Flick+Share - App Spotlight

Are you looking for an easy way to share photos on your Windows Phone? Check out Flick+Share from Tufty Time. With a simple flick, you can send a photo from your phone to any around you.

Flick+Share uses your location to send any photo you choose from your phone to people around you. Just tap the library button in the app, choose a photo from your phone's photo galleries and just swipe or flick it to the edge of the screen in the direction of the phone you're sending it to. Or.. you can tap the camera icon in Flick+Share, snap the shot, and then flick it towards the recipient.

Photos received from others Flick+Share users can be saved to your Photo Hub. This is very similar to the Color App for the iPhone and the first of its kind on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Instead of passing your phone around to share photos with friends, you can now flick the photo over to them instead.

Flick+Share is a free application (ad supported) and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.



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jabtano says:

Do they also have to have this app, and do they also have to be using a WP7 devices for this to work?

Kibosh says:

at this time I think they do. It's explained in the marketplace at the app. Look it up.What I want to know is where are the pictures going? Are they kept on a server somewhere. Or do they dissapear after time. The pictures become public when send, but what happens with them?

Hi Kibosh,The pictures that are sent using flick+share are stored in a database for possible upcoming features. The data stored is anonymous (and you don't log in so that isn't stored, either).Please let me know if there is a feature request you have regarding this or any aspect.Thanks!ColinCloud 8 Studioshttp://flick.cloud8studios.com

Hi jabtano,Yep, the other user(s) you are sending to need this app (which is currently on WP7). We'll be expanding to Android and iPhone as soon as we can.Thanks for your question!ColinCloud 8 Studioshttp://flick.cloud8studios.com

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