FlipMag Beta

FlipMag BETA, a beautiful RSS reader for Windows Phone

If you’re a news junkie, then you probably know that it’s much more efficient to use an RSS reader rather than opening each website with the browser. There’s a new RSS reader app for Windows Phone, called FlipMag, that is currently in beta that you’ll want to pay attention to. It’s still not completely done, but we like it so far.

Head past the break to watch our hands on video and walkthrough.

When you first open FlipMag BETA, the app asks you to select some of your topics of interest to get started. For example, we’ve selected tech, travel, living, and photography from a list of 14 topics.

The main screen on FlipMag will remind you of the Windows Phone home screen. There are tiles that you can rearrange and resize. Click on one of the tiles representing a site or group of sites to start reading.

FlipMag screenshot

Thumbnails for each article are shown in full width above the titles. Scrolling down the list of articles looks great. The thumbnails scroll at the same time you scroll down, making a really cool effect. Scrolling down a single article is different. Rather than one long page to scroll through, you flip through one at a time. The flipping animation looks great.

FlipMag screenshot

While FlipMag looks pretty right now, keep in mind it’s still in beta. There are still a few things to fix. One major problem we find is that it’s difficult to add RSS feeds. You can’t simply enter a website’s URL. The app seems to want the exact URL for a site’s feed. We also notice lag when scrolling down a list of articles even with the Nokia Lumia 1520 featuring Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 processor.

FlipMag BETA is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. It’s a beautiful app with potential to be a great RSS reader. Download it now to follow its progress and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Simon B.!

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DJCBS says:

FlipMag is pretty cool but that developer has another app - Skinery Themes - that is way more awesome and I think deserved some love from WPC. Just a tip ;)

moc426 says:

Nice app for the unique interface. Downloading.

OsamaAdam98 says:

Unique what? that's flipboard clone.

joe_easton says:

A well done clone; but still a clone.  I thought we were supposed to get Flipboard soon.

gravage says:

We have been supposed to get Flipboard since the Lumia 1020 Announcement. They are clearly in no hurry to deliver an app, assuming they bother at all. So I welcome all clones.

Yup download flipboard on your windows 8 PC. U ll love it.

aafa says:

you weren't kidding when you said beautiful. it just got me pregnant and i'm a guy...

Sam Sabri says:

You shouldn't put your phone in there. 

cruisezero says:

Lol.. Vibrate on silent mode on

sholokov says:


cesar ruiz1 says:

I've tried them all but I always end with weave the speak article feature is something I can't let go. Not saying that others are bad just weave is much better.

I use weave too. But not able to scroll when the article is being read to me annoys me.

MilkyTee says:

Really nice app, but the latest update has made it a little unstable. I also think the name and logo should be changed before Flipboards lawyers start breathing down their necks.

The dev seems pretty committed and was active on a thread in the forums recently, laying out the update and what to expect.

jmerrey says:

Love it so far. Change the name and logo though...

josipogo says:

Great looking app, maybe decent replacement for other similar app.

I love this app, but it has a few bugs (yes, I get it's in beta).

First, sometimes when I open the app, it reset and acts like I've never opened it before, and I have to re-add all of my feeds.

Secondly, whenever there's a hyperlink in a post, the text randomly repeats un-hyperlinked right after.

I'd probably switch to FlipMag from Fuse if these got fixed! 

I switched to weave from fuse.. Have u tried weave?

I have! I actually prefer Fuse. What do you like about Weave? 

I used to have fuse on a 710. Then when i got a 920 i found weave and i couldn't go back. I like the uncluttered layout i guess and the speak article feature. Now i like flipmag too

Jazmac says:

I've been a fan of this app for a while.  Its one I talked about in the forums.  Its going to be on your phone alone side Flipboard, whenever it shows up. I promise. Its that good.

+920. You told me about this app in a forum. ;)

Jazmac says:

:)  I found a few other gems recently. I'll drop them in the forums when I get time. I used to leave tips in the tip line but you'll never hear about them.  lol. These devs are bringing it to Windows phone.

