Foursquare and Xbox One SmartGlass Beta pick up small updates on Windows Phone

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Updates are always welcomed, especially for apps we use and love daily. Today two such apps are receiving small updates - Xbox One SmartGlass Beta and Foursquare, both on Windows Phone. Let's find out what's new and improved in the latest versions of these two apps.

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

The latest update is now at version 1.0.07 in the Windows Phone Store, however the changelog is from the prior update. We're not seeing anything jump out as new to us in this update, so please let us know if you spy anything different. The ability to 'like' items in your activity feed and game clips was from the update last week.

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Sigh. Still no Swarm app for us on Windows Phone, but Foursquare is getting an update today. This update brings the app to version Sadly, no changelog is found here today. You'll have to let us know if you spot anything different in this update.

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Thanks for the tips everyone!



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Black Lumia says:

Typo alert! Under Foursquare, it says still so swarm when no is meant.

andreirlopes says:

Don't know if this is new or relevant... But I noticed that Foursquare is Universal now.

What's the deal with swarm?

MikeSo says:

What do you mean?

itsbrandonyo says:

He means what is it

I mean it's been out for awhile on Android. I installed it on my wife's s5. Wasn't it does to be out soon after for WP? Out are they going with that "soon"?

MikeSo says:

Later this summer is what they said. Probably means August at best.

Lame. Meanwhile foursquare tells me I'm at least a mile away from work when I'm inside the building.

adzzzbatch says:

Yep yet again us WP users have to wait much longer for an app than those on other platforms. Still by all accounts Swarm is pretty crap. Bring back mayorships!


Normally I have to load up the map app to get my location then go back to Foursquare to get it to update my location.

jfaris7 says:

Seems faster

Oh, how is Wee Bear doing?

Jason94 says:

Foursquare app is universal app but I don't see any design similarity between phone and windows 8 version

Universal doesn't necessarily mean it has the same UI. As far as I know it means the devs can use the same code for PC and Phone with a custom UI depending on screen size. Also means they can charge once and let you have the app on both PC and phone.

UI was never the selling point of universal apps.

Jason94 says:

How about features? One of the features that I always want on windows phone version is check in with friends. Can windows 8 version check in with friends?

moscowdiscow says:

Foursquare is crashing on my Lumia 1520 (WP 8.1) after this update... I can't even open the app :(

j3angerz says:

At least I know I'm not alone :( same here +1520

b4rtw says:

Same on my Lumia 820. I have tweeted @4sqSupport

Will update if I hear anything

KSilcox says:

yup, same here on 1520 8.1. crashes on startup. uninstall/reinstall doesn't fix it, either. I feel bad for their developers. Must be freaking out and running around in circles with their hair on fire right now :)

AnchorDave says:

Mine too. Lumia 1520 with latest 8.1

anarkistsj says:

Immediately crashes on my 1520 as well after updating... Tried reinstalling a couple times.

Maaz Mansori says:

Same here; crashes when opening on my 1520 running 8.1.

Carlos RJ says:

Foursquare's live tile is now more live. It flips and displays more info. And I haven't had any issue, the app works well.

phirefly says:

1520 8.1 and Foursquare crashes for me too

oscarbum says:

Foursquare won't even open now. That's one change I've noticed.

sicnus says:

Fourth & Mayor is the best Foursquare app, so sad that some companies cant even make their own apps properly...

anthonyng says:

I find I have to use both, 4th and mayor for now stuff, foursquare for more information

Grimroid says:

Foursquare crashes on my Icon

patjay68 says:

Same problem here on my Lumia 1520. Launch and crash...

Jeff Woods says:

Please excuse the bluntness but what does the "+1020" mean

It's an "in agreement" term. Like +1 but using their phone model. I have a 925, so +925, etc.

In foursquare, the status bar is now visible. Before I had to swipe down the action center a little bit to peek at the location status. It's an ugly change IMO because it overlaps with the foursquare logo and it clutters the map a bit.

sumothong01 says:

You would think with all the money MSFT gave foursquare they would give us a swarm app and make a decent foursquare app.

wptom says:

To be honest I am afraid Crowley and his gold digger wife used all this money (and that of various seed rounds) in order to find a cosy place in the Hamptons and to secure their premature exit from 4sq. :-(

adzzzbatch says:

Exactly, it seems like they've given MSFT two fingers.

jfreiman says:

Smartglass for 360 - RIP. No more 360 love from Microsoft.

jelani noel says:

360 was dead to Microsoft some 3+ years now.

Yet there are still new games being released for it.

jelani noel says:

Released, not made for it. There's a difference. You can get those games for something else.

jelani noel says:

I havent noticed any smartglass changes

terrokkinit says:

4th and Mayor is 10x better for Foursquare ;). It even updates using your Me! Tile if you download the social extension.

PalZer0 says:

There's a Smartglass section in the Xbox One update preview forums. The current changelog is in the "Current Wave (1407)" section.

Jazmac says:

Update to Foursquare?  Don't 'spec I've ever scen't them two words so close together 'fore now. lol.

MSFTMatt says:

4th and Mayor is still better than normal foursquare

peachy001 says:

This "like" business is not my cup of tea. I would be happy if they ditched that. It also does not work FO the activity feed. Further, does it record who "likes" what? Not sure what the point is if it doesn't.

kingkoopa09 says:

It does work for activity feed but don't understand the point yet, u hve to tap the number

peachy001 says:

I did try several times, no joy. It worked for the video clips, but not the feed. Still struggling to see the point though.

elitelibra says:

Microsoft needs to buy foursquare and integrate it with windows and Bing

Aashish13 says:

We need fast lane in our operating system. Maybe with wp9

Also crashed on the Lumia Icon.. tried to re-install it, but no succes... :-(

same here for 1520

BenGutt says:

When will we be able to get the AMEX offers via Foursquare for windows phone. It angers me that I have to borrow someone elses phone to get the cashback offers.

HabeebAlAli says:

Foursquare update works fine on my 1020 (Looks the crashing is only with the 1520)

foursquare cannot be open... after the update commence.

NOLATechy says:

Since the update, my Foursquare app no longer works.  App keeps crashing.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still won't work on my Lumia Icon running Windows Phone 8.1.  Anyone have any suggestions?


ma7mgte says:

Works on my 928, but not on my Icon.

App still crashing on my 1520.