Foundbite beta going strong, now sporting improved Live Tiles and updated UI


Foundbite is a unique concept. We previously looked at the beta stage kicking off with a superb looking app that allows you to capture photos with a whole new level of depth. Not only can you casually browse a gallery of photos taken by friends, but you'll be able to hear ambience recorded with the Windows Phone when the shots were taken. It's a great way to immerse yourself.

Since we looked at the app a few weeks ago, Mendzapp has published numerous updates for beta testers to enjoy. Without going into too much detail, we'll quickly touch on what's new and why you should be interested in trying Foundbite out. First of all, we'll cover the design revamps and improvements made to make the app that much easier to use (not that it was difficult to use in the first place).


The screen on the right shows a mini hint page that explains what each control does and how to effectively use the functionality and achieve perfect results. On the left is the new camera interface. As well as the new designs, the team has also thrown in a new settings page (see below, left). This area enables you to select resolution and focus mode, pretty much offering some configuration in-line with what's present on the default camera app.


Finally, there's the new map and explore pages (middle is the current version, right being the update). As one can see it's now much cleaner with less clutter, grouping Foundbites together that happen to be in the same area. Little changes like these make all the difference when using the app. So, why should you be excited? Sharing images with sound is a unique way of communicating with others on your experiences.

If you haven't yet tried the app out, you can download Foundbite from the Windows Phone Store if you're part of the beta program (available for Windows Phone 8 only). Keep an eye on the team's blog for more details about what's being added to Foundbite and we can reveal that they're looking to release the app to the public within the next week or few.



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jiffffy pop says:

Gonna have to check this out. It looks neat.

ZX9 says:

Images with sound...sounds like...a VIDEO!! Jk, I would use this.

K_lando says:

lol.  I wanted to make this joke as well.
Next thing you know, they'll have motion gifs with sound!
Oh wait...
But j/k as well... I do see how this could be cool when you want to only share a snapshot but give it a little life.

jadan127 says:

Would love to try this out, how do I join the beta? Anyone have a link?

raysaraptor says:

I've been apart of the beta for a while now and I really enjoy the concept of this app. I hope it catches on with a lot more people and maybe someday adopts a social networking theme, so I can follow friends and others. Liking and commenting on foundbites would be a nice touch, but I'm not sure if that's the direction they want to go with it. If not, it's totally fine as it is.

Mendzapp says:

That's definitely the plan, hopefully won't be long before these features are added - just wanted to get the basics right first :)

oscargodson says:

This looks amazing. Can I have an invite?

Great to see developers interact with the users ! !
Wish Microsoft did the same.... . .

K_lando says:

How is it 'shared' though?  Does someone on the receiving end also need to have Foundbite to get the full experience?
Or is it saved as some common video format so you can share with anyone?

Mendzapp says:

Good question, curently sharing is through the Foundbite website http://foundbite.co/6108216096 :)