Forza 5 Nurburgring DLC announced at E3, available today for free

Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt today announced the Nurburgring DLC for Forza 5, the popular racing game available exclusively on Xbox One. The company stated that one million players are racing each week and will now be able to take their favorite vehicles to the Nurburgring track.

The map features millimetre accuracy, captured for high levels of detail. Players will be able to race one another, friends' drivatars and immerse themselves as if they were racing for real in Germany. As mentioned above, the new DLC is available for free today.

See you all on the track. Stay tuned for more E3 2014 coverage.



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marcodci says:

Very very nice love this track.

IceDree says:


thundr51 says:

I suddenly feel very ill and need to go home. immediately.

rodneyej says:


rodneyej says:

What about for WP❔❔ ... If WP was a serious XB gaming platform the it would come up at E3.... But, its not❗

kwajr says:

No one said it was

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The simulation physics would be wasted on a touchscreen platform. Just buy an Xbox and play it how it's meant to be played. :)

kwajr says:

Been screaming for this since day one and great to see its not a track pack

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karelj says:

Somewhere, James May is screaming 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'

Xsled says:

This is great! Although I still would like to see Infineon and Maple Grove. I miss them both dearly.

zvery777 says:

Has anyone downloaded it yet? How do you do it? Thanks

kwajr says:

It should be auto I came home went to free play and bam there it was

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zvery777 says:

Sweet, thanks

Desean00 says:

Yes making me want it more an more.

swizzlerz says:

Downloaded! Can I say more?

JasonH81 says:

Yup, simply awesome!

oxe23 says:

Is it just the south loop or is the north loop also included?


I remember that GT (don't know which one) also had the much longer north loop.