From the Forums: New Lumia Windows Phones and the upcoming HTC event

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Nokia has dominated our news reel for the past few days, and they'll be at the front of the line for our From the Forums tonight. If you weren't present on Wednesday to stay on top of everything that was presented to us at the joint Microsoft and Nokia event, you might want to check out our wrap-up that contains everything you need to know.

With the news of our new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 forums, the activity has increased with everyone eagerly discussing the newest and greatest Nokia hardware. Tahiti Bob starts us off with a thread to unleash concerns of the upcoming iPhone 5 announcement.

Nokia and Microsoft have both failed to provide concrete details surrounding release dates, what carriers will be stocking the new hardware, and pricing. Apple is likely to announce more details in the near future, which has the potential to draw much needed attention from Windows Phone.

"One week before the iPhone 5 reveal. What was there today to keep people interested beyond WPCentral readers who are already sold on Windows Phone? There was no full OS reveal, no date, no price, no carrier availability, just the promise of great hardware. 

When the iPhone 5 is announced next week, all of the above will be addressed and within an hour people will be placing preorders. Why doesn't Microsoft get it? Why not give people amazing incentive to not preoder an iPhone (again, people who don't read WPCentral)?"

What are your thoughts on the announcements made at the event just passed? Are you concerened about the upcoming iPhone keynote? Be sure to head on over to the "I think Nokia and Microsoft have blown it" thread to voice your thoughts.

HTC's up next

HTC Accord

Now Samsung and Nokia have both revealed what they're planning to offer consumers this fall, HTC is the last remaining OEM partner left. We're expecting the company to unveil a One X version for Windows Phone, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Snowmutt takes us through why he wants to believe in HTC.

"Anyone excited for the official HTC announcements? I am really liking the glimpse of what Nokia and Samsung have to offer so far. There have been enough rumors to make me step up and keep an eye open for what HTC has coming. I WANT to believe they will begin to turn around their fortunes by launching great devices for WP 8.

I WANT to believe thy can match Nokia in the camera department, have solid devices that still feel great. I WANT to believe their relationship with Microsoft from Windows Mobile days will pay off. I have said they are the third dawg in this race right now, but they are still in it. I WANT to believe they will support their WP 8's and work hard for our money."

No matter how we may come across here at Windows Phone Central, we really do appreciate HTC's hardware. Both the HTC Arrive and Trophy are well loved devices, and the TITAN and Radar brought the OEM up-to-date with Mango. Can the do wonders with Apollo? Who knows, but they definitely have the capabilities.

Voice your opinion on how you believe HTC will do in the "Okay, HTC, you have the next..." thread.

Miscellaneous: Are you getting a Nokia Windows Phone at release?

With the two Lumia Windows Phones announced and well on their way to consumers, will you be purchasing one once they're available? This is exactly what theefman has asked on our forums. According to his post, the Lumia 920 will be his next Windows Phone with the HD screen and innovative technologies making it an easy decision.

"Think I saw enough to decide this will be my WP8 device. Same form factor but some interesting new additions and tech, including the HD screen. Will be a good upgrade from my 900."

Be sure to vote in our poll and add your $0.02 in the "So who's getting one on release day?" thread.



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wpos8 says:

Nokia already announced ATT will have it available on Nov 2, 2012. They also told us OS and hardware specs.

I don't really give a crap of new iphone 5 coming next week. It just gonna be boring with same body design with just a 4 inch screen big deal and maybe shows us some copycat features they probably grab from windows 8 features or android. IPhone 5 will not even have NFC which shows you apple slow on adding useful features. I dont know why people are so anxiously serious of getting an iphone. I used it and it surely boring and looking at cluttered icons apps that sits there like it is dead. I also see iphone 4s so slow and sometimes bogs down. Once I use a windows phone it just a fun and awesome looking phone UI. Again who cares of iphone 5 launch on Wednesday it just gonna be all hype. I be surprise they will have some bugs or attenna issues hahaah

wrigs says:

