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Flickpic for Windows Phone offers a cool way to share photos with others


Sharing images has been improved over the years with smartphones, social networks and better wireless communications. Still, there's room for improvements, especially when it comes to quickly sending an image captured within the last few seconds. This is where apps come into play and today we're looking at Windows Phone exclusive Flickpic, a cool new app from a team called CoLinked who won the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup. Flickpic enables you to quickly transfer photos to friends and family.

The app is super basic in its form, but the functionality is worth the download. There's no requirement for Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or any kind of data connectivity, which makes it possible to 'flick' photos anywhere and everywhere. All that's required is Bluetooth to be enabled and you're good to go. Fire up the app on any Windows Phone, select which photos you wish to share with others (they need to be running the app too) and then flick the handset.


Automatic pairing makes it both fast and seamless and any received photos through Flickpic are deleted upon restart, so be sure to save any photos you wish to keep before closing the app and doing something else. There are a handful of options listed in the settings pane that enable you to configure the device name (which is displayed to other phones), enable/disable private mode, view the status of Bluetooth and select thumbnail sizes.

We highly recommend giving the app a go, especially if you're snapping photos while out with a group and need to share the results with fellow Windows Phone owners. It's really cool being able to select a photo and simply flick your Windows Phone to share it.

QR: Flickpic


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RoxyMunky says:

Is the spelling Received in the pic is wrong or my English is bad?

Wam1q says:

Received is correct...

SwimSwim says:

Yeah, typo in the app. Awkward.

Wael Hasno says:

Make a typo, win a contest. Hm

pattayo_ib says:

It's too obvious with that huge font. Omg.

Rich Edmonds says:

Heh, even I overlooked that! Will pass it on :-)

Jrexxx says:

Isn't this what bump used to do?

otaku66 says:

Not badd. Love it

Airw0lf says:

No support for non-Windows phones? Would be great to share with iPhone and Android users too.

Jf.Vigor says:

Cuz. I could have used this when sharing photos with my friends gf over the weekend. She has an iPhone. Better than having to awkwardly take my friends gf's number

Marco Gomes1 says:

Cause its what over 90% of smartphones users have.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Cause its what over 90% of smartphones users have.

een11 says:

Take a look at Flick.  iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, Windows. Windows mobile in dev. Here's the video

Don't see the point of this app. If you have Bluetooth on the phone just use that and not waste storage space by deleting an app

Chris_Kez says:

I think the benefit of this app may be that you can simultaneously share to multiple people around you and the app automatically connects the devices (no need to manually pair devices).  Could this make it easier for a loose-knit group of folks (or even strangers) to quickly share pics without knowing phone numbers, emails, or IM handles?

If it can handle more or less simultaneous cross-sharing, then within a few seconds of opening the app everyone could have everyone else's photos from a shared experience.  Even if everyone knows each other this could much faster and simpler than exchanging messages or emails.  

This reminds me a little of an app I had on iOS called Chirp that let you share data (photos, webpages, contacts) using sound.  Anyone that had the app running and picked up the tone would get the data packet. The MacBreak Weekly crew even used it during a podcast and you could get the data from the recorded broadcast.  Was it super useful all the time?  No.  But it was neat.


anadi1984 says:

Bluetooth may be directly used to share the pics instead of this app

aziouazrayes says:

Why complicate things? Just use normal Bluetooth operation.

pssdeva says:

It's actually pretty small in size, and can actually save the pain of accepting files everytime or pairing too.

nanak pahea says:

Need flash transfer

sidn625 says:

What does flash transfer mean?

casaout says:

Cool app! And for everyone who wants to exchange their pictures in highest quality with others (family, friends, etc.) with people not at the same location (i.e. not via Bluetooth), e.g. if you want to share your city trip pics with your family, you could use Picturex ( It is currently Windows Phone exclusive too, but an Android Beta is launching next week, with iOS and web versions to follow soon!

By the way, there is a picture album (= PicEx) for Windows Phone fans who are looking for start screen background: (click on your WP for automatic install).

We are also very happy for feedback (, suggestions and good ratings! Thank you!

ahmu86 says:

Bluetooth direct... Pair the device once and you are good to go everytime... Bluetooth transfer has been a huge feature in India since like forever... In the west Bluetooth was mainly used to pair headphones and speakers etc. Now they are realising the potential of Bluetooth transfers... MS ignored this feature in wp 7 and 7.5 when nokia was not in... When Nokia came just after a few months included this feature... But the perception damage was already done in indian markets that Lumia doesn't support BT transfers...

Chris_Kez says:

I wish these guys would have released the app that actually won the 2013 Imagine Cup, SoundSYNK.

7508887757 says:

The biggest limitation of this app is sharing only with Windows phone users