Fragger makes it to the Windows Phone Marketplace

Fragger for Windows Phone

Better late than never, right?

The new Windows Phone Xbox Live game Fragger has finally made it on to the Marketplace. The Angry Birds like game includes 310 levels that span ten different worlds. Instead of tossing birds at your enemies, you toss grenades.

You will need to figure out angle, throwing power and make some creative bounce shots with your grenade to take out your enemy targets. The fewer grenades, the higher the score.  We're downloading the game as we type and will get a review up shortly on this latest Xbox Live title.

Fragger will run you $2.99 with a free trial version available. Fragger can be found here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Lobbie1978 says:

I'm sick and tired of those Angry Birds ripoff's. Bring us some original games please!

Sodapop14 says:

To be honest I always like Fragger better than Angry Birds. To me it was more challenging but that was when there was only like 50 levels I am not sure good it is anymore.

Nataku4ca says:

honestly... angry bird isn't the first game that played like that, worms, tank (something forgot name from 1999 i think) all played the same way

dogmeat1978 says:

Ive been waiting for THIS!! BALLS TO WP7

How about update to the orginal Angry Birds

NaterBater says:

Im fairly certain that the repeat a level 25 times in a row achievement is glitched.

pfletcher7 says:

Kinda reminds me of Worms! Loved that game, will totally check this out!

Mestiphal says:

I don't think this is such a rip off to Angry Birds, as Angry Birds was to Worms..

Paul Acevedo says:

It's... More like Angry Birds than Worms IMO. I say this as a huge Worms fan who designed custom levels for the PC version and everything.

Indeeed, I see just a small links with Angry Birds. Worms is what this game looks like, and let's face it: that game was just awesome! :)

alexblfc says:

Just downloading now. £2.29 is quite pricey but so is every other app in the marketplace so not surprised. Loved this game on my iPod touch, ok sure the 4.7" screen on the titan will make it look even better.

dogmeat1978 says:

Ok i take back my previous statement, loving it;-)

Pete C says:

Great game...I used to play the hell out of this on iPhone.

Desdemona says:

Gravity guy is tougher than dark souls imo. Lol. I mean, I keep dying and dying, and that's all there is to the game! I even used up 2 free snails, and I couldn't pass 2 levels!!!

NaterBater says:

This game is awesome. The achievements are easy enough an all unlockable. The price tag id spot on for this many hours of gameplay. I highly recommend buying this one.