FlipMag BETA changes name to Magnify BETA. Articles no longer flip

Magnify BETA

FlipMag, a beautiful RSS reader for Windows Phone that we showed you a couple of weeks ago, has changed its name. It’s now called Magnify. It’s still currently in open beta and it still looks good, but there’s one change that’s very obvious. Articles no longer flip. You now have to swipe left to continue reading longer articles.

New features for version 3.0.4

  • New name and logo!
  • UI and performance improvements
  • Offline caching of images
  • Pocket read it later support
  • Fixed hyperlink issues (for new articles)
  • Removed status bar
  • Turned off background agent to temporarily fix app resetting bug
  • To rename or remove a Mag group, tap on the group title and tap on the "pencil" icon.

We liked the flip feature in the previous versions. We wonder if it will get added in an update. Ideally, we think it would be better to provide users the option for what they want: normal scrolling, flipping, or swiping.

Magnify BETA is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. Have you used FlipMag before? How do you like the new changes? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Angella J.!

QR: Magnify Beta



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What are the chances the changes in name and the flipping style are due to Flipboard?

Name was definitely changed to avoid Flipboard. The Flipping of articles? Yeah, Flipboard doesn't have a patent on that...

Yea but not having a patent hasn't stopped larger companies from threatening smaller ones before.

jojoe42 says:

It's certainly Flipboard who pulled the strings.... and so where was that Flipboard app that we were promised a year ago?

brebo33 says:

Flipping was kind of annoying. It's one of those features that's cool at first, then becomes a bother as you use other apps that behave in ways we're used to. Anything that brings too much attention to itself disrupts usability.

doeboiO says:

True, I've always felt this way about some apps

MikeSo says:

Agreed. It was more of a distraction than a feature.

steve_w_7 says:

Shame.  The flip feature was the charming part of this app.  I shouldn't have done the update this morning...

andremr says:

I just wish we could have a fast way to read next news...

jmerrey says:

I'm sure the flipping removal was to avoid possible problems with flipboard. Probably a smart move.

StirItUp says:

I bet Flipboard had something to do with changes.

So where is the flipboard app they announced so excitedly way back?

Jazmac says:

My guess is, Microsoft is holding it back until WP 8.1 drops. So it'll be available in a few weeks.

So much for all that coming soon lip flapping they did. Announced same time as vine but still not out. Lol.

MikeSo says:

Glad to see that they apparently fixed the most egregious bugs... Like the fact that it crashed every time I used it and reset all settings, which made it useless. Also needed improvements in how links were handled in text. I still prefer miniRSS, but will give this update a try.

osoalex says:

I loved the parallax effect it had...

Wyn6 says:

Agreed. I thought this was the nicest part of the app. Disappointed to see it go.

Jazmac says:

Pretty lame that it doesn't flip anymore. Its just like any other app that doesn't differentiate from the norm. Not sure I'll keep it now. Bummer.

tofmin says:

No flip? No black theme? Thanks and sorry, but no. Stick with SimpiRSS.

david90531 says:

I like the new name and icon, app is smoother. But I agree with most I miss the flipping, and the cool effect it used to have when scrolling through in title view

Jazmac says:

On second thought, I'm going to uninstall it. I have apps that do what it does already and without a differentiator, what's the point in this level of duplication?  It was a beautiful few weeks though. I hope the dev changes his\her mind.

gonza1520 says:

I want it to flip again I don't like the scrolling!

tertitten74 says:

No flip = uninstall, it was because of the flip I installed in the first place, but hey, it's still beta so things can change. I was so impressed when the app came out that I will still keep an eye on it. Seems like a good designer and coder the dude/dudette behind thus app, so please keep it up.

I started with no flip = uninstall, that was obviously a joke, I will follow this app. No matter what they do they can't do worse than Wave, sorry fans of Wave, but it needed to be said..

Hmmm have I ever made such long comment here before? Doubt it, I guess I got a bit involved., cheers mates, I know you all secretly love each other here on wpcentral, duuuu I'm through now

Dratwister says:

I don't care much about this flip effect. But I really like the parallax scrolling effect of this app. Now it looks nothing different than other feed reader.

It's faster though

Jazmac says:

I contacted the dev for Magnify aka Flipmag and according to him, in the next update, Paralax will be returning. No word on if "flip" effects would be returning though.  Fingers crossed.




Ixia says:

Like it. But can't seem to change the images on the 'all' tiles, which is peeing me off, cos there's an image I don't like showing up every time.

FCone says:

Nice program but I would prefer Pocket integration instead Instapaper.

jiggaman135 says:

Terrible change... The flipping feature is what made the app appealing... At least for me!

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Duduosf says:

Didn't like the new UI. The flipping article is what made this app unique.

WishuKaiser says:

Still no Feedbin support(?) :\