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France carrier SFR to offer Windows Phone 8.1 update July 8

windows Phone 8.1

SFR, one of France's wireless carriers, is reporting that it will begin its over-the-air update to Windows Phone 8.1 on July 8. It will include the Cortana digital assistant feature, although it won't be enabled for French-speaking folks until sometime in early 2015.

The update is expected to be 150 MB in file size. SFR has listed all of the new features that will be enabled for current Windows Phone 8 device owners in that country. They include adding Xbox Music, Video and Podcast apps, syncing setting on a phone with other Windows devices and much more.

Microsoft has already indicated that Cortana will expand to the UK and China in the near future, but that other territories will have to wait until 2015 to get localized versions of the Windows Phone 8.1 voice command assistant. Microsoft has announced that India can expect an over-the-air update for Windows Phone 8.1 sometime during the second week of July.

What do you think of this announcement and if you live in France do you plan to download the Windows Phone 8.1 update?

Thanks to Guy Kh for the tip!

Source: SFR



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DarkRyd says:

'Second week of July for India'!? Wasn't it, FIRST OR SECOND WEEK of July?!

spartegus says:

Yes....slowly it became second week!

DarkRyd says:


Arpit Mittal says:

he means by end of second week of july all wp8.0 to wp8.1

seq1 says:

It is a carrier version, so it is not necessary that unlocked phones will get it at the same time. Usually, unlocked phones get updates earlier.

It doesn't matter much.. Atleast we know that its coming in July!

2tomtom says:

Always France getting it first :-/s

Aanze says:

We have a LOT of Windows Phone users here !

L0gic Bom8 says:

Good. I may be in the USA, but I'm glad there are other countries where WP is very strong!

Erfan6676 says:

Is it official.

So... when does the US get the update and Cortana???

sundawg#WP says:

Ask your carrier. Or use the dev preview and bypass the wait (less the firmware you may or may not live without).

Rasetech says:

Does this eventually man that they can use Cortina in englisch?

BonomDenej says:

I think we will be able to use Cortana in French even. Probably not as advanced, just like Bing in Europe is half as useful as in the US... I'm using Orange in France but I bought my 8X carrier unlocked... I really hope I'll have the update soon, I'm waiting for this !

2tomtom says:

Worth waiting for ❤

deMaelstrom says:

If you intend to use Cortana right after the WP8.1 update is released, you'll still have to switch your phone to US English... And I actually don't expect Cortona to support French (and all its regional accents) before sometime next year though. I know they are stepping on the gas to deliver more Bing's features internationnaly but I really don't expect a miracle there...

rollindadice says:

Great soon we will all have it

kivancio says:

correct me if i'm wrong; if a french carrier can release it, it must be available for carrier independent country variant phones ? So, before July 8, carrier independent phones will receive the update ?

TechFreak1 says:

I hope so but wouldn't hold my breath, Carrier Unlocked phones got GDR updates last previously. I hope this Lumia Cyan / WP 8.1 pilot targets carrier unlocked phones first.

kivancio says:

OK, yeah, you are right, I know the past. BUT. Technically, if a carrier can release update, it means that there exists a raw (untouched) version of the software, which is ready for phones; later the carrier adapts the raw form and releases its own version. It doesn't make sense. OR. microsoft (or nokia) holds the update intentionally, in order to give a privilage to carrier.

TechFreak1 says:

0.0 2015!
For French lingo support for Cortana. Try selling that as a selling point to the French public lol.

HarkAtYou says:

How many people in France don't speak English? I'm starting night school to learn French in September, :)

happytoon says:

A lot....
(I am French BTW)

BldyIdt says:

Like 80% of the population.

(I am French too)

Good luck for your French classes :)

Posted via WPCentral App.

I M waiting so long time to release the WP 8.1 update i m very-very happy to release update in July 2nd week in India. 

Soypan says:

I'll have to get French or Indian ROM I guess...

Why can't MS just release 8.1 on its own? Why do the carriers have to be involved at all? 8.1 DP proves that people are capable to install with out carrier involvement

Come to think of it. That's a good question.

Rainmarie says:

Yes that is a good question???!!!

Studio384 says:

Because if Microsoft wouldn't allow them to control it, they will kick Windows Phone out.

KMF79 says:

Blame the carriers! If Microsoft didn't agree to concede this ability, the carriers wouldn't have agreed to sell Microsoft's phones. If, and only if, Windows Phone becomes a dominant force in the mobile phone market will Microsoft even have a chance to pushed the carriers around and dictate their reclamation of this ability. Even if Windows Phone become a dominant force, this may never happen. Microsoft is playing the game. Why do you think the "dev" preview is so easy to join?

All updates from different carriers vary from each other! May be slightly but yes they do! So 8.1 update in AT&T will be slightly different from the one in Verizon that's why carriers are involved! Though im from India, and we don't have such issues! Wehave unlocked phones:)

pluizebol says:

When will the unlocked phones (not depending/branded on carrier) get the updates WP8.1 & Cyan ????

Anubis4574 says:

AT&T? August-November release. Why will it take so long? They're evil and need to disable the Data Sense feature to make as many people as possible to exceed their data limits. It's only one part of their money-squeezing scheme.

JohnStrk says:

AT&T better move their asss and release it no later than mid-July.  This waiting is ridiculous already!  And I am not giving up Data Sense now that I got to use the past two months. If they remove it I will be seriously considering moving to Verizion. Looks like Verizon is getting all the cool WP's this year anyway and still have Qi wireless charging.

KMF79 says:

Data Sense is part of the reason I haven't updated my unlocked 920. I don't want to be like you. Enjoying the (obvious) usefulness of Data Sense, only to have it takes away. I hate that feeling and would rather not have it at all. The other reason is the removal of the Games hub. I play a ton of games and don't want them mixed in with all my apps. But that's another issue although.

Peg Leg says:

You better be lying.

lum5 says:

Update file only 150mb ? :surprised: many were telling that update size will be nearly one gb but here it is saying less than 200.... How is it possible??

wphashan says:

Yahoooo... :-D
Oh.. Wait, my 920 got a Malaysian rom...
Not so yahoo.. :-(

SammyD_L625 says:

Binnnng! ... :-D
Oh...Wait, my 625 got a South Africa rom...
Not so Bing.. :-(

When wil 8.1 come to netherlands ???? For 1520

cactuz911 says:

What about Cyan - is it included? I would say it's essential to know that...

Studio384 says:

Of course it is, at least, for Lumia devices.

lippidp says:

Let the upgrades begin! So exciting!!!

We need it here in Nigeria

cypripri says:

Ah! des nouvelles de WP France, ça c'est bien. French myself but in the UK so will be waiting for Virgin Mobile update, anyone knows when?

Mark Richey says:

I flashed my phone with the French firmware when amber came out, so keeping my fingers crossed. It was an unlocked AT&T, so hoping this makes a difference. I think they should forget localized languages and just have Jen record in English with varying crazy and inappropriate accents ; )

MadSci2 says:

Great! That means AT&T will also release it July 8th!
Of 2015 of course

deMaelstrom says:

I'm also a Frenchman with 3 WP's in my household; all of them are not branded (the unsubsidized market is starting to get huge over here). My carrier is Orange (Sosh) though.
Anyway, my Lumia 1020 with a Taiwanese ROM is already running WP8.1 Preview and I intend to update them all ASAP. And since unbranded smartphones usually get updates much faster, I expect to be able to do just that when SFR starts to provide it for the 925, maybe even earlier.

synthman4 says:

Anyone know when Telstra in Australia are going to release the update?

Philippe M says:

12 of jul today.Nothing new from French SFR carrier on my Lumia ...