Foundbite updated with push notifications, commenting, and much more in latest update


What are big fans of? Apps that are exclusive to Windows Phone. The kind of apps that are born and raised just on Windows Phone before making the jump to other platforms. Apps like SongArc, Youmigo, and Sleeve are some examples of those apps that are (for now) exclusive on Windows Phone. Foundbite is also one of those apps and it just picked up a great update. Let’s check it out.

We last covered Foundbite in late November when it picked up version 1.3 in the Windows Phone Store. It was notable for introducing a few new features like finding Twitter/Facebook friends, new capture process, upload improvements and smoother scrolling. Today we’re looking at version 1.4 that brings:

  • List of people following you or who you’re following.
  • Commenting
  • Facebook Login
  • Push notifications for commenting/followers
  • Notification hub
  • Improved capture process, one photo with 45 seconds sound (Reasons for the changes I wrote about here - http://blog.foundbite.co/all/capture-process-reviewed)
  • Uri scheme added for developers to interact with Foundbite
  • Redesigned camera roll
  • Feed design changed with improved scrolling performance
  • Available in all markets now


Version 1.4 of Foundbite is a pretty big update. It not only refines the solid foundation of the app, but introduces new features to make the experience even better. You can now see who you’re following and who follows you (head to your profile to check that out). There’s also a notification hub that will show you who follows you or who commented on your bites. Speaking of noticiations, Foundbite now introduces push notifications so you can see when people follow or comment. Nice!

You’ll also get the option to login with Facebook, if you’re not into creating a separate account for Foundbite. There’s also a URI scheme for developers to tap their apps into Foundbite. And finally, Foundbite can be found (see what I did there?) in all markets. 

Foundbite is a really unique and fun app for Windows Phone. If you haven’t already downloaded it you need to do so now! It’s free in the Windows Phone Store and available to those with Windows Phone 8 (512MB supported).

Source: Foundbite

Thanks for the heads up James!

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theefman says:

Would make sense for Microsoft to promote these kind of apps in ads and show how WP can have the best apps first.

Jay Bennett says:

Keeps getting better! love Foundbite :)

aitt says:

Isn't Disqus still Windows exclusive?

weaverly says:

OK, I'm finally gonna have to bite and try this.

Don't forget about Disqus. One of my fav apps!

Foundbite is my absolutely favourite wp app.

Mendzapp says:

Thanks Kirstein - glad you like it

Marco Gomes1 says:

Just uninstalled it 2 days ago simply cause I never got to use it. I like the idea but I can't find the time get into another "social experience". Between Facebook, 6tag, LinkedIn, nextgen reader, windows phone central, etc, etc, etc, it's more than I can handle right now. I wish all the best to this app. Its a cool innovative idea.

Mendzapp says:

Thanks Marco, much appreciated. Finding space for Foundbite in everyone's already pretty full social media life is going to be one of the greatest challenges.

abond32 says:

Do we are down to only taking one picture.

DVELOPinc says:

Decided to give it a try. Pretty awesome. Least I now know there are other WP owners near me, lol.

Mendzapp says:

Thanks - great to have you onboard!

willied says:

"What are big fans of?"


Great way to introduce an article. :P

dalydose says:

I kicked myself while in Portland for missing a Foundbite moment. I wad taking pictures of some pretty waterfalls in a moss covered forest. The crashing sounds of the water would have been great.

Mendzapp says:

An excuse to go back again maybe? 

sumton says:

one of my favorite apps on windows phone

Mendzapp says:

Thanks - so glad you like it!

drozdpatrick says:

Hard and slow like most experimental apps on Windows.

RocMan50 says:

Love this App but wish I could edit the photos before uploading the full Bite!


Mendzapp says:

Thanks for the feedback - that's something that's going to be worked on. Do you mean cropping or filter-like effects?

ruddevil says:

I just knew that this is a WP exclusive. That's a good reason to start adding up to that single foundbite I made.