Forza Football debuts on Windows Phone just in time for World Cup 2014

Forza football

Pro football-soccer fans are getting hyped for the World Cup 2014 tournament, which officially begins on Thursday. This week, a popular iOS and Android app for following the sport, Forza Football, has made its Windows Phone debut just before the start of the World Cup.

The app, which will work with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, gives its users live score updates and video highlights from over 420 football leagues and cups worldwide. It also offers customized push notifications for a user's favorite team and even for individual matches, This will certainly come in handy starting tomorrow as the first games of World Cup 2014 begin.

You can download the free Forza Football app right now in the Windows Phone Store, Will you be following the World Cup tournament this week with this app?

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Abhishek P says:

Espn fc is better

MikeSo says:

Really? You've used Forza Football for WP enough already that you can say that? That's impressive considering it just came out.

Here's my guess. You have no freaking clue whether ESPN FC is better or not.

EDIT: OK, maybe that's harsh. I am just tired of people saying "XXXXXX is better than YYYYY" without even trying the YYYYY app...

dreonedon says:

And onefootball is best!

gacali says:

Yes onefootball has everything!!!

ahmu86 says:

Me too onefootball user... Forza Italia...

IceDree says:

Lol I thought it was Forza (The game) related

For football enthusiats, see how to add football fixtures to your Windows Phone calendar: http://forums.wpcentral.com/off-topic-lounge/288830-get-fifa-2014-word-cup-fixtures-wp-calendar.html (-8

TechFreak1 says:

@DanglingPointer, sweet! thanks for the link!

EDDS says:


Now I'm disappointed.

Alienhead95 says:

I thought the same

ven07 says:

Lol that was my initial thought as well :P but it's good that we're getting more apps everyday

Coan says:

I was really hoping for that. Top Gear style car football...

Shoulda been Top Gear football. =D

anon8649069 says:

Onefootball is much better but thanks for the contribution :)

MikeSo says:

Really? You've used Forza Football for WP enough already that you can say that? That's impressive considering it just came out.

Here's my guess. You have no freaking clue whether Onefootball is better or not.

anon8649069 says:

I dont think so you have experienced Onefootball and I didnt say that Forza is a bad app. I just wanted to help people by telling them the best football app out there.

MikeSo says:

Yeah. I get that. Sorry, I just had a bad moment there. 

Suhasa Su says:

I think I saw this comment elsewhere.

topleya says:

I'll stick with the superb Sofascore

Yes, what I like about Sofascore is that is multi sport.  I just follow football and tennis, and the tennis apps have completely ignored Windows Phone.

BRC1711 says:

One football is better

Suhasa Su says:

Fifa official app??

Silent Night says:

Goal Live Scores is my app of choice.

dreonedon says:

OneFootball best football app on windows phone! (aka soccer)

GoalLive is my daily driver but I love more options. Will check it out!

SIMONator24 says:

OneFootball and SofaScore ftw!

theefman says:

With cortana/bing sports, onefootball, ESPN dc, safascore I think I'm covered. Roll on Brazil!!! En-ger-laaand!!!!!

OneFootball! And they even released a special and well-designed app for World Cup! Check out OneFootball Brasil, peeps :)

anon8649069 says:

Yeah but World Cup news and schedule etc is also included in the Onefootball app.
IMO there's no need of Onefootball brazil app.

2uiam says:

I only need an app for the world cup, downloaded Onefootball Brazil.

joe_easton says:

I am not a fan of soccer but I will download just about any app that WP Central recommends . . . . I think I am addicted to downloading apps.

gacali says:

Hahah ,Me too I like to try them

girishN says:

This or espnfc or onefootball?

MikeSo says:

They have different uses. This one is only for keeping track of matches, when they are, and what the scores are. It's small, lightweight and does ONLY that. It's very barebones, but the info is right upfront and it's a super easy app to use.

The others have much more functions, and all sorts of detailed info. It all depends on what you need. OneFootball has tons of details about everything you could want.

Also, for the WC, I couldn't get ESPN FC to show me the upcoming matches. Maybe it will, but I couldn't figure it out. I don't care much for ESPN FC (I prefer the similar Bing Sports), but OneFootball is great.

wozburger says:

Come on WatchESPN (I know its not going to happen)

Wow... The UI is very... Basic. Not the prettiest application

MikeSo says:

It's hardcore. :) Seriously, I love this little app. Feature creep is not your friend.

OK, they could have team logos, but that's about it.

sicnus says:

Looks like soccer to me

pazces84 says:

Vamos Ecuador!

fahad kazi says:

My cousin had this onefootball app on his iPhone and I did not even know it even existed on wp btw I will try forza too

rponting says:

Definitely following wc with this app... Sound good... Downloading right away..

Tahiti Bob says:

I tipped WPC about Onefootball Brazil the day it came out and nobody seemed to care. Now they write an article about an app that's not as good just because "it's popular on iOS and Android".

Jaskys says:

WPCentral is becoming biased site

Windows Phone getting an app that's popular on other platforms is worth writing about.

Tahiti Bob says:

Onefootball is very popular on these platforms too, you would know if you were a football fan and so would the WPC staff.

Anyone up for a caipirinha on Copacabana before the game tomorrow?

Nando Lopes says:

I would prefer an app that lets you watch these games. There are a couple for IOS, not sure bout Droid.

zeekhan786 says:

in the uk these matches are shown on fta channels. which are available on the TVCatchup app.


btbam91 says:

Was hoping this was about cars, or football, not soccer. Disappointing. :(

theteerex says:

Sofa score is awesome. It even provides videos of goals in any game you are following.