Follow up: Windows Phone Tango does not increase multitasking app limit to eight

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As a follow up to Monday's story regarding Windows Phone Tango and the reported increase in the number of apps for fast-app switching, the story has proven to be false.

What was seen was a custom Tango ROM for an HD2 where the ROM-chef (HD2Owner) had increased the number of apps in the taskswitcher from five to eight -- but alas, in the official Tango ROM this is not the case and five, sadly is still the limit. From XDA:

"more tasks in taskswitcher is not a tango feature

it's just another useful tweak i implemented into my rom"

Certainly this explains why Microsoft did not convey this information earlier but at least on the bright side, it's one thing to be less excited about regarding Tango.

via: Windows Phone Daily



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Thamuz says:

Well that sucks! Though I would already be happy if they just implement a way to get back to your entire music collection from the volume dropdown control instead of only giving me access to the songs of that particular artist. That and removing double applications from the taskswitcher would make the OS flow better from one part to the other, now it sometimes feels as if I'm in iOS, constantly having to jump back to the start screen.

It always gives me all songs in collection

Thamuz says:

Hmm, maybe I'm doing it wrong. I just tap the song in the drop-down window which takes me to the music player and tapping on the artist name takes me to all the songs of that artist, but I cannot switch to another artist. Is there a way to do this that I'm not aware of?

black_lion says:

I don't think so.  It does the same to me, too.  I've always wondered why they didn't just let you go back to your music collection...

Beezie84 says:

You can play or shuffle all songs in collection... I try to make playlists though, just kinda sucks you can't take songs off a playlist once saved (can still add them)

tiptop11 says:

You have a good point here!I totally agree with what you have said!!Thanks for sharing your views...hope more people will read this article!!!

Arun3 says:

Great tweak from HD2Owner, which could become a reality in windows phone 8 Apollo...... 

OGCF says:

Or hopefully Microsoft will have seen this and decide to throw it into.Tango before the update goes out! :P

Knew it all along

canesfan625 says:

This should have been obvious. A product meant for lower end devices that improves a memory centric function? Lewl

Thamuz says:

Actually, that's not so weird: one way to optimize the OS for lower end devices is to make sure that it uses less ram. The theoretical upshot could then be that devices which DO have more ram could have more apps in memory. Sadly, this isn't the case but it sounded plausible to me.

canesfan625 says:

That isn't the scope of the Tango update. I would look for it in Apollo.

R0bR says:

Having only five Apps in the task switcher wouldn't be a problem if WP7 didn't waste slots with the same App. Also, if there was a way to pin an App so it wont drop off the list it would be great.

OGCF says:

Exactly. But if MS doesn't fix that then at least we should get more slots.

Don't want the app to get pushed out just goto it before opening a new one

canesfan625 says:

I've never paid attention to slots being wasted with the same app. I see 5 apps up on my phone even if there are previews for the same app twice o_O

ahuczek says:

It happens a mostly when messaging. You'll have multiple windows of the same conversation on the fast app switching screen

weepatc says:

Tango is a minor update so its obvious there will be small changes to the OS but we'll not see anything major until Apollo.....and that's a long way away yet! But I hope MS have been listening to WP7 users & give us the features we are looking for. It saddens me some Networks have soured the WP7 experience for some & I fear it's gonna be the same again with Tango. So far I have had no problems with updates to both my HD7 & Titan here in the UK.

eagle628 says:

Wait, it's a "bright side" to be less excited about Tango? Huh?