Witness says:

Everyone is waiting for Flipboard. I was waiting for it on Win8, but when it arrived I went back to using BentoBox. I suspect I would probably do the same when it arrives on WP8 - back to Weave or this cool looking FlipMag.

finally an rss app that doesnt require a google account

thaman04 says:

Weave doesn't require a Google account either.. AND it has SkyDrive sync ;) so it syncs between Windows 8 and Windows Phone :D

I did not they didn't require it & as for not using i think it had to do with those screenshots just dont do it justice i think if they didn't use high contrast red i would have tried it sooner but i think i still will see how this new app evolves as the text buttons just dont work well for huge fingers & it loads to slow on the app startup

xchaser says:

Anyone knows how to deselect the already pin sites.

Wyn6 says:

Yep. Been using this for awhile myself. I'm of the opinion that is one of the nicest UIs in the WP Store. Once some of the hiccups get cleared up, like the app completely resetting, this will probably be in the top 3 news apps on the platform.

sharathu7 says:

Please stop putting pics of L1520... i am getting crazy over it... i cant afford it now... Put pics of L520...

blackhawk556 says:

Cheap bastard. Lol :) JK

sayonical says:

Performance needs some optimization

Jazmac says:

What are you running it on?

tcprodigy says:

Wow. Just wow. Love this app. From web view to flip view to the mobilizer to the tiles.already removed the wpc app from my home screen and pinned wpc from flipmag instead since it has a live tile (I use the free wpc app). Flipmag is of course a lot more beautiful than the wpc app and any other news app really. My eyes are very happy

Jazmac says:

Agreed. For a device like Windows phone that runs things in such a fluid manor, why the decision is made most times to do sideways scroll, seems too template-ty. WP is smooth as you can see with Flipboard for Windows 8 and Flipmag beta. Build your app that way. Let that smoothness shine.

jfmanzo says:

I live underwater, in a fluid manor :)

Jazmac says:

Good one! lol

Durishin says:

Why not just hook it to Feedly?

ladydias says:

Probably because feedly requires a google account

jabtano says:

Really a nice app.

YianniGR says:

It has WPCentral in "tech" you don't have to add it in custom..

wtma says:

Lol at the logo, please I believe you could get more creative than that. Very nice app though, I just wish it could scan RSS feed of a website automatically, it's a quite standard feature on a reader app.

Jazmac says:

Thats an idea.  Maybe the dev could add that. I like that idea.

navidee says:

Wow. This looks to be my new news app!

thaman04 says:

Needs SkyDrive or no thanks.  Sticking to Weave.

DanSaigon says:

Can we not just get Flipboard, even a Beta to keep me quiet ?

rain620 says:

I read somewhere that the dev thought it's already released for WP lol. If that's true, it's already done and is just waiting for submission.

nice review mark. keep up the good work sir

mesamit says:

flip view doesn't show full article of wpcentral...

I liked the UI. Going to try it. 

Martin Howe says:

I've beeen using SimpiRSS since that day I flashed WP on my HTC HD2... It has all that you've been talking about above, plus it back up your feeds to OneDrive wich becoms handy when/if you change device. Try it, you will like it! (It has a free version...)

Marco Gomes1 says:

Really cool looking app. I do hope they can sort out the fluidity of the scrolling and make it simpler to add feeds, but I do like the flip feature and the "start screen".

WP95 says:

Seems like a cool app, but what's the deal with Flipboard? Is this the last app Nokia announced back in July!!!!! And it still isn't here? If you go twitter, they say it is on their roadmap. Sounds like they haven't even started developing it.

gravage says:

I hate when the newsreaders can't look up feeds (i.e wpcentral). I have a group of dedicated feeds that I follow and I don't want whatever their categories serve me. I want to create my own, like I do in Pulse. But looking up the actual address for each of those feeds is tedious.

HomeBound12 says:


Looks like it doesn't have a "off line reading" mode.

I use Next Gen reader because of this.

This is not a big deal for those with big data caps but for those of us with small caps this is a HUGE deal. Hours of reading on the road without spending a byte, just let it sync over wi-fi before you leave house.


j_the_geek says:

That paralax scrolling is awesome! Please tell FlipBoard how to do smooth flip animations, theirs is too stuttered. Nicely done

Maybe a little too gimmicky. The interface throws me off a bit. But, I could get used to it. We'll see. I am intrigued.

Kaye Morales says:

What happened to Flipboard?

Luis Jorge says:

great app,just like flipboard on my ipad.

andhi23 says:

Use it, but sometime it's won't keep the setting, just like from First install