That Nov. date wasn't announced, that is just a rumor.
Everything you said about the iphone is also a rumor.
Most people don't know about or care about rumors.  They only care what they read in USA Today or see on the news, or what their friends say.  And what their friends say is "the new iphone is coming out!" and then they say "awesome! my current one is getting old I can't wait for the new one!" and they don't care about anything else.

wpos8 says:

Yes it been announced by ATT that lumia 920 will be available 11/2 and NO rumored. Also yes it will be called iphone 5 is what apple announced. IPhone is gay. Lol

Piro.Garay says:

I'm not even really sure if they have announced iPhone 5, have they? Or is everybody expecting iPhone 5 again like last year? It's probably gonna be the iPhone 4Si for all I care. I'm definitely gonna try to get my hands on the new Lumia 920...

aubreyq says:

The image Apple used for the press conference announcement has the number 12 (for September 12) and the 12 cast a shadow of a 5.

It'll be called the iPhone 5.

Once again, youre speaking from the perspective of an established WP fan. One thing Apple does right and which probably has a lot to do with their large share of the market is that at their press conferences, they announce everything at once. Carrier availability, OS tweaks, pricing, and date of availability, which normally isn't far off from the announcement. People hear about it on the news, on tech blogs, and while all that's happening, Apple lets all those impulse buyers start preordering their devices or promise them that they dont have long to wait to get their hands on one. By the time November rolls around, all those Apple users who may have migrated to WP after the Nokia announcement will already be packing their new iPhones and have no reason to switch.

Stop the doom and gloom talk! MS and partners know what they're doing

wpos8 says:

Nokia announced they will have lumia 920 on November 2, 2012 at ATT


No, they haven't. Nokia has not announced that--you need to learn the difference between rumor/guessing and an actual announcement. 

aubreyq says:

It baffles me that people think Nokia announced the release date. WTH?

wpos8 says:

Oh it baffles u poor baby...has if you know?

Forc3 says:

hey Daniel some german retailer reportedly will be shipping the new Lumias at October 16/18 as far as I remember... Snap, I cant find those links....

I'm aware but I don't consider that evidence...lots of retailers take pre-orders (and your money) for unconfirmed dates.

ZuNuKoo says:

So I'm going to say this here. I'm tired of all those people complaining about 32GB isn't enough room. I have 8GB and I've been fine I watch movies play games. Play music. I remember when hard drives used to be only 20GB Stop complaining. 32GB is enough. Some of them complaining are probably on their parents plan anyway. There happy I got that off my chest. :) Carry on..

latempete says:

For YOU it's fine. I'd love the 920 to come with a microSD slot. If it did I could FINALLY move all of my music to my phone and be less dependant on my old 32GB iPod Touch. Which, incidentally, is packed to the gills with music. The OS supports expandable memory and the 820 HAS it. Why limit a great phone? One size does not fit all.

aubreyq says:

I knew this would happen. People always want more storage. You're right. Nobody's ever happy.

auslaender says:

Already heard about the cloud?

latempete says:

Heard about data rates? Why pay extra and need a good signal just to listen to music I already own. BTW, isn't one of the selling points for both Nokia Music and Zune offline listening?

schlubadub says:

A microSD slot *will* make people happy as they can have as much storage as they like!!

schlubadub says:

It's great that your life has limited storage requirements. Others have different needs and desires. Removable storage means you could have several microSD cards on hand - maybe with your entire music collection, libraries of full length movies, videos, pictures, books, podcasts, documents etc. The 'download time' is nearly instant (swap in a new card), you don't need to have carrier signal or even have a data plan. 32 GB is good for you, but low-to-average for other people. MicroSD gives us the choice - since when was choice a bad thing?

atledwards says:

Apple 'said' "choice was a bad thing". Your choice is the 920 + skydive, the Ativ or HTC's TBO. The others have SD slots. I believe Nokia could have hidden the slot on top. Maybe in the future sim and SD card functions card can be merged

willied says:

You are not everyone so don't act like everyone else has the same needs as you.

rickylitz says:

I have my lumia 900 and is great, I'll need to wait to end the 2 year contract to replace it.

diod123 says:

me too, I made the choice knowing this was coming and don't regret getting the N900 at all. I am very pleased with it. The 920 to me lookd amazing though, and hope many enjoy it.

