Popular RSS app Flux returns to the Windows Phone Store, boasting support for Feedly


Since Google Reader has ceased to exist in this poor, feedless world, services such as Feedly have risen up to the challenge and have subsequently expanded to become to go-to locations on the web for RSS management. Numerous Windows Phone apps, including Edoardo Turelli's Flux, were left hung up to dry when Google shut down its service, but now many of the reader apps are moving to Feedly. 

We're today looking at a Flux update that implements said support for Feedly.

If you've been searching for such an app that really screams Modern UI, Flux is a solid choice. From the exquisite gesture support to the animations and intuitive layout, there's a lot in this app without affecting efficiency. Just like you would in any RSS feed app, you can check out latest articles and content from subscribed sources, as well as favourites(or "starring") individual updates for further reading. Think of it as your own personal assistant.


As well as the ability to read through articles, Flux's offline feature enables you to keep up-to-date with everything that's happening without an Internet connection. Perfect for those who are currently mid-flight or are in a location with poor mobile coverage. With version 4, which you're looking at with this latest release, there's also a revamped reading page, handy new gestures to swipe in reading view and better support for low-memory Windows Phones.

We've of course not touched on the in-app browser, Live Tiles (pin both feeds and folders to the Start scree) and more. There's a lot to check out and get used to. Be sure to add our own feed to the app, should you download it.

You can download Flux from the Windows Phone Store for free (usually $2.49, will return to full price in the next few days). Free trial also available. via: Windows Phone Daily

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Jnbs says:

Phonly FTW!!

TJWINS says:

I love Phonly!

Bartdog says:


Josh Harman says:

Its the future.

mdscj4 says:

What I'm waiting for is f.lux..not flux :(

Agent-P says:

I find the Lumia colour profile to be an okay solution since f.lux in it's true form (being able to run in the background and automatically adjust itself) won't be possible on WP unless either it gets "jailbroken" or MS allows for stuff like that.

This is a really good reader, but Phonly is so beautiful and useful that I can't think about changing.

Any way to "Feedly" w/o a Google account?

TJWINS says:

I don't think so

Kadcidxa says:

Works on WP 7. Nice!

chataddicted says:

My fav is rss central. Every one ignore it but it is really nice..

sj2202 says:

I prefer nextgen reader over everything else.Easy to use and super fast!