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Fortumo launches fund for Windows developers

In-App Purchases are extremely common in mobile apps and games these days. As an AT&T customer, I have the option of paying for Windows Phone IAPs by credit card, carrier billing, or Microsoft account. People with different carriers or living in other countries might not have access to those same payment methods. And you normally couldn’t use carrier billing for Windows 8 purchases.

Mobile payment provider Fortumo allows app developers to easily integrate carrier billing for IAPs into both Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT apps and games. Fortumo is so serious about getting Windows developers on-board that they’ve just launched a fund to pay advances to successful developers for integrating Fortumo payments into their apps. How successful does a developer need to be in order to get the funding? Read on to find out.

Integrate Fortumo, get paid early

Fortumo launches fund for Windows developers

Fortumo’s “Wintegration” campaign allows developers whose apps have reached a certain number of downloads on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, or Android to receive an advance payment when those developers integrate the Fortumo SDK in the Windows Phone or Windows 8 version of those apps. In other words, your app needs to already be popular in order to qualify.

Assuming your app meets the criteria, Fortumo will advance you anywhere between $1,000 and $25,000 towards the IAPs your users would make via Fortumo’s carrier billing. It’s a no-risk proposition for developers. If the app’s Fortumo IAPs don’t exceed the advance, you lose nothing. You already got the advance to keep. Fortumo doesn’t charge a monthly fee or require a minimum volume commitment.

Integrating Fortumo’s carrier billing into an app or game offers several benefits to users. For instance, it allows carrier billing in Windows 8 apps. Also, some carriers and regions that normally don’t support carrier billing with Windows Phone purchases DO support carrier billing through Fortumo.

Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers can learn more and sign up for the promotion at



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Pratik Mehta says:

Off topic.
Rip MH370 :'( all dead on board.

Aashish13 says:

Yeah if not dead they might have tried to get into contact with anyone.

sasukeluffy says:

What, why did you say rip? Have they been confirmed to be dead? :o

rodneyej says:

Dang! That's pretty messed up.. Sad...

guillams says:

Good News! Wiiiiii

Cristian_Dan says:

I don't get it. What are those guys earning? I was looking on their site and they seem to take no fee for in app purchases. Then ... how are they earning any money?

Paul Acevedo says:

They do take a cut of each transaction.

Cristian_Dan says:

How much? I've been searching to see how much they take but I couldn't find. 

1101x10 says:

There's a table here

Click on a country to get more details

From what I can see in my country (UK) if I sell an app for £1.00 I will get up to 55% payout.

blackjackrm7 says:

Hey with this app ill be able to buy apps from my sim card cool,man

AskaLangly says:

Meanwhile, where the hell is Verizon on carrier billing? No Windows Phone, apparently...

ttanay says:

So can we pay with mobile carrier with fortuna ?