EAA575 says:

Sprint should REALLY get the yellow Lumia 920. It'll be stupid if they don't.

aubreyq says:

Have you been living under a rock? Sprint won't have a single WP. At least for this year.

EAA575 says:

I know they won't. I'm saying if they did, they should get the yellow color.

karl11 says:

Lumia 920 all the way!

NIST says:

No news stories from Dan in over 3 hours. Wtf?

ZuNuKoo says:

He did comment on a reply here.

NIST says:

Oh. So at least he's not home drunk with his cats.

Whoa whoa whoa...who said I wasn't? Let's not start vicious rumors folks, lol

(Actually watching the new Rifftrax...so good).

ZuNuKoo says:

Twilight was really good with that. Only way I was watching that movie. I miss MST3K. But rifftrax will do. Now to buy the seasons..

dakken says:

Daniel,,what phoen would you recomend other than the 920 and not much of a camera enthusiast,,,I'm currently with T-mobile and don't plan on changing carriers for a new phone.

Tahiti Bob says:

I think my next phone will be a 920 but it's only because I don't want to miss out on basic 3rd party apps like CNN, ESPN or whatever is next.
In a way I feel like I'm bullied into buying a Lumia when the Ativ S actually looks great and HTC could come up with a very impressive device (i.e. a One X running WP8).

myjota says:

The verge is android troll site

myjota says:

After my comment they blocked me ))))

fsweb2011 says:

I loved the lumia 920 and was going to purchase it but I am concerned that if it's a prototype shat was shown this week, what will be available in two months will be a rushed product with some problems.
So I will wait...i am also worried about batery life...2000m is not much...my current lumia 800 has 1450m and just last half day if used often...

danzinho16 says:

Part of me, says that Nokia has a phone that is even better than the 920, and they will only release it, or talk about it, next year. That's what I think. However, I don't think I can resist of not buying the 920.

Theee Tech says:

I have the HTC Titan and have been very happy with it, seen the Lumia 920 photos and Video Demos (Gonna get it BTW). I work with many "Techie" types. Many "Apple fan boys" who have attempted to make my phone seem as if it's lacking something (they failed miserably everytime). I DO think the iPhone is a good phone BUT since WP7 the only advantage to having an iPhone or an ipad for that matter is the "Accessories" ihomes and such. Now that Microsoft is integrating its products, I can have the "Microsoft Experience" with a WP8/Xbox/Windows 8/MS Surface much like Apple gives with its iphone/ipad/Macbooks etc... I was always impressed and a bit envious of how Apple products just work together without much setup. I'm really hoping Microsoft / Nokia keep going in that direction. Maybe with some MS hardware versions of what ihome is to Apple iphone/ipad hardware.

hoonigandad says:

The IPhone will be mega expensive so lumia is an awesome deal all the way around!! Go Nokia!!

Tahiti Bob says:

Please share your pricing information, we're all waiting. And being more expensive has always worked against Apple, hasn't it?

schlubadub says:

High-end phones all seem to be within $100 of each other... So cost really isn't a factor

Tomasz S. says:

I purchased the 800 on February 2nd - its relase day here in Poland, and had to put up with horrid bugs for several months. Well fool me once, I'm gonna be more careful with the 920 and hold off till I'm sure it is usable.

Gunbust3r says:

Nokia can go F themselves along with ATT for holding the halo phone as an exclusive. The Samsung Ativ S sounds like the villan from earth final conflict and is ugly as sin. I guess i'm stuck with whatever HTC makes for Tmo.

wpos8 says:

Well not rumored I went to ATT and sales person gotten word that lumia 920 will definitely come to ATT on 11/2 so not guessing maybe drop by talk to them.