

iyae says:

He should. I doubt anyone would stop him...hell, i bet a few employees would join him!

albadi88 says:

we don't know for sure But the similrty between the game Super mario is undiable.

TAB1360 says:

What about iron pants are we getting that

andy21andy says:

The first one really looks like it wow

Adam Szasz says:

What a stupid hyped game, pfff wacky dragons is much better, than this oldschool stupid 1D garbage game. This is a big shame, i dont understand these peoples :(

BellPego says:

Now I see why everyone is breaking their phones... The game makes you violent.. O_O

Marco Gomes1 says:

OFF TOPIC: To whom it may concern: "Metromail" (Gmail third party app) got a pretty cool update with custom notification sounds for each account, skydrive attachments and more.

Adam Szasz says:

OH , and WPCentral is the best app in WPstore, i really like it and reading all day(I,m exagerring:D) Thank you guys and I wish succes to this OS(WP) cause its really the best for me.... waiting for wp 8.1 update (ATIV S user)

MikeSo says:

Isn't Jetpack Joyride pretty much the same idea?

Similar, but these types you have to tap much more and holding your finger down does nothing. Actually it's more similar to that robot bird vehicle in jet pack joyride

jfmanzo says:

Profit Bird, and yes that's it exactly.

Please Line Birds developers: make this game available here in Brazil! I can help.

Daniel Brott says:

Rudy should make a 6bird, lol

Micropel says:

You forgot astronaut its a flappy bird like game

rth314 says:

I'm kind of surprised to hear WP Central notified Microsoft about the Flappy Bird clone.  Did they think they were doing WP users a favor?  WP Central loves to give voice to unsanctioned social networking apps, and promotes game emulation apps that encourage people to play ROMs they aren't licensed to play.  Even Microsoft writes their own Facebook and YouTube apps, and calls them Facebook and YouTube.  So all these things are alright (I actually don't think any of them are a big deal), but when a game that copies the gameplay of Line Birds, and the UI of Super Mario is cloned, it's crossing the line?

Andr3sfc says:

Exactly. Hypocritical at best.

Talbot690 says:

Line birds!!! I was trying to remember the name all week that games way better then flappy bird

RIP Flappy Bird. Never downloaded you on anything...

jlynnm350z says:

You can get a phone on ebay with flappy birds on it for 8,000. People are stupid

ULOP3Z says:

Correct me if im wrong but cant people with Jailbroken devices just install the cracked version, same with Android?

TJWINS says:

This clone does not play like the official Flappy Bird. In the official Flappy Bird the bird's head stays level while the body elevates when you tap the screen. In the clone version the bird's head tilts back and elevates when you tap the screen making it much more difficult to not hit the pipes. This clone is much more difficult to play than the official Flappy Bird. If any one of you guys has an Android device you can tell right away how different it is. My daughter who constantly scores in the 20s on her official Android Flappy Bird can't even get past 4 on my clone.

Tips_y says:

Yes, the clone is more challenging and tests the skills more than the original therefore it's better than the original.

TJWINS says:

Unless you are trying to score as high as your friends lol

ULOP3Z says:

WP Exclusive

mango.lover says:

"We win. Or something." You mean when you called WMPU a "shite website" for posting the link to the bootleg Flappy Bird?

MilkyTee says:

They didn't, but it is shite. So there you go.

There's a great alternative called 1Flying astronaut. It is just brilliant and a well designed game

SergioAlonso says:

You guys missed 1Flying Astronaut:

It's the one with the best rating: 4.5/5.0 and includes a live ranking system.

RetroMan71 says:

Hit detection is terrible..

willied says:

Anyone ever play Scrolliez on Palm OS? Loved that game...

AbdullahQL says:


Ninja1043 says:

What about Flappy Bat??

pattayo_ib says:

Omg the dragon is sooo cute!

textomatic says:

Wacky Dragons is pretty good.  I played that a while back and it was fun.  But honestly everyone should be playing Dark Lands.  That's my jam!!!! 

VinixKappler says:

There's a brazilian alternative, well done and beautiful graphics. It's SraFly 2. You play with a grandma flying with delta-wing! 


louisoneal says:

6bird will own!

david90531 says:

Yeah, Line Bird is so much better than this game, more playable and more features. And yes I'm glad as a WP user we can still have flappy birds, sort of ;)

kathikibbles says:

Loved wacky dragons and line birds back on wp7....

prestonmcole says:

You guys just reminded me that I bought line birds for WP7!!

aeonstar says:

What a fucking moron!

Just downloaded the clone Flappy Bird for the hell of it. Everywhere I look lately, it's all about Flappy Bird. I love games and I'm curious to see what all the fuss is about this one.

WP needs to step-up and get developers to release titles in WP store at same time as other platforms. Good app, bad app it don't matter its all about what's POPULAR .... duh

kc77 says:

Jolly Fish was updated and now includes an option for classic mode!

alfredyeap says:

don't get to play with it before it was going down...

is this close to the real thing? http://start2ad.com/flappy/ 

undwrd0g says:

Wonder witches is a similar game. Check it out.

Mohak Adav says:

1Flying Astronaut : Try this one :)

Mohak Adav says:

1Flying Astronaut : Try this one :)

kenosando says:

flappybird.io - HTML 5 Flappy Bird

AndrewL920 says:

Flappy Birds is just further proof of the downward spiral in the intelligence of Humans.

You missed 1Flying Astronaut, very good clone of Flappy Bird

I dont understand, why 1flying astronaut game need photo library?

anyone can know?

 I've created a fun and free clone: Jimmy Jetpack. Has the same vibe, but more levels with increased difficulty. For the die-hard fans of the genre. Would you be so kind to download and give me some feedback. Greatly Appreciated.