Foursquare available again for Nokia Lumia 1520

Earlier this morning, we reported how the update for Foursquare was disabled for those with a Lumia 1520. Starting within the last hour, users can once again download, install or update their Foursquare app to take advantage of the new stability fix.

The Foursquare version number has not changed, nor has the Store been refreshed, but it does appear that Foursquare has removed the restriction for Lumia 1520 owners who were being blocked. Likewise, searches for Foursquare in the Store reveals the app, unlike before.

Thanks, Gualo, for the tip!

QR: foursquare



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Yousef Kawmi says:

Someone commented, it would take a few hours if it was on IOS, IN YO FACE!
Edit : @gizzzmo

HyperKid says:

Was going to say the same hahaha...!

I kind of have the feeling they read our site, noticed the issue and fixed it.

Sameer Beri says:

Yes because wpcentral is one of best site for windows...

Jf.Vigor says:

The way you put the ellipsis gives the impression you're being sarcastic

kenzibit says:

What kind of hide and seek game is this?

clappenings says:

What devilry is this

Sweet news. I'm curious as to what the big issue was.

clappenings says:

Glad to see it back

JSax1 says:

It was crashing on my 1020 since the first update last week. Removing and reinstalling it earlier today fixed the issue. I wish I had tried that sooner!

slimshady97 says:

Who cares what happened as far as it is available in the store again

RoarinRow says:

It works on my 1520 again, but I wish it had an option to tag a friend you're with like the iOS version.

Mr_pither says:

SWARM app???  Though from my android friend it doesn't sound like we are missing much there...

tbonenga says:

They destroyed the app with the elimination of mayors.

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romeop says:

How can a developer block an update for a specific device?

Mik29 says:

Anyone else having issues on the Lumia 1020 after this update? I cant add or edit any appointments now, it just cuts back to the start screen now!